5 Directions

One direction split up years ago and lost contact. They moved on with their lives and all had children. What happens when two of them meet?


9. The song, The scar, The question

Rachael’s POV (Earlier that day)


Having no idea where we were going, I pulled on some jean shorts and a loose fitting, long sleeved, white shirt. It hung off of one shoulder and I pulled up the opposite sleeve. On the front there was a pale blue/green picture of a bird flying out of a cage. I grabbed my purple vans and beanie and fixed my make up. The other day, Megi had asked why I use water proof make up. I said that it was because with the amount that I apply around my eyes, it could end disastrously if I cried or went swimming, etc. I heard my phone buzz and skipped over to it. Beau had messaged me.

I’m here (;

I replied with:

So am I :P

Before slipping on my flats, grabbing my hip-high leather jacket and walking out the door. As I did so, I took a deep breath to calm myself down. I didn’t want to freak out about next week and the bikini photo shoot. It wasn’t that I felt that I was fat or anything. It was my scar.


*Flashback 5 years ago*


My Dad and I were in the car and I was texting my current boyfriend, Elliot. It was a red ferrari, Dad’s favorite car at the moment, though he often changed his mind. As we turned around a round-a-bout, a speeding petrol tanker rolled onto us. My Dad was out of the car in seconds but I was trapped. I could see the driver from where I was his eyes open and staring, blood gushing from his head. I screamed, yanking myself free and scrambling out of the car. I looked up to see Dad being held back by multiple police officers. He had tears streaming down his face. I only just heard one of the officers yell; ‘It’s going to blow!’. I spun around and was faced with an explosion that threw me backwards. The last thing I remember was seeing a large, white piece of metal come flying towards me and pain. No, not pain, agony. Agony so real and intense that it was hard to believe that it was real. Absolute agony was all I felt and saw, and I begged for something as sweet as pain. Then everything went from red, to black, to white.


*End of flash back*


Elliot had dumped me a week later because of the scar I had gained.  My eyes began to tear up at the memory. Ugh! Stupid. Stop thinking about it. I blinked furiously before looking around for Beau. He waved me over and I skipped down the stairs. 

“So where are we going?” I asked as I slipped onto the bike behind him and wrapping my arms securely around his waist.

“I was thinking we could go back to the karaoke restaurant.” He suggested.

“Okay, I’’ll just go get my wallet.” I said as I attempted to get back off the bike. When I say attempted, I mean I gave up that thought as he drove off.

When we arrived we found the place empty of customers.

“Sing with me!” He begged. “I know you said you get stage fright but no one else is here.”

“Umm...okay.” I said, already feeling scared. Together we chose the song ‘I’m yours’ by Jason Mraz. The music started playing. 

(Beau=underlined Rach=italics Both=both)


Well, you dawned on me and you bet I felt it

I tried to be chill but you're so hot that I melted

I fell right through the cracks

Now I'm trying to get back


Before the cool dawn run out

I'll be giving it my bestest

And nothing's gonna stop me but divine intervention.

I reckon, it's again my turn

To win some or learn some.


But I won't hesitate

No more, no more.

It cannot wait,

I'm yours.


Well, open up your mind and see like me,

Open up your plans and damn you're free.

Look into your heart and you'll find love, love, love, love.

Listen to the music of the moment, people dance and sing, we're just one big family

And it's our God-forsaken right to be loved, loved, loved, loved, loved


So I won't hesitate

No more, no more.

It cannot wait,

I'm sure.

There's no need to complicate.

Our time is short.

This is our fate,

I'm yours.


Do you want to come on, scootch on over closer, dear

And I will nibble your ear


I've been spending way too long checking my tongue in the mirror

And bending over backwards just to try to see it clearer

But my breath fogged up the glass

And so I drew a new face and I laughed.


I guess what I'll be saying is there ain't no better reason

To rid yourself of vanities and just go with the seasons.

It's what we aim to do.

Our name is our virtue.


But I won't hesitate

No more, no more.

It cannot wait,

I'm yours.


Well, open up your mind and see like me,

Open up your plans and damn you're free.

Look into your heart and you'll find that the sky is yours.

So please don't, please don't, please don't...

There's no need to complicate.

'Cause our time is short.

This oh, this oh, this is our fate.

I'm yours.


The further into the song we got, the more confident I became. We put our microphones back and took my hand and dragged me to a table. As we had sung the last line I had looked up into his eyes and he slipped his hand into mine.

“You were awesome!” I gushed, still slightly flustered from the song.

“Me! What about you and your so called ‘stage fright’! You were amazing!” I blushed and giggled. A waiter took our orders and we were soon eating. I had ordered the least expensive thing on the menu; pumpkin soup. Thankfully I happen to love pumpkin soup. Beau was eating lasagne and we both had iced coffees again. 

“So how did the eliminations go?” Beau asked me.

“Well, looking back at it and knowing we got through, it was actually quite funny.” I giggled. “We nearly got kicked off because of Megi’s hickey.” His mouth dropped open, gaping. 

“Please say you knew about the hickey already?” Then he started laughing his head off.

“So that’s why she was so touchy about it the other day.” He chuckled. “Do you guys know what you are doing next week?” My breath hitched in my throat. 

“A bikini photo shoot.” I said uneasily as I held my tears back. I was not going to ruin this night by crying my eyes out to a guy I wasn’t even dating who took me out on this incredibly sweet date and got me to sing in front of people. I saw his face fall at my sudden mood change.

“What’s wrong with bikini’s? Megan and I go swimming all the time, she’ll be fine.” He reached out and took one of my hands and gently traced circles round my palm.

“The designers have to model as well.” I whispered. Then I lost it. Tears streamed down my face and I desperately tried to wipe them away.

“I’m sorry, I...I’ll walk back. Thank-you for a great night.” I walked out the door with Beau in tow. He spun me around and proceeded to wipe the tears off my cheeks.

“I am going to take you to my place and I will make you a hot chocolate.” I giggled at that.

“Because hot chocolate solves all of your problems.” I sniffled. 


I was sipping my hot chocolate as we both sat in his room. Well, room doesn’t quite describe it properly. A giant flat screen sat in the corner. In front of it was a small coffee table and a two person leather couch. In the other corner there was a fridge and a small bench. A doorway led do his actual room that occupied only his double bed, wardrobe and bedside table. We were seated on the couch. Well Beau was, I was sitting on his lap.

“Have you ever played cod before?” He asked out of the blue. He had stayed silent until now when my tears had finally stopped flowing. I put the empty cup on the table.

“What is it?” I asked in reply. He chuckled.

“I take that as a no then.” He slipped me onto the couch and grabbed multiple different remotes and chucked them on the couch before slipping a disc into the dvd player. Though it didn’t look like a normal dvd player. On the front, glowing letters read ‘x-box’

“I am terrible at video games.” I said as he plonked down beside me. He handed me a fat remote that fitted nicely into both of your hands. In the middle there was a glowing x, similar to the one on the x-box thing. I looked up to see Beau had set up the game. He then showed me all of the controls. Then the game started. He obviously went easy on me but I was so rubbish he just shot me anyway. The second time I hid in a bus. Don’t ask why, I just ran into it. He had promised not to screen cheat but he had said seeing as it was my first time I could if I needed too. I watched as his character waked towards me. I squealed and randomly started shooting. I missed him of course and he blew up the truck.

“Alright, third time lucky.” I was determined to beat him now.

“You know the only person who has ever killed me is Megan, and even then it was only because she knows how I play.” He smirked at me. I just shot him a death glare. With what he had said in mind I decided that the game wasn’t just about blowing stuff up, but also about tactics. I found a crater that was blocked off all around with only one entrance. Around it the lay many hiding places for me. I chucked out a bomb. Or grenade as Beau called it. I was hidden behind some rubble and I watched as his person walked into the crater, following the bomb smoke. I shot at him, and missed. I threw another grenade out onto the other side and he spun around to face it. As he did so I ran behind a car. I repeated this process until I was out of bombs. Now was my last chance to shoot him. My gun was out of bullets and I had changed my gun, having no idea what it did. I shot at him and squealed as I did so. A giant bomb looking thing flew out of it towards him and blew him up. He just stared at me in disbelief. I put my controller down and went and put my cup up on the bench, smiling t my accomplishment. I turned around and came face to face with Beau.

“That was first timers luck.” He said.

“Of course it was.” I giggled, smirking. Our lips connected. My arms wrapped themselves around is neck and his own around my waist. He ran his tongue along my bottom lip and I gladly granted him entrance. He traced the top of my shorts until he reached my button. He unzipped my pants and let them fall to the floor. Our kiss deepened. He began to explore underneath my shirt. He pulled away.

“You have a four-pack!” He exclaimed.

“Yeah, I work out with my Dad all the time.” I replied sheepishly. “Jealous?” I giggled. He tugged off his shirt to reveal his six pack. My eyes flicked from his stomach to his face.

“Never mind.” Was all I said in reply. He crashed his lips back onto mine as I ran my hands along his torso. He continued along my own stomach and my eyes opened as I felt him inching closer to my scar. His eyes shot open. We remained standing there like statues until I worked up the courage to speak.

“I was in a car crash five years ago.” I whispered sadly. He gently removed my shirt to look at it.

“This is why you are freaking out about the photo shoot isn’t it?” He asked. My scar ran from the bottom of my left breast, down my torso and stopped just below my left hip. He traced my scar. The song ‘glitter in the air’ by P!nk started playing in my head; ‘have you ever been touched so gently you had to cry’. A single solitary tear ran down my cheek. I squeezed my eyes closed, looking down, as I waited for him to order me out of his house.

“This probably isn’t a good time to tell you that your scar makes you look incredibly sexy is it?” He said as he lifted my chin up and locked eyes with me. I searched for any sign of anger or disgust and found none.

“You don’t hate me?” I whispered.

“Why would I?” He asked. Our lips connected once again, but this time it was different. It was passionate and made me feel so incredibly safe, held in his arms that I felt like I could take on the world. At that moment both his parents walked in.

“Were home Beau..oh.” I immediately hid behind Beau, shielding by body that was draped in merely my underwear. I picked up the closest piece of material I could find. It was Beau’s shirt. Thankfully he had worn a shirt, not one of his singlets that showed his entire torso. I slipped it on before stepping forward to introduce myself to them.

“Hi, I’m Rachael.” I said, extending my hand forward. They awkwardly said hello, shaking my hand. 

“You seem familiar?” Louis, his father, said. I realized that I must remind him of my father.

“Um, no I don’t think we have ever met before.” I said, hoping he wouldn’t make the connection. They walked out of the room and I looked at the clock. 11:22. Shit it was late.

“I’ll call a taxi.” I said to Beau as I picked up my clothes.

“You can stay the night if you want?” He suggested. “You don’t have any money remember?” I sent him a death glare before saying;

“And you’re so stingy that you can’t even pay for a taxi?” 

“Hey, I payed for your dinner!” He said defensively.

“True” I shrugged. “You just want me to stay don’t you?”

“Maybe.” He said as he took my clothes and threw them behind him before pulling me to his room. 

“You need clothes for tomorrow.” He stated, implying the reason he had ditched my clothes. I crawled under the covers after Beau. He pulled me closer to him and wrapped his arms around me. I began to close my eyes.

“Rachael.” He whispered.

“Yeah?” I replied, looking up at him.

“Will you be my girlfriend?” He asked. I swear he looked strait through my eyes into my soul. At a loss for words I just kissed him instead.

“Goodnight Beau.” I said, sighing.

“Goodnight Rachael.” I lay there in the arms of the guy of my dreams wearing underwear and his shirt, on our third date. Whoops. Oh well. I didn’t want this moment to ever end. Eventually I drifted off to sleep.

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