Doctor Who: Old flames

Doctor who fan fiction for the fandom competition.

If the Doctor called...would you answer?

Jenny, the Doctor's daughter is back and joins Torchwood. Riversong, martha and rose also return to gather together because something is calling. Someone. And he needs them more than ever before.


6. Connecting

Captain Jack Harkness, gorgeous, fearless, immortal, flirtatious. And confused. He told his team he would be gone for a while and he was taking Jenny somewhere. He told them to hold the fort down, to look after each other and trust him. He looked at Ianto who was clearly troubled and anxious. He'd had a conversation with Jenny earlier that day. About Jack. She had asked him what his deal was. Women? Men? Not men, he'd said, just Jack. And yet Jack didn't know. Or maybe he did.

Jack left them with no explanation and took Jenny in the black van to a non existent location, a place not even on the map. Unknown to even the Government.

There was silence in the van. Jack stared out onto the dusty road, hands firmly on the wheel, while Jenny sat upright but bored. She was, after all, a soldier. Used to battle and adventure and not staying in a fixed position for more than ten minutes. Unless she was hiding. But she was in fact, bored and dying to move. So she broke the silence.

"So, um. You and Ianto, what's the deal there?" She smiled sweetly. Jacks mouth twitched a bit into what she could just make out to be a smile.
"So what's your deal?"
"My deal?" Jack looked over at Jenny, slightly amused then looked back at the road.
"What's the point in labels? Love is love Jenny."
"So do you 'love' Ianto then?" Jenny pushed further and Jack became quiet again.
"Like I said. We're complicated." 
"Why didn't you tell me?" Jack said abruptly.
"I'm sorry?"
"Why didn't you tell me?" Jack thrust a clipboard onto Jenny's lap and she looked at it quizzically. It was the results of her medical exam.
"I didn't think it was necessary."
"Necessary. Anything else you don't think is necessary? You're part Timelord which means you A) aren't supposed to exist and B) you must be... what? A friend of his? A relation?"
"His daughter. Actually."
"What?" The van pulled to a stop. And Jack looked at her more closely then burst into a grin. 
"You're...? But how?"
"I was cloned from his DNA. Technically his daughter, half human, half Timelord. Already regenerated once. I got shot."
"What did you look like before?"
"What do you mean? I looked like this." Jenny gestured at her body and Jack looked confused.
"That's not possible. When Timelords regenerate they change their face, their body. How can you be you?"
"Guess I'm special." She winked at Jack and he started the van again. They continued to talk for the next three hours about him. How Jack had saved the world with him and how she had stopped an interplanetary war. They had a lot to talk about. 

Jack pulled up to the side of the dust road. They were in the middle of a desert. Literally. There was nothing but sand for miles around. They got out of the van and Jack walked in a straight line. Jenny wanted to question him but decided it was best not and followed him in silence. She noticed how his long coat flowed back when he walked with his sense of authority and confidence. It was extremely hot so Jack took off the coat and flung it over his shoulder, holding it with a finger and adjusted his gun belt. She was walking behind him and looked him up and down. Twice. Jack then stopped and held his hand out. It made contact with something but there was nothing there. Ripples echoed from whatever he'd made contact with, some sort of invisible wall. Then doors opened and Jack told Jenny to stand next to him while they were being scanned by a red beam which appeared from nowhere. As the stood, Jenny subtly peered behind jack. Ianto was a lucky man, she thought. Very lucky. Jack caught her looking and opened his mouth in amusement.
"Did you just...?"
"Yep." She flicked her head back and stared into Jack's eyes and winked. A buzz came from the invisible walls and a door appeared. Jenny sauntered in before turning back to Jack. 
"Come on then. Get that butt moving." She smiled again and continued walking leaving Jack speechless and blushing slightly. 

Jack caught up to Jenny and led her through a door where she was met by three unfamiliar faces.

Jack stepped forward, "Jenny I would like to introduce to you: Martha Jones, Rose Tyler and...who are you?" A tall, bushy haired woman stepped to meet Jack.
"Professor River Song. Who," She looked Jack up and down, no subtlety about it, "are you?" 
"Don't." Martha said shortly.
"Just don't." Rose added. 
"Captain Jack Harkness, at you're every service."
"Oooh I like a Captain. Dated one once on the planet Reltor. Nice guy, two heads. Made things interesting. But I can see why he picked you." River, after looking him up and down again, tilted her head and nodded in approval. Jack then looked at River then at the three girls staring at them.
"I can't even tell you what I'm thinking right now." He grinned.
"Excuse me, as much as I'm sure Jack is enjoying all this attention, can you please tell me what we are doing here?" Martha Jones stepped forward dressed in a black leather suit with a very big laser gun on her back, "I was in the middle of something."
"Is this about the Doctor?" Rose interjected. 
"I can only assume so. You three were all pulled through time for some reason, through the rift. The rift has been pulling people through time for a while now but you three are a mystery. I gathered you all here because of her." Jack nodded at Jenny.
"This, is Jenny. She's the Doctor's daughter."
"His what?" River song walked up to Jenny and looked her up and down, "How? Who? Ooh I could just kill him."
"Why? What's it to you?" Jenny turned in annoyance.
"I'm his wife." There was silence and Jack rolled his eyes.
"Fantastic, well jenny here was cloned from his DNA, so she is only his daughter by that means. Half timelord, half human." 
"Can you please just tell us what we're doing here?" Rose interrupted again. "One minute I'm in the Tardis, reading a book, the next I'm here. If I was there, surely he's ok?"
"That was in another time. For sometime I've been hearing his voice in the back of my head. He's in some sort of trouble. All I know is that you've all been taken outside of time and we need to help him and we can't ask why."
"I'm in." Martha agreed. 
"I'm in." Jenny nodded.
"Me too." said Rose. They all looked at River.
"Well of course I'm in. He is my husband." 
"Great. Martha, I believe you can call him." Jack led them to a screen. "Call him and I can hook up a visual." 
Martha had the phone on speed dial. The Doctor had her phone and wherever he was, she could call it if she needed him.
"It's ringing."
"Ok, linking the visual now." The five of them stood watching the screen. Slowly an image started to come through and they could hear a noise. 
"Hello? Martha?"

"Martha Jones! Oh it's so good to see you! Jack! A sight for sore eyes!"
"Yes you are." Jack grinned.
"Oi! And...River? But that's impossible."
"Different time Sweetie."
"And....Rose... but..." The Doctor's face filled the screen as he tried to get a better look. It was impossible. How could she be there?

"The rift Doctor. Everyone was pulled through time. We assumed it was you." Jack pushed Jenny forward. "I believe you know Jenny." The Doctor's eyes widened in disbelief. 
"Hello Dad."
"No.. that's not.... you died! How?!"
"Part Timelord. Just like you. Used some of that regeneration stuff. Sorry I didn't call. Been doing a lot of running." 
"Any more surprises?"

"Well you tell me Doctor. We're all here now. So where are you?"

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