5 Directions

One direction split up years ago and lost contact. They moved on with their lives and all had children. What happens when two of them meet?


10. Battle Scars

Megan's POV

My eyes fluttered open to reveal a sexy face in front of mine. I smiled. Memories from last night filled my mind. My right hand slipped out from behind his neck and I ran my fingers through his hair. A smile etched on his lips before his one eye opened. 
"Morning beautiful." He greeted closing his eye. 
"Morning sexy." I replied. 
"Mmmm I could get used to that." He said in his morning voice, smiling. I just giggled. I sat up and looked at Rach's bed. She wasn't there. I got up and walked into the bathroom. Nothing. I checked my phone. No texts or missed calls. Where was she? Did she sleep over at my house with Beau? 
"What's wrong?" Jai asked resting his head on his hand. 
"Well me and Rach have to start working on the bikinis today and I think she slept over Beau's." I explained. 
"Well why don't we get dressed then we can go." Jai suggested. I nodded. I grabbed some close and went into the bathroom. I decided on wearing some black and white patterned leggings with a big grey Bart Simpson shirt. I put my hair in a side plait and put on my black vans. I walked out of the bathroom and saw Jai putting his shirt on. I pouted. 
"You looked better without that on." I said tugging on his shirt. He chuckled and kissed me. I smiled up at him. 

"Ok you have to tell me where I'm going." Jai said as we were driving to my house. I gave him all the directions to my house and soon we arrived. I hoped out of the car and just walked in. Well it was my house after all.  I walked upstairs and Jai followed. Beau walked out of his room shirtless. 
"Hey I was looking for Rach. I thought she might of been here since she didn't come back last night. Did s--" I was cut off by Rach walking out of his room in his shirt.

"Holy crap! You slept together! Beau and you go off at me for making out with someone and then you sleep with my best friend! You are such a sick bastard and you two aren't even dating!" I continued my rant and Rach and Jai just slowly went down stairs. As I kept going off at Beau he cut me off. 
"Shut the fuck up!" He yelled at the top of his lungs. I looked at him in disbelief. 
"Beau Tomlinson watch your language!" Our dad yelled. Beau rolled his eyes. 
"Listen we did not have sex and we are dating. I asked her to be my girlfriend." Beau explained. I stared at him. 
"Seriously? You have been on three dates." 
"Yes, and I really like her so don't screw this up for me." Beau whispered. I nodded. We both walked down stairs. 
"You two done now?" Rach asked. I just nodded. 
"Rach we seriously need to go work on our designs so you two boys can do whatever." I said gesturing for Rach to follow me upstairs. I pushed open the door to my room and everything was the same. My double bed was in the corner of my room with the checker board bed sheets. Photos and posters covered my walls along with me painting on my walls. I had lights hanging from the ceiling so it looked like stars at night. I loved my room and I had extremely soft white carpet. I plopped onto my bed and Rach sat next to me. 
"Ok so let's figure out the style first then we can choose the pattern to go on it." Rach stated getting a piece of paper and a pencil. I grabbed some as well and we started to sketch. I did my bikini bottom but I couldn't concentrate as the boys decided to play cod. They were screaming at each other and the speakers were on full. I threw my pencil down and Rach starred at me as I walked out of my room to Beau's. I was in the door way but they didn't notice me. 
"Shut the hell --" I was cut off by them stopping and me hearing the shooting in the game. I looked at it. 
"That's it! Rachael I have an idea!" I shouted running back to my room. 
"What?" She asked. 
"Army style!" I started and she looked a bit confused. "The bikinis could be like camouflage and we could where war paint and everything!" 
"That is actually a pretty good idea!" She said looking back at her design. We started working on the designs and how we could incorporate army sort of things with it. I chose my bikini to have jet black bottoms that had a camouflage belt. The top was strapless and it was fully camouflage and in the front it was twisted. I really liked it. I also drew some ideas for war paint and make up. After an hour or so I started to get hungry. 
"Wanna grab some lunch?" I asked Rach. She nodded. We put our drawing utensils down and headed into the kitchen. Beau and Jai were already in there raiding the cupboards of food. 
"Save some for us." Rach giggled. I just laughed and grabbed a wrap and started putting whatever I could find onto it. 
"What the fuck are you making?" Jai asked I was pouring mustard on my wrap. 
"A wrap." I said simply. 
"That does not classify as fucking wrap." Jai stated looking at it. 
"At least you don't live with that!" Beau rolled his eyes. 
"Offensive!" I yelled and threw the closest thing to me at him. Which happened to be the mustard. He dodged it and the mustard hit the wall with a loud bang. Shattered pieces of glass were everywhere and the white walls had yellow splats on it along with the floor. Shit. That was my only thought. Shit. My parents were going to kill me. 
"What happened?" My mum calls out from up stairs. 
"I just dropped something don't worry I will clean it up!" I yelled back. I looked at the mess. What was I going to do? 
"Jesus Christ mum is going to kill us!" Beau whisper-yelled. Rach got a cloth and started wiping the walls. The rest of us cleaned up the broken glass and the floor. After we finished cleaning up we started eating. 
"Remind me to never insult you." Jai laughed. 
"It wasn't funny!" I said punching his arm. He just smiled at me. I leaned in and placed a peck on his lips. I smiled as I pulled back. He leaned in and his sweet lips collided with mine. I got butterflies in my stomach. 
"Get a room." Rach interrupted as she put her plate in the sink. We both pulled away. 
"Thanks for the advice." I told Rach. I put the boys plates in the sink along with mine. 
"How about you take a break from designing and we can do something?" Jai suggested holding my hands. 
"Mmmm that sounds very tempting." I said fiddling with his fingers. 
"Well it seems like Beau and Rachael had the same idea." Jai chuckled as they went upstairs and we heard Beau's bedroom door close. I just laughed. I lead Jai up the stairs to my room. I put all the designs in my table. Jai picked me up by my waist and threw me on my bed. I just started laughing at his actions. He just laughed lightly as he hovered over me. His brown eyes traced over every inch of my face.  
"Are you just gonna stare or are you gonna kiss me?" As soon as I finished my sentence his lips crashed onto mine. I got a chill down my spine from the pleasure causing me to curve my back. His hands held onto my body just under my chest which was rapidly going up and down. My hands ran through his hair as his tongue brushed against my bottom lip. I parted my lips slightly and his tongue roamed my mouth. His hand traveled down my body. As he hands went down I felt a tingling feeling in my stomach when he reached the end of my shirt. His hands slipped under my shirt and made contact with  my skin. His hands moved up taking my shirt with them. I took my hands out of his hair and pulled my arms though my shirt. We pulled apart for a second as he pulled my shirt over my head. He threw it across the room before reconnecting our lips. My hands slipped under his shirt and my fingers lightly brushed over his abs. My fingers traced his abs all the way down to his v-line. I felt him smile into the kiss as my fingers traced his v-line right down into his pants.


Rach's POV

Beau had  challenged me to a rematch of Call Of Duty. As we sat on the couch I realised I was still wearing his shirt.

"I should probably put some pants on shouldn't I." I said, sighing.

"No, you shouldn't." Beau said, chuckling. I hopped off the couch and searced for my pants that Beau had thrown in here. I pulled them on and tucked in his shirt. I plonked down next to Beau. He handed me a controller and we started the game. He had worked out my tactic so I tried to think of another but I just couldn't. I was officially freaking out. Crap. Oh crap. Shit. Fuck. No. No tears. Rachael, it will be fine. All of these thoughts raced through my mind as I tried to control my breathing.

"Are you okay Rach? You seem really out of it." Beau asked as he paused the game, put his controller down and turned to face me.

"What am I going to do about the photo shoot?" I whispered burying my face in my hands.

"Have you even told Megan yet?" He asked as he pulled me onto his chest, holding me close.

"No." I said, biting my lip.

"Well then let's go tell her." He said gently, lifting my chin up to face him. I nodded in reply and we walked towards her room. I knocked gently and pushed open the door to reveal them perched on her bed in their underwear. I felt Beau's body shake in anger. He pushed passed me  with fire in his eyes.

Megans POV

I gasped and pulled my body away from Jai's. Yet again Beau and Rach had walked in on us. Beau looked like he was about to murder someone. I got off my bed and pulled on my t-shirt. 

He just stood there, seething with anger. "What the fuck Beau?!?" I was screaming in anger. "Why are you so pissed? I thought we were bloody past this!"

"Why am I so pissed? Because you best friend has been fucking crying all day about being scared she will get you both kicked out of the competition and doesn't know how to tell you. How you haven't noticed is beyond me. Oh actually maybe it's because you're fucking around with some guy you met just over a week ago!"

"Rach..." I started, turning to look at her.

"Leave her out of this!"

"You're the one who brought her into it in the first place! And we weren't even fucking!"

"You may as well have been, and you could have been about to. We're in the next room Megan!"

"It's not her fault..." Interrupted Jai.

"GET OUT!" Beau roared, stepping out of the doorway.

"Don't yell at him!" Megan yelled back, stepping between them. They now stood nose-to-nose, daring the other to take it a step further. They both launched themselves at each other at the same time.

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