my messed up life ~ COMPLETED

Eleanor is sixteen. she has a large family and one of her brothers is Louis Tomlinson. her mum reveals she has a twin brother and she is forced to move to essex. she has her boyfriend back home in doncaster, but she slowly finds herself falling for Harry. will she make the right decision or will she be left broken.


15. bored

We had been driving for about two hours. Everyone had got some sleep apart from me. At the moment I had Billy asleep on my shoulder and was texting Harry who was in the car behind us. 'if Billy starts drooling I will slap him'

'haha don't it's not that bad'

'it is I want to be in your car'

'we'll be there soon then we can hang out'

'ok but it's horrible being in a car with her'

'she's your mum, you love her really'

'yeah but she's not like normal mums'

'aw give her another chance'

'ok but she keeps glaring at me'

'lol stay in there'

'please let me come in your car with the boys'

'erm.. no boys only'

'no fair'

'life ain't fair sweetheart'

'fine then bye'


I was so bored.

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