Keep it simple stupid

Today it is the Christmas party of our school. This is an important day. It is the day that we can wear make up and wear elegant dress only. So we treat it seriously........


5. Perfect. Bravo.

OK. Harry Styles= hair stylist. OMG

"Please come in." I say in special polite way. He smiled widly and walk in to the house of mine. " We are going to the the hair style for you in about two hours. It's long, so I have ready some magazines for you to read." he say, passing the magazines he just brought. "Thanks." I say.

"Would you mind to change your dress first? You know, styling your hair needs a lot of time."

I go back to my room and get change. Changing the dress wasn't easy at all beacuase the length of it is very long. After that, I put on my shoes. Very high. But perfect. Bravo.

I walked out. Harry is standing in front of my room. He is gazing at me. He get a surprise look at me.


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