my messed up life ~ COMPLETED

Eleanor is sixteen. she has a large family and one of her brothers is Louis Tomlinson. her mum reveals she has a twin brother and she is forced to move to essex. she has her boyfriend back home in doncaster, but she slowly finds herself falling for Harry. will she make the right decision or will she be left broken.


7. my group of friends


“OK OK I'M COMING!!” I shouted. I slipped on my uniform and slipped my trainers and hoodie into my bag. I padded down the stairs and slipped on my school shoes. “we need to drop the twins off at Breakfast club,” He said. I yawned and nodded.

“i guess I will just walk to the bus stop then,” I said. He nodded.

“if you are you need to leave now,” Marcus said. I nodded and headed out the door. I stopped at next door to meet my friend Conor. He let me in and I changed into my trainers and hoodie and he slipped on his jacket and we headed out. We normally got the bus together. “have you done the homework?” he asked me. I gave him a 'you really asking me that question look'

“I'll take that as a no then,” he said and we laughed. I got out my ipod and put in my headphones. I handed me one and we walked down to the bus stop. When we arrived I saw Jack and Ricky. “cocky bastards you got a lift didn't you,” I said. They laughed and nodded. I shook my head just as the bus pulled up. I got on and me and Conor headed upstairs. “THERE THEY ARE!!!” It was Tommy. I laughed and walked up to him and Abby. “oh Tommo did you miss me?” I asked him. He laughed and nodded and he ruffled my hair. “oi nobody touches my hair,” I said and they all laughed. “what about me babe?” I looked around and saw my boyfriend Carl. I laughed and shook my head. “no not even you babe,” I said and he laughed and wrapped his arm around me. Conor did the same to Abby. “well this is awkward,” Tommy said. “am I the only single one?” he asked. I laughed and nodded.

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