5 Directions

One direction split up years ago and lost contact. They moved on with their lives and all had children. What happens when two of them meet?


4. The Karaoke Restaurant


Rach’s POV


I began to get ready. I chose to wear black stockings incase it was cold. I had a pair of high-waisted checkered purple shorts. Yes I wear a lot of purple. I LOVE purple. On top I wore a white singlet with a black butterfly printed on the front. I lightly gelled my hair into multiple spikes all around my head. I put my new fluffy purple beanie on top. On my feet I wore my favorite shoes; grey, heeled, ankle boots. I applied some concealer, foundation, blush and a fair bit of mascara and eyeliner. I know, I know, too much. But thats just my style, thick eyeliner. I have been asked if I was lesbian before as I wear such thick eye liner but I promise I'm not, I just have my own style. Plus I don't think bisexualism should be able to be identified stereotypically.  I put on the ring given to me by my dad and my necklace from my mum. I am just going to take a moment to explain to you my parentage. My Mother Perrie Edwards, well Malik now, and I are very close. She had me in her early twenties. We have never fought like some others have. It probably helps that I am a goody two-shoes. She is really fun and always liked to join in with my parties that she often let me have. My Father, Zayn Malik, and I are also very close. I’m what you would call ‘daddy’s little girl’. We have had the same sort of hair since forever and we always hangout and go to the movies together. I have a really awesome and mature relationship with both of my parents. and I am so glad that they both love each other so much. I’m an only child and very glad of it. Dad always joked that “we’ve got one perfect child so the next one will probably be a shit head”. Mum often hung out with her friends from her old band; Little Mix. But Dad hasn’t spoken to any of his old band mates from One Direction since they split up. He never lets me go or goes himself to meet up with Jade (Thirlwall) Horan because she is married to Niall Horan. I have no idea what happened the night one direction split up because every time someone brings up the subject Dad stops talking or leaves the room.

“I’ll see you later Rach!” Megi called before leaving to meet up with Jai out the front.

“See ya!” I yelled in reply. I now had half an hour to myself. I wondered who Megi was going to send to pick me up.


Megan’s POV -15 mins earlier-


I decided to text Beau to pick up Rach. (M=Megan/B=Beau)


M: Hey bro

B: Hey sis

M: Do you want to come to a karaoke club tonight?

B: Sure, what time and where?

M: 6:30 and down the street of NTMC

B: K

M: Oh and can you pick up my friend from the front of NTMC

B: Do I have to? And what about you?

M: I’m walking and Rachael is pretty

B: How pretty?

M: To pretty for you that’s for sure

B: I’ll be there


I smiled to myself at the quote from before. Locking my phone I chucked it on my bed and got ready.


Jai and I made it to the karaoke bar and it looked really nice. The walls were a dark purple and there were little round silver tables scattered through the place. There was a large area for people to dance and a few people were there. Up the front there was a stage with a mic and a little T.V. No one was singing at the moment. Jai lead me to a table and we sat down. It was like a restaurant, a waitress came and asked us for our order. I got an iced coffee with cream and Jai got an iced chocolate with cream.

"This place is really nice!" I said to Jai looking around.

"I knew you would like it." He smiled, his smile was so cute. I couldn't help but smile too.

"Ok who wants to sing next?" A man said who looked like the guy who ran the place. Jai put his hand up and gestured to me and him. "Ok that young man and his lovely lady! Come on up!" He exclaimed and Jai pulled me with him. Oh god I have to sing in front of all these people. This will end badly. We made it to the front.

"What song will you be singing?" The man asks aiming the microphone at us.

"I won't give up by Jason Mraz." Jai answered without even asking if I knew it. The man nods and he handed us a microphone each.

The beat of the song started. I just stared out at all the people. My dad always said to get rid off stage fright just focus on something that makes you happy and calms you down. I focused on him. My dad.

"When I look into your eyes..." Jai and I's voice filled the room. His voice was sweet and he was really good we sang the song and a few people filmed us. After the song finished I just smiled and took a little bow.

"How good was that?" The man said re-appearing on the stage. The crown gave a loud applause. Jai took my hand and lead me back to our table. Just in time for our drinks.

"Your an amazing singer!" Jai complimented me. I blushed.

"Thanks, I get it from my dad." I replied.

"Well your dad has one heck of a daughter." He said smiling. I blushed harder. "You always blush!"

"I know it's weird." I said avoiding his gaze.

"I actually think it's cute." He said and I looked up at him and smiled. I took a sip of my iced coffee. It tasted delicious.

For the rest of the night Jai and I talked and really got to know each other. He also dragged me on the dance floor for a bit. He pulled out some pretty weird dance moves but it was fun. Soon enough Beau arrived with Rach. They seemed to get along really well. We had heaps of fun dancing and singing. Beau took Rach on his motorbike and I walked with Jai.



Rach’s POV - 6:30pm-


It was six-thirty. As I walked out the door I grabbed my leather jacket. Yes, I know. I’m a goody two-shoes and I have a leather jacket. Well two actually. One that lengthens to my waist and the other only to my hips. I just have always loved leather jackets okay. I was currently wearing my full length one as my shorts were high waisted so the extra length of the jacket made my legs seem longer. I walked outside and sat on the steps. I was glad I had grabbed my jacket as it was quite chilly outside. From behind me I heard a voice say;

“Rachael? Megan sent me. I’m her brother, Beau” Holy crap, stay cool me. I stood up and turned to fave him.

“Hey.” I smiled.

“Wow.” Was all he said. I was blushing like crazy. Clearing his throat he said, “shall we go?” And like a gentleman, he held out his arm and helped me down the stairs. Even though I was fairly tall and had heels on, he was still taller than me. And may I say, he was even hotter in person. I know this may sound weird, but the fact that he had a but-chin made me feel so much more confident about my own but-chin. Yes, yes, I am messed but oh well. He smelt so good. I shouldn’t be thinking about him, for one, I should be thinking of getting down the stairs without stacking it, and secondly, he was Megi’s brother. Brother. You’re not supposed to get with your friends brother. Although she did technically just set us up. He lead me to his motorbike. Good thing I have had experience with these kinds of vehicles or I would probably be shitting myself.

“Nice jacket by the way.” He said. I took note of the fact that he was also wearing a leather jacket. Underneath he wore a singlet that showed most of his torso. Lucky me, now I have to focus on not staring. I grinned and hopped on the bike behind him, wrapping my arms around him. As we waited for the traffic to pass he asked, “so how did you and Megan meet?"

“Well we are partners in the competition.” I explained.

“Ahhh. So you’re a designer then?”

“Yea, did Megi show you the dress she wore on Friday?” I asked, trying to make conversation.

“Megi? Hah! Nice nickname.” He grinned at me, and winked. “And I did by the way, she has been keeping me posted. You designed that?”

“Yea I did.” I smiled.

“I thought it was gorgeous, I was surprised when Megi told me it was made from scraps.” He complimented, emphasizing the nickname as if to tease me.

“Thank-you.” I giggled.


“Do you sing?” Beau asked as we entered the restaurant like karaoke bar.

“Sometimes, but I get stage fright.” I admitted, “what about you?”

“Yea a bit.” He shrugged.

He took my hand and led me to a secluded table. I waved to Megi on the way past but didn’t linger, I didn’t want to interrupt her date.

As we sat he kept my hand in his. A lady walked over and asked for our drink orders. We both simultaneously said “iced-coffee with cream please.” Which made me giggle, him chuckling with me. For the next hour and a bit we just talked, still holding hands. I felt safe with him. He was cocky yet kind and knew how to treat a girl. We talked about everything, from singing to leather jackets, to even our parentage. That was what surprised me.  Beau and Megi's mother is Eleanor (Calder) and their father is Louis Tomlinson. One of Dad’s old band mates. Small world hey. That was when our conversation led to us guessing what happened the night they split up.


On the way out, Beau paid for the drinks, rejecting my offers of cash. We sped off on his bike back to the Hall of Beauty.

“Thank-you for tonight.” I smiled before beginning to walk up the stairs.

“Hey, uhh Rach, do you reckon I could get your number?” He asked, shyly!?

I smiled saying, “of course.” As we swapped numbers.

“Thank-you again.” I said before extending to my full height and planting a kiss on his cheek. I then walked up the steps. Looking back I waved and he sent me a wink before jumping on his bike and speeding off. I smiled and walked into our room. I changed into my pjs and scrubbed off my make-up. I plopped on my bed and saw I had a text from Beau.


I had a great time tonight, definitely beat sitting at home alone, thanks, sleep well.



In reply I wrote;


You too, I hope we can do that again :) x



Before putting my phone on charge and opening up all of my designs. Right now I was looking at all of my leather jacket styles and patterns.



Megan’s POV


It was cool as Jai and I walked. He put his arm around me as if he knew I was cold. I just smiled and we kept walking. Eventually we reached the Hall of Beauty. I climbed on one step so I was the same height as him.

"Tonight was fun." I said looking at his brown eyes that sparkled with the light of the moon.

"Yeah it was, we should do it again sometime." He suggested. I nodded and opened my arms for a hug. He gladly accepted. My arms wrapped around his neck and his arms wrapped around my waist. We pulled apart a bit and his eyes flicked to my lips. My eyes flicked to his lips and back up to meet his gaze. A smile tugged on his lips as he leaned in. My heart was pounding as I leaned in a little bit and his soft lips met mine. My eyes fluttered closed. He pulled away slightly and rested his forehead against mine.

"Goodnight Megan." He whispered against my lips. We unwrapped our selves and I made my way back to our room. My heart was still beating at a hundred miles an hour after our kiss and I had a grin plastered on my face that I could not wipe off. I entered my room and Rach was on her bed looking at her designs. Again.

“Do you ever not work on them!?” I asked chuckling. She looked up and giggled.

“Thanks for setting me up with your brother tonight Megi!” She smiled before slipping back into concentration. I smiled in return, I wasn't one of those girls who cared if their brother got with my friend. I readied myself for my well deserved sleep. As soon as I flopped onto my bed I fell asleep, a smile still on my face.




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