my messed up life ~ COMPLETED

Eleanor is sixteen. she has a large family and one of her brothers is Louis Tomlinson. her mum reveals she has a twin brother and she is forced to move to essex. she has her boyfriend back home in doncaster, but she slowly finds herself falling for Harry. will she make the right decision or will she be left broken.


8. meeting my friends

Finally we arrived at school and we all headed to form. We were all talking until Miss came in with Billy? “everyone this is Billy he's going to be joining us today.” she said. 

“Eleanor I thought you would be able to take him under your wing,” she said. I looked up and nodded. “who is he?” Conor asked.

“he's my brother,” I said. They all chuckled. Carl wrapped his arm around me and kissed my cheek. Did I mention none of the boys knew about Carl apart from Jack and Ricky. This was going to be fun.


Billy came and sat down next to Kitty my other friend. “hi I'm Tommy,” Tommy said. Billy nodded. “I'm Abby,” Abby said. “Conor,” He said. “Kitty,” she said. “and I'm Carl,” He said. Billy took it all in and nodded just as the bell went. “See ya later babe,” Carl said and headed of to P.E, “yeah see ya,” I said and kissed his cheek before he left.”Billy what do you have now?” I asked him. “Art,” he said.

“oh so have we,” I said and headed towards the art block. When we got in my cousin Chloe ran up to me. “hey babes,” she said.

“hey, this is Billy, my twin brother,” I said. She nodded. “so there are three sets of twins,” she said. I laughed and nodded. “cool, I need to tell you something,” she said. I nodded and she dragged me off “girls only Tommy sorry,” she said. I giggled and she pulled me into the corner. “i'm pregnant,” she said. “omg what??” I said. “ssh, your the only person who knows,” she said. I nodded. “are you happy about it?” I asked her. She nodded. “one more thing,” she said. “what?” I asked her. “they're triplets,” she said. “wow your going to get really fat,” I said and she laughed and we headed back over to the boys.

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