The Chosen Ones

The number of cases of a terrible, hereditary disease is on the rise and those who have it are treated like monsters. Little is understood about it and it seems to be completely unique to any other disease. For those who have it, it can be a gift or a death sentence. You've just got to learn to hide it. There are no symptoms. No warning signs.
Ava has this disease. She feels alone, persecuted and scared. Then they find her. They're like her and to them it's a gift from God. But will they ever change the way society perceives them?


3. Now

The blossom falls from the tree elegantly and swiftly as the fresh spring breeze begins. Underneath, I sit contemplating my next move.

I've heard stories before. Where Airbloods are tricked into the hands of the authorities. Maybe that's what Austin is doing. Maybe he just had good observational skills. All I know is that if I am found I'll be dead. Under sixteen, they believe that there is still time to find a cure that would have an effect. Sixteen or over and they believe that the disease's grip would be too strong for a cure to work.

The first time I'd noticed my condition, I was detained. There was a prison guard, little older than a child himself, little older than me, who took pity on me and released me. Like an animal. Into the wild. 

Everyone was in charge of the effort to bring in the Airbloods - men, women and children; young and old - and everyone was forced to even if they didn't want to. But the propaganda meant that most did.

The light begins to fade as I look down at my watch. 8:45pm. I get up before scampering towards the alleyway behind the coffee shop. As soon as night falls, the searches would begin and the night raids are likely to happen. According to the scientists and the government, we would try to escape at night fall, meaning everything that moved was under scrutiny.

I pray that this isn't  be a trap as a torch flashes down the alley.





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