Doctor Who: Old flames

Doctor who fan fiction for the fandom competition.

If the Doctor called...would you answer?

Jenny, the Doctor's daughter is back and joins Torchwood. Riversong, martha and rose also return to gather together because something is calling. Someone. And he needs them more than ever before.


3. Classified

"So, Jenny, it's not every day we get a call from the Prime Minister of Trilo 5 telling us to expect a visitor. In fact, you're not even on record. Technically you don't exist." Jack turned to Jenny and raised an eyebrow. 
"Well, I heard that you died. A lot. You're quite famous for it. Bet you've got a lot hidden under that coat. Secrets unnoticed by your friends over there?" Jenny inspected the gun in Jack's belt and raised her eyebrow in imitation of Jack.
"Well I'm not denying there's a lot going on under my coat. You didn't answer the question though."
"Well it's like I always said, well not always, you can't always say something I suppose, unless it's a catchphrase of course. I'd love a catchphrase. Allonsy! Perhaps. Or not. Anyway, like I was saying, you're a Captain, of sorts, you know all about classification and what not, not that I'm implying that I'm classified, although you are. Aren't you?" Jenny proceeded to talk very fast about...something while Jack's mouth opened slowly and his eyes squinted in shock. She had to be. There was no other explanation.

"I am however," she continued, "a friend. And I'm here for a reason. I'm here because of him. They don't know about him do they? Bet there's a lot they don't know about you. I, however, would like to get to know you better and what's under that coat." She winked and left the room, leaving Jack speechless and in shock.



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