5 Directions

One direction split up years ago and lost contact. They moved on with their lives and all had children. What happens when two of them meet?



Megan’s POV 


“BEAU HURRY YOUR ASS UP I DON’T WANT TO BE LATE!!!!” I yelled to my twin bother Beau from downstairs. I was going to the NTMC (National Teenage Modeling Competition). It takes place in London at the Hall of Beauty. This competition is very important to me as my parents finally allowed me to enter. You can enter in two categories; modeling or designing. They pair you up with someone from the opposite category and together you have to complete the challenges which get more difficult as you go through. Your aim is to be better than all the other contestants. The winner gets to produce a magazine and also gets to work with London’s finest. 

Beau barged downstairs. “Why am I taking you again?” he asks, grabbing his car keys. 

“Because I will make friends with a lot of pretty girls and your sorry ass happens to be single.” I said making my way outside with Beau. 

“How pretty?” he questioned. 

“Too pretty for you that’s for sure!” I said laughing and getting into his black mercedes benz. He put the keys into the car and started it. The radio came on and I immediately switched it to aux and plugged my phone in. I pressed shuffle on my playlist and we made our way to the Hall of Beauty. 


Rachael’s POV 


I was sitting on the train on my way to the Hall of Beauty to compete in the NTMC. Oh my gosh I’m so excited! I had my headphones on full blast listening to Rudimental. I shuffled through my notes and designs as the train pulled to a stop. I then lugged my suitcase onto the platform before walking out of the station towards the Hall. Taking a deep breath I began to walk up the majestic steps.


Megan’s POV 


Beau’s car pulled up in front of the beautiful building. I got out of the car and stared at the building in awe. This was going to be the best summer ever! I hauled my Mickey Mouse printed suitcases out of the car. 


“Well sis I guess this is goodbye.” Beau said enveloping me in a hug. 


“Yeah, I promise I will update you on everything.” I said to my brother. He probably won’t understand most of the stuff but oh well. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and I was off. A new journey for me to take on. 


Rachael’s POV 


We were seated in the hall, in front of the stage, when they started playing music. The two judges walked out onto the stage. “Welcome, welcome to National teenage modeling competition twenty-thirteen.” cried Mark Jacobs. His partner in the fashion business Miranda Kerr stood effortlessly in her glamorous heels, smiling and waving at us. A large round of applause drowned out the music. 

“So today we have invited twenty four courageous young models and designers to compete for the title of the nations next top fashion designer and model. As you may already know the winning pair will have the opportunity to release their own magazine and work with us for an entire week.” Explained Mark. “But fist lets get you all settled in, as we call your name on the roll, please come and collect your pass, credit card for material and etcetera purchases and your room number information. Inside your room will be two beds for you and your partner and a chart of your cleaning duties, meal times and your timetables. You will also find that there will be a closet filled with all of the beauty and sewing necessities for your time that will be spent here.”

“Today you will just be settling in and getting to know your partner but tomorrow we will be straight down to business. Each week you will be required to present one of your designs. Your timetable shows our next meeting and do not be late, or your scores can be lowered.” Smiled Miranda.

They then proceeded to call out the names. About half way through the roll my name rang out through the hall. I stepped up onto the stage and politely thanked them both as I was handed the various pieces of paper. I walked to the elevator and searched for my room number. I pulled out a pink piece of paper which read; Rachael Marie Malik, aged 17, room 12.


I pushed open the door to my room and plonked myself on the bed next to the window seat. I then proceeded to empty out the contents of my bag into the white chest of drawers near my bed.


Megan’s POV 


I read my little pink sheet I got, I was in room 12. I made way towards the room with my bags. I struggled a bit to carry them but I reached the room eventually. I twisted the door handle and walked in. My designer was in the room already she was placing her clothes in a white chest of drawers. She had short spiky brown hair with brown eyes. She was wearing black flats with a black high waisted skirt and a dark tight purple singlet. Her make up was simple with thick eyeliner around her eyes, which was perfectly put on. Her perfect french tips finished her look. She looked up at me and her eyes widened. 

“Oh no.” She said looking at me up and down. I just looked at my outfit. I was wearing my nikes with my black baggy skinny jeans and a grey crop top. 

“Please tell me you have better clothes in your suitcases than that.” she said gesturing to my outfit. 

“What’s wrong with this?” I asked gesturing to my clothes. She just sighed. 

“I’m Rachael but you can just call me Rach.” She introduced herself holding one hand out. 

“I’m Megan and you can just call me whatever nickname you feel like.” I said dropping one of my bags to shake her hand. 

“Okay Megi!!” she giggled. “Now shall we get started, we have a lot of work to do.” She sighed on a more serious note.

“What do you mean we are only starting tomorrow?” I said a bit confused. 

“Well we need to get your measurements and figure out a game plan an--” I cut her off from her endless babbling.

“Dude, chill out.” I said plopping onto my extremely soft bed. 

“Ok, I guess you are right I just need to relax.” she said sighing before flopping on her bed.

I got my suitcase and started unpacking. I stuck a photo of me and Beau on the wall, I always take a photo of us everywhere because it reminds me that he will always be there for me. I shoved all my clothes into the four white drawers and placed my shoes under my bed. I saw the package on top of my chest of drawers that contained the timetable and meal times. I poured out the contents of the envelope onto my bed. I observed the timetable and noticed that tomorrow we are going to go shopping for material for our first challenge.

“Do I have to go shopping tomorrow?” I groaned being the lazy ass that I am. 

“Yes!!!! I have to see which colors suit you best and what type of material you will like.” She basically face-palmed herself over what I sad. “Dayummmmmm is that your boyfriend? How did you score him?” she giggled looking at the photo I put on the wall. 

“Pfffft my boyfriend? I wouldn’t date that poof even if we weren’t related!” I said laughing a bit. 

“Wait so is he your brother?” she asked eyeing the picture. I nodded.

“Twin brother to be exact!” I smiled proudly.

“Really?! Twins I would have never guessed.” Her eyes wandered from me to him. Then a thought popped into my head. He was single. I promised to introduce him to a pretty girl. There she was. Rach was so going to meet my brother once we get out of here. 

“So are you single?” I asked. 

“Umm yeah, but I’m not......uhhh.......you know, lesbian.” As she talked I realized what it must have sounded like. 

“Oh my god I’m not gay I promised my brother that if I made a pretty friend I would introduce him to her.” I explained.

“Really!? Uhh I mean really?” 

“Aha yea...” My lucky brother. “I’m going to just pee, I’ll be right back.” 


Rachael’s POV


“I’m going to just pee, I’ll be right back.”

After she closed the door I quickly jumped off my bed to get a better look of Megi’s brother. Man he was hot. Like really hot. Like legit, really hot. Upon hearing the toilet flush I leaped back onto my bed and proceeded to work on my designs. Megi walked out of the bathroom.

“That’s better” she said before plonking down in the middle of the room laying on her back. 

“Get up Megi” I said as I stood up myself, grabbing my measuring tape.

“Ugh whyyyyyy?!?” she whined. “And are you seriously going to use that nickname?”

“Yes Megi, I am, and I have to take your measurements so get your lazy ass up of the floor."

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