5 Directions

One direction split up years ago and lost contact. They moved on with their lives and all had children. What happens when two of them meet?


7. Certain Bruises

Rachael’s POV (Friday)


I woke up to see a text from Beau;


Morning beautiful :) xx


Morning handsome (: xo


Was what I wrote in reply. I could get used to waking up to that. I dressed myself before waking up Megi. Dangerous I know. As I was doing her hair I found a hickey on the back of her neck. I gasped in surprise. 

“What, what!?” Megi cried frantically. “Please say you didn’t burn my hair!”

“Megi, how the hell am I supposed to cover that hickey, it’s huge!” I exclaimed.

“The what!?” She yelled. I calmed her down and covered it with make up. To be on the safe side I added a collar to the outfit. It was just one of those ones that are an accessory that I whipped up in about five minutes. I tried to make her hair fall over it also.

“Hopefully that should do it.” I said smiling at my work. When she was finally ready she walked down the the photo shoot. The wait was terrifying.


Megan's POV  

Today was the day of the photo shoot all the models got called to the photo shoot room fully clothed with hair and make up done. I put on all my accessories and the top and skirt. Rach did my hair so I looked like I had a perm. My make up was bright, I had fluro pink eyeshadow with mascara eyeliner foundation blush and white lipstick. The white lipstick made the look very spunky. I loved it. I walked over to the photo shoot room. All the other girls were just arriving too. The photographer was standing and looking at his camera. Marc and Miranda were telling us that we only get 20 pictures and they choose the best one. 

I took a deep breath as it was my turn. The background was white and there was a white chair in the middle. I walked towards the chair. They took a couple of pictures of me behind it then I sat on it and they took quite a few there. I was sitting on the chair sideways with my legs bent and in the air and I giggled because I nearly slipped. 

"Beautiful work Megan." Miranda complimented. I thanked her and walked back to my room. 

"How'd it go?" Rach asked eager to know. 

"Good! Miranda said I did beautiful work!" I squealed to her. She squealed with me. 

"Fingers crossed we get to the next round tomorrow!" Rach exclaimed landing on her bed. 

"Yeah!" I got changed into some black leggings and an overly large white sweater that hangs off one shoulder. Today I decided I would go hang out with my brother seeing as we hadn't really spoken since he walked in on me and Jai. 

"Ok Rach so I'm off to go chill with my brother today." I informed her of my plans. She nodded. 

"I will just stay here all day so you shouldn't need to take a key." She explained. I nodded and pulled on my white doc martens and headed out the front of the building. My brother was waiting for me on his motorbike. 

"Sup bro." I said hopping on the back of his bike. 

"Nice hair sis." He chuckled starting his bike. I held onto him for dear life because we had fallen off the motorbike the first time he had gotten it. Soon enough we arrived home. I hopped off of the motor bike and walked to our front door. We walked in and our parents were in the kitchen. 

"Hi Mum! Hi Dad!" I said giving them both hugs. 

"So how is the competition going?" My Mum asked. 

"Really good I did a photo shoot today that's why my hair is like this." I gestured to my hair. My Mum smiled. 

"I'm proud of sweetheart." My Dad said as he kissed my forehead. 

"Thanks Daddy!" I giggled. Beau and I ran upstairs like little children to play a game of cod. 


Rach’s POV


I was going through my designs when I decided to go and buy some material and try to make a few. I walked down to the material store next to Beanie Paradise. For the first time I looked up at what it was called; Fabric Galore. After buying a variety of fabrics and materials I began to walk back. I stopped in surprise when I found Jai closing up the beanie store. 

“Hey Rach.” He called.

“Hey, how come you’re closing up?” I asked.

“Oh I was going to hangout with Luke and Tash.” He replied.

“Yea today will be so fun!” A girl sarcastically said. Tash I assumed.

“Why won’t it be?” I asked her. “I’m Rach by the way.” She smiled and said; 

“I’m Tash, and it won’t be fun for me as these two are obsessed with video games.”

“Well you can hang out with me if you want?” I smiled hopefully.

“I would love too!” She smiled, kissed Luke goodbye and called, “see you later boys!” 

“We will be back in an hour or so.” Jai said.

She turned to face me. “What do you want to do?”

“Well I was going to make some clothes but--”

“Sounds perfect. I’ve seen your clothes for the contest and they were amazing!” She giggled as she cut me off.

“Okay then.” I smiled as she linked arms with me and began to skip to the Hall of Beauty. I think I’m going to like this chick.


“So, you and Luke huh?” I giggled nudging Tash.

“Yeah we have bee going out for a while now.” She smiled. The look in her eyes told me she really loved him. I unlocked the door and walked inside. I lay out all of my new materials.

“So what about you, is there a lucky guy around?” She said, raising an eyebrow.

“Well there is one guy,” I smiled as I began to cut up the material. 

“Who!?” She squealed excitedly.

“Well you know Megi right?”

“Hah, Megi. Yea I know her.”

“Well it’s her brother.” I smiled sheepishly. "And why does every one tees me about that damn name!?" She just giggled, shrugging in reply.

“Is she okay with you and her brother?”

“Yeah, thank goodness Megi is so nice.”

“Do you have a photo?”

“Megi’s got one above her bed.” I said nodding towards it. I turned around and began to pin a few of my designs. I started with a simple fitted shirt. It may not sound like it but a dark, purplish, maroon colour works surprisingly well with a bright, slightly off, orange color. I cut out and pinned a few more designs whilst Tash and I chatted about everything. And I mean, everything. That girl knows how to talk. It turned out to be useful as most of the time I had a mouth full of pins. Together we worked away for a few hours. I naughtily told her about how Megi and Jai were caught by Beau and I. A few times she fell silent and texted Luke I assumed. Later we played truth until we were interrupted by soft voices by the door. Thinking it was Luke who was coming to pick her up, Tash flung open the door.


Megan’s POV (Earlier that day)


After Beau and I had an epic war of cod in his room he turned of the xbox and sat back on his bed next to me. I put the controller on the floor. 

"Megan I really wanted to talk to you about what happened the other day." He said awkwardly looking at his hands. 

"What about it?" I asked. 

"Well when you and Jai were making out I kinda freaked. I mean it seems like only yesterday that we were those pair of twins that didn't need relationships or didn't want relationships. And how we always said sticking your tongue in someone else's mouth was gross. All of that changed. I guess I just didn't want to loose you." Beau's confession was so sweet. I gave him hug and we sat there in each other's embrace. I loved my brother more than anyone. 

"Thanks Beau." I said. 

"For what?" He asked confused. 

"For being honest." I said as I sat on his bed facing him. I pulled the hair lackey off my arm and put my hair in a pony because it was annoying me. Beau's eyes widened as he was looking at something. It was...my neck? I touched it. Oh shit. 

"What the fuck is that?" He asked clearly not impressed. 

"Oh come on it's just like you giving Rach a hickey." I said not wanting to argue right now. 

"No it's not." He said anger in his voice. 

"Drop it beau. I like Jai and I might have said that I will never get a hickey like two weeks ago but it's different." 

"How's it different?" 

"Because I let him give me one! That's how!" I snapped and I looked at my fingers which I was fiddling with. 

"I think Rach was right." I looked at him confused. "You can make choices on your own and I only need to be there when you need me." 

"Well I really appreciate you caring but when it comes to guys you need to be a little less protective. And can you try knocking." I said. He laughed at the last part. 

"Sure sis" 

"Can I just ask you something?" I questioned and he nodded. 

"What exactly did you see?" 

"Well you two were shoving your tongues down each other's throat while you were holding on his neck while he was grabbing your ass." He said not so happy looking. Then he burst out laughing. "Come to think of it you seemed to be really enjoying yourself!" 

I blushed furiously and I punched on the arm. 

"You suck!" I said looking down. 

"Nah you love me sis!" He said chuckling. 

"What do you want to do now?" I asked after our laughter died down. 

"Well how about we go to our favorite ice cream shop?" He suggested. I nodded. When we were younger we always used to go to Purple Cow Ice Cream. They make the best ice cream. Beau and I let our parents know what we were doing. 

The drive to Purple Cow wasn't very long seeing as we went on Beau's motorbike. We entered the ice Cream shop and the sweet smell of ice cream filled the air. The walls were purple with a few cows here and there, the floor was checkered black and white. There were silver table and chairs scattered around the place and there was also a few bar stools near the window of the shop. Beau went up and ordered for both of us. 

"One medium tub with half vanilla half cookie dough and one medium tub with hazelnut and honeycomb." They smiled and started working on our order. Once Beau paid we started walking. I'm not sure where but we were walking. 

"Beau where are we going?" I questioned noticing where we were. 

"You said you wanted me to get to know your future husband so were going now." He explained as we kept walking in the direction of the beanie store. 

"Yeah but not now!" 

"Why not now?" I just looked down at my hands. "You still get shy around him don't you!" I nodded. I know it doesn't seem like it but I get really shy when I'm with guys even if we have made out twice. 

We eventually arrived at the beanie store. Beau walked inside and I followed him. As soon as Jai saw us he ran up to us. 

"Hey guys." He breathed shoving his hands in his pockets. He looked so good when he did that. 

"Hey man my sister wanted me to get to know you better so I thought we would stop by and say hello." He explained taking a spoonful of ice cream in his mouth. 

"Oh ok cool." He said and I just kept looking at my ice cream and eating. No one spoke so I looked up. They were both staring at me. 

"Ok now that is just creepy!" I pointed to them staring at me as I spoke. They just chuckled. My phone buzzed. I pulled it out of my boot and checked it. It was just one of my apps. I shoved it back in my boot. 

"Well what do you guys want to do?" I asked eating some more ice cream. 

"Well I have to get sale signs ready for tomorrow so we could do that." Jai said pointing to a bunch of paper and card board. 

"Ok sounds good! Shall we get started?" Beau seemed to be getting along with Jai quite well. We made some poster to stick up out the front and a huge card board sign to hang in the middle of the shop. 

"Well I've gotta head home seeing as it 3:57. Do you need a lift home or are you right to walk?" Beau asked me. 

"I'll walk thanks." I said giving him a hug. 

"Bye sis." 

"Cya" After Beau left I turned to Jai. 

"Your brother seems cool." He said honestly.

"Well I think it's good you two are getting along so he won't have such a hard time dealing with you giving me a hickey." I said laughing a bit. My hair was  down seeing as I took the hair lackey out when we came to the shops. He pushed my hair to the side revealing the mark he had left on my neck. He smirked at his work. He intertwined our fingers together and gave me a quick peck. 

"Now let's get you home." He whispered into my ear. His voice gave me shivers. It was soft yet sexy at the same time. He locked up and we headed towards the Hall of Beauty. He locked up and we headed towards the Hall of Beauty. He draped an arm around me as we walked. It was silent between the pair of us but it was a comfortable silence. I started thinking which is bad because I tend to over think. I thought about me and Jai and how we aren't a couple. What if we are never going to be a couple? What if this is just a friends with benefits for him? What if .... No stop. See I over think. I realized we were walking up the steps to my room. Soon we were in front of the door. 

"Bye Megan." 

"Bye Jai." I whispered as he leaned in to kiss me. I looked into his beautiful brown eyes and his gaze was burning into my blue eyes. Our noses touched and I was moving my mouth closer to his. It was like a movie, slow motion and romantic. Our lips etched closer and just when we were millimeters apart the door to my room flung open and Tash was standing there. Me and Jai both froze in that position and Tash closed the door. A smile tugged onto his lips when he kissed me. His kisses were always passionate and slow. I pulled away and he pecked my cheek before disappearing. I walked inside to find Tash looking as if she were about to explode if she didn’t say something.

“What’s up?” I asked, concerned.

“I’m so sorry!” She whispered as her eyes began to tear up.

“Oh it’s fine honestly!” I giggled at her obvious and immediate relief. We talked for a while, the three of us girls, and I think we all were going to become very close friends. Soon Luke arrived, apologizing for being late. We then left for dinner. It was the same as usual and we went back to our room silently. Upon arriving I noticed that Rach had made a few clothes. I felt so stupid for not seeing them before. They were actually quite cute. I went to get a closer look. Some of the colors she used, surprisingly, worked well together.

“You like them?” She asked from behind me.

“You know, I hope we win this just for your sake Rach, so that you can sow the world these designs in the magazine and make a shit load off them.” I chuckled, her giggling with me. We both readied ourselves for bed. I laughed when instead of going to bed we bot pulled out our phones. I was in Facebook for a while but eventually decided to go to sleep. I was not looking forward to tomorrow.


Rachael’s POV (Saturday)


Here we were again, in the elimination room. The pictures flashed up on the screen in a collage form. Miranda Began to call out names until there were four groups left standing. We were one of them. Shit. We had a three in four chance of going home right now. “Rachael and Megan, Jade and Chloe. Please step forward.” Marc said. “It was very close between you two. For both of you, it was your models that let you down. Two pictures replaced the current ones. One of Megi and the other of Jade, their bests from the photo shoot.

“Jade, if you are to become a model, you must learn that modeling is about the clothes, not the model. In all of your pictures, the outfit was obscured from view. You made it all about yourself. Megan, this photo was not your best. You had multiple better ones, but they were all ruined by a certain bruise.” I heard Megi’s breath hitch in her throat. “Rachael, you did do an excellent job of covering it, but unfortunately, it was not quite enough.” Miranda’s voice echoed around the room. 

“It is only because bruises heal that you two are safe.” Marc’s one sentence allowed me to breathe once again. We walked over the the two remaining seats.

“I’m so sorry girls.” Marc said to the three pairs that were currently leaving. Miranda then turned to us. 

“Next week we will be doing a bikini photo shoot in pairs. A few of the blondes grinned to each other. You will be with your room mates.” My draw dropped. I watched as the pair left the room.


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