Doctor Who: Old flames

Doctor who fan fiction for the fandom competition.

If the Doctor called...would you answer?

Jenny, the Doctor's daughter is back and joins Torchwood. Riversong, martha and rose also return to gather together because something is calling. Someone. And he needs them more than ever before.


1. The Return of Jenny.


What am I doing? Crashing. Right. I'm crashing. Ok that's not good... Fuel tanks empty. Well that would explain it. And there goes the engine. Ah well. Planet ahead. Looks good. Lots of space, nice ocean, probably shouldn't land in it. Don't think I have learnt to swim...or maybe it's programmed in. Not gonna take that chance. Oh look! A red light. That's new. 

"This is Red Riding Hood Requesting permission to land in your lovely ocean!"

"Red Riding Hood, you are cleared to land."

"Gonna be a bumpy ride. Oh dammit!"

"Red Riding Hood is everything ok?" 

"Oh yes, yes. Just a little fire. No problem...ok slight problem. Don't worry. All under control."

"Ok. Over and out."

Right. Landing. That should be interesting. Ummm....water ok. Too late. Guess if I'm gonna learn to swim no better time than the present.

Ah land. Man. Cute. Very cute. Long coat. Very long coat. Mmm. Dammit. Focus.

"Hi. Sorry for the..uh...mess." 

"Don't apologize. We clean stuff like this up almost every other day." He reaches his hand out to me and helps me out the water. Chiselled jaw. Perfect smile. old and yet he's so young. 

"I'm Jenny." I smile, holding out my hand, expecting him to shake it. Instead, he just stares at me strangely. Almost stunned. He snaps back into focus before placing a 'visitor' badge around my neck and giving a wide grin.

"I'm Jack. Jack Harkness. Welcome to Torchwood Jenny."

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