5 Directions

One direction split up years ago and lost contact. They moved on with their lives and all had children. What happens when two of them meet?


8. Sleep Over

Megan’s POV (Saturday)


I was getting ready for my date with Jai. I decided to wear my black leather skinny pants with a black boob tube that went down to my belly button so a little skin was showing on my stomach with a three quarter sleeve bright red blazer and to top it all of I wore my white vans. My hair was straightened with the little bit of make up I usually wear. 

"How do I look?" I asked Rach.  

"Surprisingly sexy but aren't you gonna wear heels since your like half jai's Height and Tash is taller than you too so you will be the shortest one there." She said looking at my vans. I shrugged. 

"I happen to like being my height." I said shoving my phone in my pocket. 

"Ok well I hope you have fun!" She yelled as I opened the door. 

"I will, see you later." I said walking out and making my way to the front of the building. I heard someone shout my name and my head whipped around to see Jai standing next to his car. I smiled and ran over to him. 

"You look stunning!" He said looking at my outfit. 

"Thanks you don't look too bad yourself." I giggled and looked at his clothes. He was wearing grey supra with black baggy jeans and a t-shirt with a black hoodie. And of course his beanie. 

I gave him a hug and he opened my door for me like a gentleman. I thanked him and got in. He got into the drivers seat and started the engine. He sped off into the street. 

It was about a fifteen minute ride until we arrived at our destination. It was a big and beautiful restaurant that was called the curtain. The color of it was mostly velvet red and gold. Jai jumped out and I opened my door and got out. He pouted. 

"We are on a date and that's what the guy is supposed to do." He stated and I just giggled at him. As we walked towards the entrance he snake his arm around my waist. He walked up to the waiter person. 

"Reservations for Horan." My heart sank when he said Horan. I hope to dear god he's not the son of Niall Horan. That's one of my dad's old band mates. They split up years ago but he never talks about it, ever. He always gets upset or angry when Mum or myself bring it up. All I know is that something terrible happened. I swallowed hard. 

"Your last name is Horan?" I asked with a shaky voice. 

"Yea why?" He said as the waiter led us to our table where Luke and Tash were waiting. 

"No reason." I said putting a smile on my face. I shrugged it off and sat in the booth across from Tash. 

"Hi." I said as I sat down. 

"Hey guys!" Tash chirped. 

"Hey. I heard about what happened when your brother walked in on the pair of you." Luke said wriggling his eye brows. I blushed and looked down biting my lip. 

"Would you like to order now?" The waiter asked when we were all seated. We all ordered our drinks and meals. Once the waiter left we started talking again. 

"So from my understanding his hands were on your ass!" She whispered to me so the boys didn't hear. My cheeks were probably the color of my jacket by now. 

"I heard that." Jai stated looking at Tash. She just giggled. "And for your information you don't need to know where my hands were." 

"So they were on her ass!" She stated as if she had caught him red handed. I just sat there, not knowing what to say and Luke was just enjoying himself. Jai just rolled his eyes at Tash. 

"Ok can we please change the subject!" I pleaded. 

"Nah I'm enjoying this keep going." Luke smirked. Jai just laughed with Tash. 

"Don't worry Megan Jai has walked in on me and Luke making out quite a few times." She confessed. 

"Yeah and we once shared a room but we don't anymore because he got a girlfriend." Jai explained. 

"Well you have one now too!" Tash stated looking at me. 

"Oh I'm not..... He's not.... We aren't." I stammered I was at a loss for words. This is so awkward. 

"We're not dating." Jai finished my sentence. 

"Oh." Tash fell silent. Why did that have to happen. Luckily the waiter came with our drinks. We all got our drinks and started drinking. 

"Ok now I vote that we change the subject." Jai said as he put his drink down. 

"Yea same here." Luke added. 

"Let's talk about ..... Let's get to know each other better since me and Megan only met recently." Tash suggested. I nodded. 

"Well there's not much to know. I have a twin brother that does not look like me and I love modeling and photography. I write my own songs and I like to sing. I draw a lot it's like my favorite hobby and I'm getting really good at it." I said listing some of my interests. 

"Oh cool I love photography and modeling too! I couldn't draw for my life and I love music and dancing. I live for food and I have known these boys since the start of high school." She stated. I'm liking her already. Eventually our food came and we all started eating. Once we finished we walked out. We all started walking on the grass next to the parking lot. We were heading towards the trees. 

"Where are we going?" I asked curiously. 

"It's a secret place we found when we were younger. It's really cool I'm sure you'll love it." Jai assured me as we kept walking. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me close to him. I looked over and saw that Luke and Tash were almost in the same position. Rach was right. I am the shortest person but I like being short. I'm not a midget I'm just short. As we walked through the trees in the middle was an opening. The trees were in a circle and it was a perfect patch of grass. It was a really cool place. I saw Tash and Luke kept walking through the other trees as well. But me and Jai just stayed there. 

"Where are they going?" I asked as it hadn't clicked. 

"To make out." It clicked when he told me. I stood there looking at my hands. I knew he wanted to kiss me and I wanted to kiss him. I am just such an awkward and shy person and I hate it. 

Jai stood in front of me and took my hands. 

"Your so innocent that it's adorable." He said looking down on me. 

"It's kinda pathetic if you ask me." I whispered to myself. 

"I don't, your not confident or cocky. I like your shyness it's so cute." He said smiling. A smile tugged on my lips as I looked up. He took a step towards me and I took a step back but I felt a tree behind me so I leaned against it. Jai took another step. He leaned down towards me. 

"You know I've never taken a girl here." He whispered. My blue orbs gazed at his lips. I wanted to kiss him so badly. "Kiss me." He whispered.

I gladly did as he said and smashed my lips onto his. I let go of his hands and snaked my arms around his neck. His hand were placed firmly on my waist as he held our bodies close. He pulled away but only slightly. 

"Jump." He whispered as he lowered his hands. I jumped and he placed his hands on my thighs. My legs wrapped around his waist. He pressed my back against the tree so we had a bit of balance. We reconnected our lips. I get butterflies every time he kisses me. I feel that spark when I kiss him. The fireworks. I know it sounds really tacky like from the movies. The kiss got really heated and both of us were panting. He slipped off his hoodie and threw it on the ground. My hands ran up his bare arms. He was so buff. I eventually took my jacket off and I shivered as the cold air hit my skin. Jai smirked and kissed from my neck up to my mouth. During the process he was lifting my top up. Peeling it off of my skin ever so slowly. When my whole stomach was exposed I realized what was happening and how wrong it was. I unwrapped my legs and picked up my jacket. 

"I have to go." I whispered in a soft voice. I walked through the trees pulling my top down. Jai caught me though. 

"Megan stop!" Jai yelled grabbing my arm. I avoided his gaze. "Look at me." I didn't move. "Megan please." His voice was soft and he sound sad, scared almost. I looked him in the eye. 

"I'm sorry." His apology was sincere. 

"It's not that you made the move Jai. It's just.... well I haven't done it before and we're out here. I just freaked out a little." I confessed feeling a bit stupid. I was going to say its because we aren't together but I felt that I would just leave it out. 

"Megan you don't have to explain I shouldn't have made a move." He said cupping my cheek. I smiled because he understood what I felt like. 

"Thanks for understanding." I got on my tippy toes and gave him a sweet slow kiss. We started walking back to where we had our make out session. I dropped my jacket at the base of the tree. I walked over to Jai. 

"Well Luke and Tash still aren't finished what do you want to do?" I asked and his phone went off. 

"Hold that thought." He said pulling out his phone. His eyes widened as he looked at his phone. I looked at him puzzled. 

"They weren't making out." He showed the phone to me. It was a picture of me and Jai making out that Luke had sent him. I just laughed. 

"I'm gonna kill him." I said not in a serious tone since it was kinda funny. He just have a chuckle and sent him a message back and shoved his phone in his pocket. 

"Wanna go?" I just nodded. We pick up our jackets and we started walking back. Before we went out of the trees I stopped. 

"Jai?" I said and he stopped.

"Is everything alright?" He asked. 

"Yeah I just thought I should tell you now that you can't give me hickeys anymore." I stated sounding a bit silly. 

"Why not?" He asked. 

"Well we nearly got eliminated from the competition because they could see my hickey." I explained. 

"Oh well that's awkward." He stated. I just nodded and we made our way to his car.


When his car pulled up in front of the Hall of Beauty I didn't want the night to end. 

"I had fun tonight." I said to Jai as we walked to my room. 

"Really? You really had fun?" He said not convinced. 

"I actually did." I said as we arrived at my door. I saw that there was a note on the door.


'Hey Megi I went out with Beau I will be home late I'll see you in the morning if I don't you see you tonight. 

Love Rach xx 


I opened the door and threw the note in the bin.  

"Wanna come in for a bit Rach isn't gonna be home for a while." I suggested. 


"So your a 100% sure they won't walk in on us again." He joked and I just nodded. 

"Well as long as we don't kiss we will be fine." I said as I plopped on my bed. 

"So you expect me to sit on your bed with you while your looking extremely sexy and not kiss you?" He stated as he sat next to me. 

"Yeah basically." I said getting up and taking my shoes and jacket off. "I'm just gonna go change into my pjs." 

I walked into the bathroom and changed into an AC/DC shirt with grey sweat pants. I tied my hair into a bun and tied my shirt at the back so it was tighter seeing as it was really big. I walked out and saw Jai made himself comfy on my bed and he had kicked his shoes off. He was leaning against the wall with his legs outstretched. I decided I would tease him. I got on the bed and sat on his thighs facing him. I had one leg on either side of his. 

"Ughhh Megan!" He groaned. I was getting to him. 

"What?" I said innocently. 

"Ok two can play at that game." He said and placed his hands on my hips and pulled me so close that my knees touched the wall behind him. My breathed hitched in my throat from his actions. He smirked. 

"I think we should play a different game." I said swallowing hard.

"But I like this one." Jai pouted.  Jai's eyes focused on something. 

"Is that us?" He asked. I was so confused. I looked behind me and realized I had stuck a drawing of us onto my drawers. 

"Uhhhhh" I didn't know wether to say yes or no. 

"It's an amazing drawing." Well clearly I shall say yes. 

"Yeah I drew it." I said with a hint of shy in my voice. 

"That was our first kiss!" He said when he saw the other drawings in my book.

"Aha yeah." I just sat there and watched him go through the book. He flipped it open on a page where it was a sketch of him sitting in the store and me checking him out from a distance. 

"When did you draw this?" He asked smiling. 

"When I first met you." I said sheepishly. I felt the blood go to my head and my cheeks burn as I blushed. He smiled and put the book down. He leaned towards me and I smiled. I pulled away. 

"No kissing remember!" I smirked and sat under my blanket seeing as the air con was cold. Jai slipped his legs under the blanket too. He was next to me but he was on the side where the wall was. He pulled his shirt off over his head to reveal his abs. My jaw dropped. 

"Stop staring! It's weird!" He said laughing as he put the shirt on the floor.

"It's not my fault your so god damn fit." I blurted out. He raised one eyebrow smirking. 

"Do I get a kiss yet?" He questioned. I bit my lip and said nothing. He took that as a yes and leaned in and kissed me. I pulled away smiling. That was so worth it. I laid down and he joined me. He wrapped his strong arms around my waist. Then the lights turned off. It had a timer. He kissed me once more just before I fell asleep.

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