Keep it simple stupid

Today it is the Christmas party of our school. This is an important day. It is the day that we can wear make up and wear elegant dress only. So we treat it seriously........



Ding Dong!! The door bell rings. I call my maid to open the door and see who is there. After a few seconds my maid comes back with a large box with a tied ribbon. " Who's there?" I asked curiously. "Miss, just now a deliverman came in give me this box. Do I need to help you to check it?" she ask politely. I shake my head and tell my maid to leave.

I open the box slowly. There is a card. I opened the envelope of it and start to read it.

Dear Claire,

I know you will soon have a Christmas party, here is a dress of your style and a high heel shoes which are just perfect for you. Ther are a hair designer coming in a few minutes after this gift arrives to your hands.

Your Best uncle ever,

Benjaman Penn

Wow, a superb surprise! I quickly get changed to the light blue dress and the very high high heel. Totally perfect.

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