The War

I walked my way through school bumping into people here and there. But then time felt as though it went slow-motion. THUD-THUD-THUD-THUD!
Chaos and horrifying screams erupted.
"EVERYONE DOWN" Hollered a teacher... USA was now apart of World War 3


2. Scavenger

As the four of us walked outside smoke and fumes wrenched the air. We put our shirts over our noses sneaking to a near by home ( thankfully it was evacuated and clean). We decided to stay there for the night talking quitley so no one would hear us. 

"What are we going to do." asked Piper nervously

I tried to sound confident "we stay here,for the night we will leave at dawn." They didn't argue. I began to think to myself what am I doing I- my thought was interupted by Jinney her to big marvel shirt tattered and her hair still a litte curly and pinned up.

"Hey, can you come here I wanna talked to you."

"Yea sure." Holy crap this can't be good. Everyone else was asleep i through my shirt on and made sure the pistol was in my pocket.

"What's happening River, what if my sister, my mom, my dad what if their dead?" I could barley even think of my parents dead.

"I don't know." I lied, she laid her head on my shoulder I put my arm around her like brother and sister....


The next day came early,to early we got off to a groggy start though no one slept. We packed medication ( allergies, inhalers, ipheprofen, etc.) And knives. We had plenty off food. I cracked the back door. Clear . I cracked it open a little further and motioned them to come. I looked four a regroup spot. Nothing. For weeks, more enemies occupied the city, and nation. We stuck close mentally and physically still. We stumbled upon a few places to encamp but the max amount of time in one place was 3 days. We found and kept a radio but it was always just the same, nothing. Would passed some weird people, some talked to themselves- and rarely only once we we saw a man eating a man. Then their it was. The high school doors were opened but terrorist and soldiers occupied it. I fell to my knees.


My brother was in high school. People say he looked a lot like me but his hair was/felt like carpet. He was muscular from theater. His name was Tristan. 

"River? River come on wake up!" 

"Wha-" before I could ask what happened Jinney and David hugged me. My vision refocused.

"We were behind that try and you just fell,to your knees, are you Ok?" asked David. I told them i was fine and got some water. I looked at the clock 3:00 pm i nearly spluttered my water. I was out for 1 hour! We decided to head to the high school later. Our next target. We don't know. Are we gonna find out about all our family. Hell yea...



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