To Angel Knight,

About a boy who broke his true loves heart but never second thought his decision throughly so he writes her a letter in the morning while its raining that she never got to read.


1. Lost letters

Hey so I know we broke up. I have been so busy I never had the time to sit down and notice what I have said good bye too..  But today is different. Yesterday would've been 1 year and 2 months, today i'm stuck inside my house like prison. No where to go.. Nobody to see.. And here I am thinking about you again while its raining.. Outside as I stare out my window and notice we are like raindrops on a roof top falling in and out of love hoping for the storm to clear up. Instead of staring out this window looking for a change in weather I rather figure out if me and you were ment to be together. 
I just keep thinking about you. I mean I want to move on, but I can't move on. It's like you have some kind of hold on me, and I don't know it.. But I'ma go ahead and talk about it so you can understand.
I'm sitting, looking out the window like damn.. Trying to fix this situation that's between you and me. You're stilling running through my mind when I know that you shouldn't be. You told me that I have been all over yours but I know from the signs you show me it couldn't be.. Because you don't call and I still got a lot of pain for it's something I can't deal with at all.. 

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