The War

I walked my way through school bumping into people here and there. But then time felt as though it went slow-motion. THUD-THUD-THUD-THUD!
Chaos and horrifying screams erupted.
"EVERYONE DOWN" Hollered a teacher... USA was now apart of World War 3


3. Red, White , War

Night fell quickly, with Piper, David , Jinney and I we walked through the woods beside a main road. We weren't hungry because we packed a lot of food. But filthy as heck, covered with leaves, blood and dirt, Had only one plus to it. Camo. We tip toed around here and their. It had been weeks since their first attack. Who we were fighting, didn't know and frankly didn't care. We haven't been able to turn on the radio because soldiers were every were.


We came across a apartment. We needed to rest. While all of us piled in, I looked around and turned on the radio. Nothing. 

Jinney looked up at me. Her hair fell over her eyes. She smiled. I smiled. But that quickly faded.


We needed to make a stand. Show them were are not giving up. But how? A monolauge came across my mind saying " what we think is the greatest aspect, turns only to be the chink in the armor. The enemy wanting to be caught like a cereal killer, leaves crumbs. And we could spend years on the aspect and never noticed the crumbs."..... 

I finally had a idea. While David stuffing his mouth with fruit cocktail and Piper eating nutella. Jinney and I joined them we ate and talked quietly. There was gun fire and screams chanting AMERICAN PRIDE! We peaked out the window. other rebels...

Thinking it was safe, Jinney ran outside but didn't see the reinforcements behind them.

"JINNEY STOP NO!" But I was to late. Through the heart she dropped to her knees, and fell. Dead.

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