Doctor Who: Old flames

Doctor who fan fiction for the fandom competition.

If the Doctor called...would you answer?

Jenny, the Doctor's daughter is back and joins Torchwood. Riversong, martha and rose also return to gather together because something is calling. Someone. And he needs them more than ever before.


4. DNA


That voice, digging at the back of my head. It's him. It has to be. It's been happening for some time now, I can't deny I'm glad. My relationship with the Doctor isn't simply that of a companion. We have an understanding...of sorts. I'd give anything to see him again.

Jenny. My unsolved problem. She said she was here because of him. If she's talking about him, my him, then I need to know for sure.




Jenny went through a series of medical checkups that day, mostly conducted by Owen who had seemed to have an eye for her, which seemed to make Tosh uneasy. Not that she had any reason to be, she thought, as it wasn't like they were together or anything...

Jack looked at the screen showing Jenny's medical results. He looked back at her, training in the room opposite. He turned to the screen and making sure the others weren't around, deleted the file.

She had two hearts and Timelord DNA.

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