Doctor Who: Old flames

Doctor who fan fiction for the fandom competition.

If the Doctor called...would you answer?

Jenny, the Doctor's daughter is back and joins Torchwood. Riversong, martha and rose also return to gather together because something is calling. Someone. And he needs them more than ever before.


2. Introduction to bbq sauce

Jack let Jenny take the main entrance to the base, the one where only pizza delivery boys would ring and be met with the handsome Ianto Jones who would gratefully collect the 'Meat Feast' which Jack would often order to be 'funny'. He would joke to Ianto that the pizza boys got younger every time, unaware of Ianto's feelings towards him; afterall, he was just 'useful'.

Jenny took an alarming fondness of the weapon wall. She was very much a fighter, Jack noticed, much unlike him. Yet it was uncanny, the resemblance, the smile, the look in her eye seeking adventure. Jack took a DNA sample to be sure, of course he was subtle about it.

Jack rushed into his office and gave Lanto a clipboard. Jenny watched from outside, observing every detail. It was a lot to take in. The Torchwood base was a lot bigger than she had expected. She noticed how Ianto would stare at Jack in such a way everytime he turned his back, stealing quick glances then looking away. Jack had flirted with her the minute she walked in:

"I'm sorry I made such a mess." She had said, "I couldn't find your landing strip."
To which Jack had raised an eyebrow and winked before continuing the tour.

She also noticed the girl in the corner of the room, rushing around equipment and mutter to herself, making frequent notes and occasionally looking secretly at the young man who was typing into an autopsy report into his computer.

This place was full of secrets. Secrets and weapons. So much alien technology that Jenny had never seen before, despite her many alien experiences. She had travelled galaxies, flown from planet to planet seeking adventure and races to save. This place smelled of adventure and she wanted in.

Jack approached jenny holding a syringe containing a blue liquid.

"This won't hurt a bit." He said cheerily. He injected the liquid into her upper arm.

"Ow! Hey!" She yelped, the blue liquid burning into her blood.

"Sorry. I lied."

"He does that a lot." A young woman with dark hair and leather jacket entered from the stairs.

"Hi, I'm Gwen." She had a friendly face and a noticeable welsh accent.

"Jenny. What do you mean?"

"Oh, you'll see. Gotta dash, my fiance and I have dinner plans."

"Does he mind you working with this one here?" Jenny said, nodding in Jack's direction.

"No..he uh, doesn't know about what we do, what I do." Gwen said quietly.

"Must be tough not being able to tell him."

"Yeah." Gwen gave a forced smile and left giving Jack a quick glance on her way out.

It seemed to Jenny that everyone secretly fancied everyone else and Jack seemed to be like a sexual magnet. She was undoubtedly attracted to him, he was like some sort of action hero you'd read about in a book. She could see why her Dad had chosen him.

"So what exactly have I been injected with?" Jenny rubbed her arm and slouched, clearly bored.

"It'll protect you from any alien diseases you may aquire." Said the girl in the corner, still furiously typing away at her computer. "I'm Tosh by the way. That's Owen." She nodded in the direction of the man in the corner who had been up and down the stairs for the past ten minutes.

"And this...." Said Jack, placing a bottle in her hands, "Is the most dangerous liquid in the building. Don't spill it on your skin or on the machinery or on the weapons or on my coat."

"Why? What is it?" Jenny inspected the liquid and sloshed it around in the bottle.

"Barbeque sauce." Owen said dismissively.

"Barbeque sauce?"

"Put it on this." Jack handed her a piece of half eaten pizza. She squirted the sauce onto the pizza slice and looked quizzically at Jack.

"Now throw it in the air." As she did so, Jack whistled loudly and a screech echoed throughout the base, making Jenny leap out of her skin. She looked up to see a teradactil propel out of a hole in the wall about thrity feet above her. It swooped down and she watched awe struck as it snapped the pizza up and flew off. Jack tilted his head as he watched Jenny's expression towards the pre-historic beast. She turned her head to look at Jack.

"Now THAT is cool."

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