Doctor Who: Old flames

Doctor who fan fiction for the fandom competition.

If the Doctor called...would you answer?

Jenny, the Doctor's daughter is back and joins Torchwood. Riversong, martha and rose also return to gather together because something is calling. Someone. And he needs them more than ever before.


5. The Call

The Doctor:

No, don't give up on me now! Come on! Come on! Argh. Dead. Console is dark, no energy, the Tardis is barely existing. It's my own fault. So many years I've lived, so many lives I've condemned. I should know by now, the laws of the universe are hardly ever in my favour. We've tried to be gods, claimed superiority over the minorities. And for what? All of time and space is uncomparably meaningless when you're alone. And so one moment of weakness, one tiny ounce and here I am, knowing better. The complexities of the parallel universes, intertwining and colliding into a big pile of nothing. Which is where I am. Nowhere. Stuck in nothingness between to parallel universes, all for her. Another lost cause. There must be a way to get back. I'm outside of time, like a gap between two bubbles fused together. If I can find a way to drag the TARDIS into one of the bubbles, I can maybe, just maybe, escape. So I need a link. A link. A telepathic link! The TARDIS was meant to be piloted by six Timelords, originally, although I'm doing a pretty good job I'd say, if I can telepathically link to six people in a fixed point, they can bring us back. Of course it will take a strong mental capacity of about 92834kgbm/s. It will have to be an emotional link. I can do it, if I just....focus....

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