Childhood of the Dark Lord

My entry for the 'Battle of the Fandoms Competition'. The story of Tom Marvolo Riddle's childhood.


3. Good Care

“Can I help you at all, Mrs Cole?” He asked innocently.

Mrs Cole’s eyes swept the room swiftly for any signs of danger before she looked Tom in the eye and frowned.

“Why didn’t you come downstairs when I called? You know the rules. You also know the consequences.” She muttered.

She missed the flicker of movement at one corner of his mouth as he stifled a smirk at her apparent fear. He could almost smell it on her, as if the greasy sheen coating her forehead wasn’t enough to tell him how terrified she actually was. His skin was tingling with anticipation as his mind raced with fire, water and the screams of a woman who had never cared. Nobody had ever cared for him and so they would feel the same pain he had felt for his entire life. He would make them feel alone when they craved company more than ever. For all people craved company at death’s door.

His eyes probed Mrs Cole’s face as she stood waiting for an answer at his door. Unfortunately Tom knew that he couldn’t hurt her yet. With Mrs Cole gone, or dead, the orphanage would close and Tom would be homeless. He would wait though, he would just toy with the others first.

“Sorry Mrs Cole. I was looking after his rabbit for him while he was gone. Nobody else remembered to feed it and I didn’t want it to starve.” Tom replied honestly.

However much Tom hated the people around him, he had no such feelings towards animals. He enjoyed their company and would never actually hurt one, though it had been funny to pretend so yesterday with Billy Stubbs.

Mrs Cole’s eyes narrowed with suspicion as Tom went into his room and pulled out the rabbit from a bundle of sheets and clothes in the corner. Upon inspecting the rabbit now nestled in his arms she was amazed to see that it seemed in good health. With a look of confusion she turned on her heels and began to walk away from the room. However, on reaching the end of the corridor, she turned back and looked Tom straight in the eye as he continued to stand in the doorway, his hand gently stroking the rabbit.

With a shake of her head she proceeded down the stairs mumbling to herself and continually shaking her head in wonder. Tom’s smirk grew even wider as the door swung gently shut in front of him.

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