my messed up life ~ COMPLETED

Eleanor is sixteen. she has a large family and one of her brothers is Louis Tomlinson. her mum reveals she has a twin brother and she is forced to move to essex. she has her boyfriend back home in doncaster, but she slowly finds herself falling for Harry. will she make the right decision or will she be left broken.


18. claustraphobic

I woke up and heard arguing from downstairs. I put on my dressing gown and headed down stairs. Louis and Harry were arguing over who got the last pancake. “LOU I WANT IT!!” Harry shouted.

“NO, IT'S MINE!!” Louis shouted.

“STOP SHOUTING!!” I yelled. They both looked at me.

“give it to me, I am going to sort this,” I said. They nodded and handed it to me.

“well the obvious way to solve this is....” I said.

“what??” they both asked me.

“i have it,” I said and walked off eating it,

“no fair!” Harry complained. I just laughed and finished the pancake and went to get changed. I took a shower and picked out a red strappy top and navy blue short shorts, with red toms. I put on lipgloss and mascara and skipped downstairs. They were all in the kitchen having breakfast. There was hardly any room so I jumped up on the counter and started texting people. I got a text from Harry and Billy on our chat. 'I saw you come in, but where are you?' Harry sent.

'I don't know, somewhere on the counter' I replied

'i'm getting claustrophobic' Billy said. I heard a yelp.

'Jaymi just trod on my toe' billy said.

'I can't breathe, there's too many people:(' I sent.

'I'll get you out of here' Harry said.

'quickly, I can't breathe' I replied. I started breathing really quickly and I curled up into a ball. “Eleanor!” I looked and saw Harry.

“Harry Help,” I cried. He nodded and shoved his way to me. He helped me off of the counter and I grabbed his hand. He pulled me through the door. “U ok?” he asked me. I shook my head and he hugged me and I cried into his chest. “lets eat out for breakfast,” he said. I nodded and wiped the tears. He pulled me outside and we sat on the wall at the front of the house. “you missing Doncaster?” he asked me. I nodded. “like hell, I miss everyone, especially Abby, Conor and Tommy,” I said. He nodded. “at least they can visit,” he said. I nodded and leant my head on his shoulder. “at least I have you,” I said and he looked at me and smiled at me.”we'll always have each other,” I said and he nodded and rested his head on top of mine. “love you hazza,” I said.

“love you too Ellie,” he said and I fell asleep on his shoulder.

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