The War

I walked my way through school bumping into people here and there. But then time felt as though it went slow-motion. THUD-THUD-THUD-THUD!
Chaos and horrifying screams erupted.
"EVERYONE DOWN" Hollered a teacher... USA was now apart of World War 3


1. The hideout

I wandered around school today was July 4th 2012. Middle school was okay so far but quickly got old. It was about three weeks into the school year . Had best friends here and their but, mainly I stuck with Jinney and David. Jinney had a few curls in the front of her hair and the back was pinned sideways across. She was very pretty and always had a book in her hand. David on the other hand, was muscular and tall with caramel skin. My thoughts quickly changed. Like something that would only happen in a movie. 

Time all of a sudden went still. Bullets came out of no where through the ceiling. Then reality hit me back. Chaos erupted.

"EVERYONE STAY CALM!" ( yea like that was going to happen) . Nobody knew what to do, some to petrified with fear unable to move, others went and hid in the bathroom. Me well, I ran as fast as i could; and with adrenaline running through my veins I didn't think I could stop. But then I heard more screams, this time the scream was familiar. I darted and followed the voice... it had come from Jinney  she was shot through her arm..I found David.

"what the hell is going on!" He said, I explained what I knew about the jets and tail gunners. About thirty minutes or so Jinney was bandaged and was recovering. We heard a loud bang and a bunch of people flooded in.Soldiers.

"Méin Gött" screamed one soldier. I knew that that one was german but was unsure about the other voices. Me, Jinney , and David were bunched up in a supply closet behind some crates. Under the door crack I saw shadow of to feet, the doorknob rattled. And the door opened. If that soldier would've looked down, we would be killed. To this day I thank God that he didn't look down. The door closed. The feet walked away.... 


We sat there for about 2 hours strait. No one spoke (mainly still pondering why/how he didn't see us). The soldiers finally left but were occupied on the neighborhood about half a mile down we snuck out of the closet. No plan. No destination. We walked through the school tripping over dead bodies. Looking for survivors.



We walked tripping here and there. But still on high alert. The aftermath was gruesome, kids dead,body after body, blood on the wall. Teachers and friends spralled on the floor despair and death filled the air. 

"So what now?" Jinney asked

"Find weapons, survivors,food,and shelter, with germans and lord knows what out their have taken Pell city and who knows what their plan is." David and Jenny looked at me like waiting on me to tell them what else to do. Honestly I was just going with it. We looked for weapons ( found a pistol and ammo in the principle's office ) and we got some knives and food from the kitchen. We ate then stuffed food and whatever we could find in backpacks. We went upstairs quickly but quietly.

"I found someone!" Said David, it was another girl named Piper 

I remembered her, she sat beside me in reading. Her brown straight hair, and brown eyes that matched and was always making people laugh. 

"I d-didn't k-know what to d-do!" She sobbed, her shaking hand pointed behind her she burst into tears. It had been her cousin from the high school. She laid motionless on the ground. Eyes looked and stared at the ceiling. Dead. 

"Its gonna be alright." I whispered ( yea I'm not the greatest comforter in times like this) so Jinney sat down with her and talked to her. After that she was apart of our group now. We searched the building, but there was nobody left alive we walked outside unsure for what the chaos outside brought.


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