Hi my name is ariana grande and I am famous my very first cd came out called yours truly and I have a secret that nobody know I am gay well they know my brother is gay but not me and I met someone name d selena gomez will she change my life or not


1. me being diffcault

i woke up in bed wait im not in bed oh yes i am my mom must of put me to bed and i had lots of text from selena and she say hey it kca i sent i dont think im going she sent yes you are people will love you i sent do i have to and my came up in my room she say" yes you are"i say"wouldnt it be better if i just stayed at home"she say"and you walking the purple carpe with selena" i say"no im walking the purple carpet alone"she say"and we all ready let the press know"i say"isnt it my choice to chose if i will tell the world im gay not you"she say"ariana you are never gonna tell anyone"i say"well i get hate another as it is"she say"i am so glad you are famous"i say"im not famous"she say"well you"i say"i am so not"and she walked out of my room and i just wanted to be alone today not doing anything i bearly get to see that person i like and she is my best friend her name is selena gomez we been friends sincer birth our moms were best friends and i am so glad i have selena and i went to get changed and it was my black bralet and my black skater skirt and my favortie shoes are my cream shoes hight heal shoes that i wear like nearly like everyday and my hair as it is everyday and my make not so much and then i hear a knock at the door and i say"come in"and it was selena and she say"is that what you are going to wear"i say"heck year"and my hair was curled as well and she say"cat baby no"i say"i like it and you cant tell me what to do"she say " fine then are you ready"i say"yep"selena grabed my hand we walked down stair and my mom say"you are gonna do fine" i didnt anwers her and we walked out side oh no there are paparazzi outside and i am really scared of paparazzis i fine with couple but not to  much and let go of selena hand and ran back in side and i ran to my room and i slamed my door shut and i fell on the bed and began crying and felt a hand on me it was selena hand and she say"sweetie what wrong"i say" i cant do it" she say"it not that bad" i say"im scared of paparazzis im  fine with a couple but not that much like it was out there"she say"come on we are going to be late"i say"im not going out there so do think that selena"she say"why not"i say"you know why"she say"come on we are going to have a good time forget about those paparazzis and i have a good time with me"i say"no i just made a fool out of myself for runing back inside you  can go but im not okay because im not even ready to tell anyone about this it was my mom fault that made me go because i dont want anyone to know because i get so much hate right now if i tell anyone im gay then im gonna get so much more hate and i cant stand it right now and dont say im still gonna have good time because selena im still gonna think what people are saying about me" and i fell on the floor and cyring and selena pulled me into a hug and she say"cat im sorry but why dont we go to event for a little bit and if you start freaking out we will go home does that make a deal"i say"okay"she say"sure"i say"im fine with"she sat"good but before we go lets fixs youre make up"and she did my make up and we walked down stair hand in hand and i say"im ready this time"my mom say"good"and we walked out the front door and this time forget about the paparazzis that what selena said and we both sat down well i was selena lap and they shut the door and i kissed selena lips so we looke like we were dating but i wish we was and i broke apart and we both smiled at eachother and i say"if i do really well and stay for the whole event can we do it"she say"maybe"i say"but please"she say"fine then"i say"yay"i kissed her lips again and the door opened they closed it and we fell back on the seat and selena was on top of me and i cupped her face and the selena kissed my neck and i kinda sliped a moan out and then she moved down to boobs and she sliped one of my boob out and she bent down and sucked my boob and i put my hand in her dress and she got up and kissed my lips hard and she opened her mouth the perfect time to slip in my tong and i did and she did to and i moved and i kissed her neck 

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