5 Directions

One direction split up years ago and lost contact. They moved on with their lives and all had children. What happens when two of them meet?


3. Beanies, Eliminations, More Beanies

Megan’s POV (Wednesday)


I woke up and checked the time. It as 10:00 and the dress was next to my bed finished. I had woken up late because I stayed up all night listening to music and trying to write a song. Yes, I write songs but I have never shown them to anyone as I am too shy. I examined the dress. It was beautiful and the colour looked amazing with the pattern. I was absolutely in love with the dress. I stared at it in awe, it was flawless. Rach walked in the room her was wet. I guess she had a shower. She was wearing purple tights with a white loose fitting shirt that had ‘deal with it’ written on it in black writing. 

“The dress is amazing I love it!” I squealed giving her a hug. 

“Thanks.” She smiled returning the hug. “Ok, go have a shower then we can go look for shoes and accessories.” I did as she instructed after having a quick shower i got dressed. Today I decided on some white leggings with a black Avengers shirt and my dope beanie that I bought from Jai. 

“I love your shirt!” Rach exclaimed as she saw me come out of the bathroom. 

“Aha thanks.” I said smiling. I sat on my bed and pulled out my black vans and put them on my feet. Me and Rach made our way to the shops to look for accessories. I manage to convince her to go back to the same place we went when I found the Beanie store. We looked in about twenty shops before we found the perfect shoes, they were white high heels and they fitted the dress perfectly. 

We were walking and we passed the Beanie store.

“Hey Megi wanna go buy some beanies?” Rach said gesturing to the shop. I just rolled my eyes at her and kept walking. She grabbed my arm which made me stop. 

“C’mon we are going in’’ she said dragging me towards the shop. I tried fighting her but she would not let go. I gave in and we both entered the little shop. Jai was just sitting at the counter looking at his computer he seemed to be quite bored. Then Rach interrupted my thoughts. 

“C’mon Megi I want to buy a beanie!” She basically yelled through the little shop. Jai’s head flicked up, scanning the shop he saw Rach and I, before stepping out from behind the counter and making his way over. 

“Need any help to find a beanie?” He asked Rach as I just stood behind her looking around the shop. 

“No thanks, I will just browse.” She replied skipping off. I just sent her a glare as she abandoned  me. I stood there awkwardly. 

“I see you came back for more.” He said with a smirk plastered on his face. I just rolled my eyes at him. 

“Yeah.” I paused there for effect. I watched as his eyes widened, you could see the white all around his beautiful brown eyes. “For more beanies.”

He relaxed and I just laughed. I noticed that 'Big jet plane' started playing in the shop after the previous song finished and I hummed along to it. 

“Do you like to sing?” he asked out of the blue. 

“Yeah, why?” I was a bit confused. 

“Well there’s this karaoke place and I was wondering if you wanted to go sometime? We could hangout and get to know each other but if you don’t want to...” he was speaking really fast and looking everywhere. 

“I would love to go.” I smiled at him and he smiled back.


Rach’s POV


I opened the door to our room and dumped our multiple bags on the floor. I went over to the mini fridge and grabbed out some milk. I chugged it down, straight from the carton, not caring that it was dripping down my chin.

“Wow, thirsty much?” Megi joked before snatching the carton and following my example.

“That’s better” I said before going and searching through the bags. I laid out the outfit for tomorrow when Megi will try it on and practice walking in it and the shoes. Lastly I pulled out the beanie I had bought. It was knitted with some ooba-fluffy purple wool and had a little white pom-pom on the end. It was time to go to diner. As we entered the hall, early this time, the smell that wafted around was mouth watering. The past breakfasts, lunches and dinners had been amazing but this was something else. We sat at our table from the other night and this time Ashly and Court joined us. During dinner we all chatted about our experiences and designs. We trusted each other enough that the other wouldn’t cheat. We all erupted into a fit of giggles when I told them the story of Megi and Jai. Poor Megi just sat in silence blushing her head off. After dinner I fell asleep straight away as I had woken up early to complete the dress. I slept really well that night, although I was dreading Saturday; the eliminations.





We were standing in what was called the elimination room, The judges standing solemnly before us.  We were watching the video of our models from Friday when they had walked the catwalk. Megi had surprised me with her flawless walk and extensive knowledge of modeling. No one else had seen each others dresses before, and I had to admit, this may not be as easy as I had already thought. The Blondes were already crying. And I could see why, they had taken the line ‘Don’t be afraid to search the bins’ literally and made their dress out of rubbish. Shockingly it still looked okay, but everyone else had made theirs out of some form of material. Court walked out looking like a carpet. But she still walked on like there was no problem in the world. Out waked Megi, and I must say, she looked sexy in the dress combined with her walk and hight given by the heels. I was quite proud of the way the dress turned out, after a few tweaks it was a perfect fit. Finally Brainless in Ashly’s dress. Wow. We may just have some serious competition here. The blue dress that spun around her overly skinny body flowed to the floor, It swayed with even the slightest moment creating the illusion of it floating. The recording stopped and the screen blackened. 

“If your name is called out please step forward.” Mark called. “Ashly and Stephanie. Rachel and Megan...” It is the most terrifying thing, standing in front of dozens of girls who are half crying, half threatening to kill you with their eyes. A few more names were called out until there was ten girls left standing behind us. 

“You are safe.” Smiled Miranda. Megi and I simultaneously let out a breath that we didn’t even know we were holding as we walked off to the side.

“Lilly and Courtney please step forward.” Mark half whispered.

“Lilly, it is because of Courtney’s modeling that you two are still in the competition, you need to step up your game or you will both have to go home.” Explained Miranda.

Court and Lilly came and stood beside us. Court enveloped Lilly in a hug as she began to balling her eyes out whispering I’m sorry over and over again. Mark then called forward the Blondes.

“Because of your creativity it was decided that you two will stay in the competition.” Miranda told them which resulted in the crying even harder. The remaining three pairs stood terrified.

“I’m sorry but your designs and modeling did not come up to match the high standards that the others have set. Please go collect your things and leave the premises. Thank-you.” Mark said sadly. Those girls sniffled out of the room and Mark turned to us.

“You have the rest of today and tomorrow off so enjoy your spare time while it lasts.” Then he linked arms with Miranda and left.


Megan’s POV


I decided to go down to the beanie store for another beanie. Okay, fine. To see Jai. In my defense I haven’t seen him since Wednesday. I decided to leave Rach behind. Although over the past week we have become great friends, I knew she would just tease me to no end. 

“I’m just going for a walk, kay?” I called back to her as I walked out of the door.

“Kay.” She yelled back.

I had my long blonde hair out and straightened with my beanie on top. There was a slight breeze so I was glad I had chosen my big monster jumper over my black denim, baggy, skinny jeans. 


As I walked into the store I saw that Jai was again sitting bored behind his computer again. I walked behind a shelf and snuck up behind him. 

“Do you always work here?” I giggled.

“Holy shit!” He yelled in surprised.

That sent me into a fit of laughter which he joined me in when he recognized me. 

“So where have you been these past few days?” He asked when we finally calmed down.

“Why, did you miss me?” I laughed, sitting on his desk next to him. “Nah I’ve just been really busy modeling.” I replied.

“Modeling, really? I didn’t see you as one of those types of girls.” He said, surprised.

“Yea well, I am. I’m actually competing in the NTMC at the moment.” I said a little uncomfortably, I don’t really like talking about myself.

“Wow, I did not see that one coming.” He chuckled.

“Haha ye--” A random scantily dressed brunette girl interrupted me.

“Ah excuse me, I would like to buy this, oops!” She giggled as she ‘dropped’ the beanie she was holding. Note the sarcasm. She bent over to pick it up, flicking her hair and successfully giving Jai a full view of her chest.

“Uhh that will be fifteen thanks.” Jai said, staring at his computer. She handed him the money, touching his hand for an overly long amount of time. I know I had only met Jai three times, but I think I was jealous. I didn’t have a perfect manicure or short skirts that showed my ass. Not that I wanted that but still, cute guys tend to drool over that. As she left the store Jai muttered skank under his breath.That made me smile. Jai turned to me and said, “So do you still want to go to that karaoke place tonight?”

“Oh yea sure.” I managed to stutter out, smiling.

“So it’s a date?” He asked wit a cheeky wink. I just sat there. Did he really just ask me out on a date!? Jai’s face fell at my silence.

“Just as friends then.” He confirmed, cheeks reddening. Shit.

“Oh no, a...a date is perfect.” I gushed out. Why was I this nervous, I’m usually so confident. What was wrong with me. Jai’s face had lit up as I said that.

“So out the front of the NTMC at six?” He asked.

“Perfect.” I smiled. “I have to go, sorry, I’ll see you then.” 

“Okay.” he replied nodding. 


I was smiling like an idiot as I walked out of the store and apparently still was when I got back to our room as when I walked in Rach asked, “What are you so happy about?”

“Hmmm, nothing, only that I’ve got a date tonight.” I smiled, sitting on my bed.

“What!?” She cried, jumping on my bed next to me. “Is it with Beanie-boy!?” She gasped, her eyes widening at the thought. “So that’s where you went isn’t it!?” She giggled, nudging me.

“Well maybe...” I said, rolling my eyes at her excitement.

“Come on get off your lazy ass we’ve got to get your outfit ready, do your hair and make up, and-”

“Geez calm down dude!” I said. “I’ll do that, the question is, what are you doing tonight?”

“Uhh hang out here I guess...” She replied.

“I have a better idea.” I said smirking. “You are coming with.”

“No! I’ll interrupt your date!” She said as if I were stupid.

“You won’t I promise, Jai and I are meeting at six and I’ll send you someone to pick you up at six-thirty.” I said.

“Okay, I’ll get ready then.” She replied with a glint of excitement in her eyes.


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