Keep it simple stupid

Today it is the Christmas party of our school. This is an important day. It is the day that we can wear make up and wear elegant dress only. So we treat it seriously........


2. What the hell?

What the hell, someone bought it before me? I am really really angry. Howcome? I quickly rush out of the boutique and see who bought it first. Then, I see someone. Someone that my mind automatically put it in the worse-people group. Oh, I know  who she is! That bad, worse, annoying Emilyee. She  is an enemies of mine and I hate her very badly.

I tease her," Oh Emilyee. You bought such a ugly dress. How come? I think you are very fashionable, right?" " Claire. I think you want to buy this dress before too! However, I am surely faster than you, so I get this lovely dress. I win." she said in a very disgusting way. I am very embarrass, I cannot be brave to look into her eyes. " Fine. You win! I lose! All right?" I said. I decide that I won't argue with her today because I don' want to destroy this nice, fine Christmas day.

Everywhere in the street, there are many Christmas decorations. This maybe calm myself a lttle. I decide that I will go back home to take a rest cause ther are still a lot of time left before the Christmas party. The second reason is... I am tired.

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