The Chosen Ones

The number of cases of a terrible, hereditary disease is on the rise and those who have it are treated like monsters. Little is understood about it and it seems to be completely unique to any other disease. For those who have it, it can be a gift or a death sentence. You've just got to learn to hide it. There are no symptoms. No warning signs.
Ava has this disease. She feels alone, persecuted and scared. Then they find her. They're like her and to them it's a gift from God. But will they ever change the way society perceives them?


4. Then


I remember when I used to go to church every Sunday, I'd get dressed up in my finest clothes and hold tightly onto my mother's hand. We'd sit on the pew nearest the front and sing hymns like we had all of the time in the world. The priest would tell us all how God would love us no matter what our sins and that we should all love our neighbours how we wish to be loved ourselves. Little did I know then that people would be preaching the opposite about me now. 

We were a mutation. We were a danger to society. We were a force that needed to be stopped.

"Mother. When I'm older, what will I be?" I asked during one Sunday church service.

"Anything you want to be."

But I'm not. I am a teenage, homeless runaway. That's not what I want to be.

Two months later, the first Airblood case was reported. Her name was Lilia and the novelty that everyone felt meant she was left caged in a zoo. She was a miracle in some people's eyes but was dehumanised. And for this reason, the twenty-two year old died of dehydration and starvation. Or so the news said. 

More and more cases began to appear and we stopped being a thing of awe but a thing of fear as our abilities made our strength inconceivable to the rest of the human race. And so the 'population control' began.



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