5 Directions

One direction split up years ago and lost contact. They moved on with their lives and all had children. What happens when two of them meet?


5. Fluros

5 Directions chap 4



Megan’s POV (Monday)


I sat up in my bed stretching my limbs in every direction. A loud yawn escaped from my lips. I looked around and saw that Rach was still sleeping. That’s a first. She is usually up before me. I got out of the bed silently and made my way to the shower. I walked back into the room and got changed. I decided that I would wear my black baggy skinny jeans with a white crop top that had things like ‘POW’ and ‘ZAP’ written on it. I brushed my hair and dried it. Surprisingly Rach still did not wake up. I straightened my hair and put on the usual make up, some foundation, mascara, eyeliner and light pink lipstick. I decided to get out my sketch pad. I started sketching a girl standing on a step with her hands wrapped around a boys neck and his hands were wrapped around her waist. When I say boy and girl I’m talking about me and Jai when we kissed. I sketched for a while until Rach’s alarm went off. Her head flicked up.


“Oh my god! It’s breakfast! Why did you let me sleep in?!” She panicked as she hurriedly changed into normal clothes and brushed her hair. As soon as she finished we ran toward the dining hall. We managed to slip in without getting noticed. We both grabbed trays and made our way through the buffet. I grabbed some eggs, a croissant , apple juice and a piece of toast. I lead the way to our table as Rach followed with her tray of food. We sat down greeted by Courtney and Ashly.

“Late again.” Courtney said shoving some egg in mouth.

“It’s her fault!” I pointed to Rach as I spoke.

“Yeah I slept in.” Rach confessed. We all devoured our breakfast so we could go to our rooms. 

"Today you will not be receiving clues as we are going to tell you what your challenge is." Marc announced through the dinning hall. 

"This week you will be designing and modelling an outfit that uses Fluro as it's main component.  This is your chance to design a fun and funky outfit for your partner to model. So get your cameras ready girls." Miranda said standing up from her table. 

"Your budget for this task is in your room, that is all for now you may go." As soon as Marc said that Rach ad I dashed to our room so we could get started straight away.


Rach's POV

As soon as we got back to our room I started scribbling furiously on some scrap pieces of paper after instructing Megi to find our budget. 

"It's $1000." She said as she read from an envelope she found on the shelf. I showed Megi my best designs but her face fell when she saw them. 

"What's wrong?" I asked, sighing in desperation. 

"What about a skirt and top?" She suggested handing them back to me. 

I worked quickly, handing her another few rough sketches. 

"This one." She said handing me a high waisted skirt and fitted crop top showing a bit of skin between them. I pocketed the design and threw on my shoes and began to drag Megi out of the door but she held her ground. 

"We're going to the shop next to beanie-boys place." I giggled as she immediately blushed and pushed past me.  

As we walked past the beanie store I held on to her arm firmly because I needed to choose colours. We ended up choosing some Fluro green and pink materials. I grabbed some different elastics. Some thick and thin, some Fluro and grey. I also grabbed some different types of material in the same colour. I love this shop. Using the credit card I went to buy the fabrics. After I had payed I turned to see Megi had disappeared. I walked passed the beanie store to find Megi and Jai kissing?! Well that escalated fast. I just rolled my eyes and walked back to the Hall of Beauty. Once in out room I sent Megi a message telling her where I was and then proceeded to pin the skirt and crop top to a mannequin and adding  the different materials to add shape and pattern. I added the grey elastic around the top of the skirt and bottom of the crop top. It was looking quite good. 


Megan's POV


I made my way to the beanie store when Rach was occupied with buying material. I walked in and Jai was unpacking a box of beanies onto the almost empty shelf. I crept up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist .

"Boo!" I whispered as I did so. He let out a light chuckle. 

"Do you enjoy scaring people?" He asked turning around and resting his hands on my shoulders. I just giggled and nodded. He leaned his head down and he kissed me slowly. He pulled away and we were both smiling. 

"Wanna help me unpack some beanies?" He asked looking at the box of beanies. 

"I would love to!" I said enthusiastically. We started on the box he was busy with. I put all the beanies in color code order. We spent a while organising beanies. 

"There's a box in the back room can you get it for me while I help the customer?" He asked politely as he noticed someone walked in. I nodded and went in the back room. I looked and saw a box with beanies written on it. It was quite big. I tried picking it up but I couldn't really see but it was in my hands. I walked out slowly and trying to make my way to Jai but he was talking to someone. I headed in the direction of his voice. 

"Can I have some help here?" I said clearly struggling with the box. I felt the box get taken out of my hands and Jai placed it on the ground. The person he was talking to was his twin. He had told me about him. 

"Luke this is Megan, Megan this is Luke." He introduced us. 

"Hi ." I said a bit awkwardly I was quite an awkward person. 

"So your the famous Megan!" Luke said examining me. I blushed a bit. 

"Am I now?" I said looking at Jai and this time he blushed. 

"Oh he talks about non stop at home!" Luke teased. I just laughed. 

"Well I gotta run I'm meeting Tash!" Luke said to Jai. 

"Who's Tash?" I asked being the curious person I am. 

"My girlfriend you should meet her you'll love her." He said and exiting the shop. 

"Well I probably have to go too. Rach is waiting for me." I said to Jai and he pouted. 

"Ok, when will I see you again?" He asked wrapping his arms around me. 

"Probably tomorrow or Wednesday." I replied wrapping my arms around him. 

"Ok, I will see you then." He kissed me softly on the lips. My lips curved into I smile I loved the feeling when he kissed me. He kissed me once more but a little longer. 

"Bye Jai." I said and walking out of the shop with a smile on my face. I made my way back to the Hall of Beauty.


Rach's POV


"Took you long enough!" I giggled eyeing her suspiciously wiggling my eyebrows. She blushed and plonked on her bed. 

"How's the outfit going?" She questioned, obviously avoiding the subject of her and Jai. 

"Take a look yourself." I said nodding towards the mannequin. 

She looked at it and her eyes widened. 

"That's so cute!" She exclaimed. 

"You want to go to Starbucks?" I asked randomly, looking up from her phone. 

"Yea sure." She replied and pulled on her shoes. 


"Here are you drinks ladies."

"Thank-you!" We chorused. 

"So what's happening between you and Jai?" I asked, slurping my drink. 

"Nothing." She said, her eyes downcast. 

"Oh come on! You have been on a date and kissed already, don't tell me that's nothing!"

"We've only kissed three times!"

"Only!!! So are you going out or not?" She shook her head in disappointment. 

"Not yet." She sighed. 

"Yet?!" I giggled. She just blushed and sighed again. 


Megan's POV


Rach and I talked for about 20 minutes at Starbucks. We talked about me and Jai and her and Beau and just about life in general. I told her that I really like Jai and that I really hope that we have a relationship at some point. She told me that she is really into Beau and I confessed that he is really into her. I think her and Beau would make a cute couple I don't mind her dating my brother. Don't tell Beau I told you that! 


After Starbucks we went back to the hall of beauty for dinner. Dinner was the same as every other night. Once we were in our rooms I got into a big grey guy's long sleeved shirt with some light blue pj shorts. Rach wore a black singlet and light purple shorts to bed. We both were tired so we went to bed around 9:00.


I was laying in my bed with my earphones in listening to Baby I by Ariana Grande. My phone buzzed in my hand. I checked it. 


Jai - Hey hope your not asleep 😊 x 


Me- Nah I am listening to music ☺️ x


Jai - Ok I was bored and I decided to text you x 


Me- Well what are you doing? X


Jai - In bed aha x 


Me- Aha same x 


Jai - Luke wanted to know if you wanted to go on a double date with him and Tash? You don't have but it's something to do. X 


Me- I think that sounds great when and where? xo 


Jai - Saturday at 6 I'll pick you up 😉 xo 


Me- Sounds awesome ! 😄 xo 


Jai - Well we should get some rest 😊 night gorgeous xo 😉


Me- night beanie bear  xo 😉☺️


Rach's POV (Tuesday)

I woke up really early and I couldn't get back to sleep. I looked at the clock. 4:30. Fuck. Once I wake up I can never get back to sleep. Sad face. So instead I got up and started sewing the outfit. I know I shouldn't be doing this now whilst it is highly likely I'm going to sew my finger but oh well. By the time I had finished the sun had risen so I went to take a shower. I walked out in some jean shorts and a loose fitting singlet that read 'I don't care'. I looked up and found Megi dressed in the Fluro outfit. We spent the rest of the morning adjusting and laughing at Megi as she posed as if she were in a photo shoot. 

"That's what they meant when they said get your cameras ready!" I gasped. 

"Yay I love photo shoots!" She screamed. 

"Come on Megi let's go get some accessories for you."

We searched through so many shoe stores until we found the perfect shoes. They were heeled and a pure white in colour. We then walked into a jewellery store and found a cute Fluro pink plastic headband. We bout three of them. 

Upon arriving back to the Hall of Beauty I de-attached two of the bows from their bands and put one bow on each shoe. The last headband was for Megi's hair. We weren't even half way through the week yet and we had finished the outfit. Whoops. Oh well. We dressed Megi in the now complete outfit and it looked quite good. 


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