my messed up life ~ COMPLETED

Eleanor is sixteen. she has a large family and one of her brothers is Louis Tomlinson. her mum reveals she has a twin brother and she is forced to move to essex. she has her boyfriend back home in doncaster, but she slowly finds herself falling for Harry. will she make the right decision or will she be left broken.


4. capture the flag

Its been two days since the whole thing with Billy. I hadn't forgotten though. I was at home. Jack, Ricky, Marcus, Me, 1D and Union J were playing capture the flag in the house. We had water guns, pillows, everything. The teams were: Jack, Ricky, Jaymi, Zayn, Liam and Niall. Then Me, Marcus, Louis, George, Harry, JJ and Josh. At the moment I was being chased by Niall who happened to be armed with a super soaker. Suddenly the doorbell rang. “LILY DOOR!!” I heard Harry shout. I rolled my eyes and carried on running from Niall. He squirted his gun but it just missed me. I heard Lily answer the door. “ELEANOR!!!” She shouted. I ran towards the door. “TIME OUT TIME OUT!!” I shouted. I arrived at the door just as Niall hit me. “ARGH NIALL, I SAID TIME OUT!! NO FAIR!!” I screamed. I was now soaked. I waved Lily off and she ran to Harry. I turned to answer the door. It was Billy. “What are you doing here?” I asked him.

“i need to speak to your mum,” he said. 

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