Keep it simple stupid

Today it is the Christmas party of our school. This is an important day. It is the day that we can wear make up and wear elegant dress only. So we treat it seriously........


4. The hair designer.... Harry!?

I am really glad! Someone really knows my mind. Then, again. Ding Dong! I know who's there this time, so I open the door myself.

I went downstairs, to the living room, dining room, and finally to the door. I open the door." Hair designer, right? Please come in." I say. I look up. I see somebody with a fashionable brown curly hair and a pair of green eyes. Wait! That is Harry Styles from one direction. " I think you know who I am. ugh?" he ask. " Yeah, why you are here? You should be in some concerts or what, singing songs with the other boys." I asked curiously. "I am a hair dresser in part time. You know, it's a secret! Me and your uncle are friends. He know you will have a Christmas party, so he called me here to help you to design your hair." he reply.


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