The Chosen Ones

The number of cases of a terrible, hereditary disease is on the rise and those who have it are treated like monsters. Little is understood about it and it seems to be completely unique to any other disease. For those who have it, it can be a gift or a death sentence. You've just got to learn to hide it. There are no symptoms. No warning signs.
Ava has this disease. She feels alone, persecuted and scared. Then they find her. They're like her and to them it's a gift from God. But will they ever change the way society perceives them?


1. Then

   I was born 'normal'. A healthy, little baby with her whole future ahead of her. I was just a silly little girl who acted like a child should. I wanted to be a police officer when I was younger. At the time, they thought I would grow up to be a great asset to the NYPD team. They don't think that now. When I was fourteen, it happened.

  Now I am sixteen years old and I don’t know what I am.

   Maybe, I’m just a science experiment. One that’s gone wrong. Maybe, I’m not of this world. An alien or a mythical creature. Or maybe, I’m just evolution’s next step. Maybe we’ll all be like me in the future.

   It doesn’t matter though. Whatever I am, I’ll always be a freak. A freak of nature. People would avoid me like the plague, if they knew. But they must never know. No matter how much I trust them.

   It's a disease that's skipped generations. One that's been blamed for the beast of Bodmin moor, Bigfoot and Dracula. Some call us monsters. And by us, I mean those with the disease. No one else would want to be grouped with us. Others say we're fallen angels. But by our kind, we're known as Airbloods. As the disease crops up out of thin air and it runs through our blood, through our veins. It's genetic and there's no way to be screened for it. It's just pot-luck and I hit the worst jack-pot. When it happened I thought it was cool. I was holiday at the time but was soon driven out by those who think I'm unnatural.

    Airbloods have abilities that other people used to dream of. Visions of the future. Time travelling. Telekinesis. Psychic. Shape-shifting.

    On holiday, we were skiing. I wished that I was polar bear cub as I wanted so much to play in the snow. And I became one just like that. In front of everyone.

    At home, no one knows my secret and I'd like to keep it that way. I've never met anyone like me, although there are some out there. I don't expect to either. They're all in prison or have been murdered by serial killers. Airbloods are humans too, why can't people see that?

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