The Justice Academy

After the justice league discovers that villains have their own schools for creating villains, they decide to start their own school for heroes. This year, one Barbara Gordon is forced to enrol by her father and she really, really doesn’t want to be there.


2. Chapter Two

The station was packed with teenagers, all aged thirteen or fourteen, and all stood chatting away to their parents and friends as they got ready to start their five year journey to becoming a hero. Barbara stood alone with her bags, her father had to leave early on call and now she was stood watching all these students and trying to find the nerve to at least introduce herself to someone.
However, Barbara hadn’t introduced herself to anyone for a long time, she was anti-social in school and had only one real friend there, another petty criminal called Pamela Isley who had joined her both in a cell and in stealing.
So she looked around and tried to figure out who wouldn’t judge her, or who wouldn’t turn on her once they found out what she did in her free time. She felt like a deer caught in the headlights of a fast-moving truck, shuffling from foot to foot and wishing her father hadn’t left her there alone.
She was saved however, when a bubbly blonde girl came over with a smile and big blue sparkling eyes.
“Hey! I’m Kara Kent, nice to meet you.”
Thank you god.
“I’m Barbara Gordon, nice to meet you too.” She smiled, trying her hardest to be social but Kara didn’t seem to notice her struggle, instead she kept up a happy stream of conversation which allowed Barbara to just listen and occasionally nod in agreement.
“Are you sponsored?” Kara asked and she nodded.
“Yeah, my letter said that my sponsor has chosen to remain anonymous.”
Kara frowned but smiled quickly afterwards, “Well that’s different, I think you might be the first person to have an anonymous sponsor.”
So I’m already an outcast? Fan-bloody-tastic.
“Who is your sponsor?” She asked, desperate to change the subject from her, the spotlight was not where she wanted to be.
“Superman, he’s my cousin.” Kara beamed proudly and Barbara snickered.
“You should probably keep that to yourself, you could really cause some trouble if people knew Kara Kent was his cousin.”
Kara looked confused for a moment before her face turned to shock at the realisation that she’d pretty much given away her cousins secret identity and she gaped horrified at Barbara.
“I wont tell.” Barbara promised her and Kara sagged in relief, and Barbara thought it was strange that Kara trusted her so implicitly without truly knowing her.
There was a call over the speaker system, and attendants collected bags and helped students onto the train, Barbara was suddenly pushed into the gaggle of students and balked. She couldn’t do this, couldn’t be around all these people, all these happy-go-lucky heroes.
“Lets go grab a compartment before they all fill up.”
Kara had grabbed her arm tightly, but not painfully, and was helping guide Barbara through to an empty compartment. Barbara ducked in thankfully and sat close to the window, as far from the door of their compartment as she could.
Kara followed her but she was slower, not as rushed, and closed the door firmly shut behind them before sitting across from her, still smiling.
“There’ll be an induction when we arrive, and then we’ll get taken to our dorm. We get to start tomorrow with an all day training session.” Kara explained to her and Barbara muttered a thanks.
The two of them were quiet until there was a tap at the door, someone rapping their knuckles against the glass panel windows before pushing it carefully open.
A tall red-haired boy stood firmly in the entrance, looking at them with bold green eyes.
“Sorry, is there any space in here?”
His voice was deep and strong, and Barbara appraised him where he stood.
Strong stance, broad shoulders, powerful arms. Hand held weapon.
“Are all the other compartments full?” Barbara asked and he shook his head.
“No, but Kara and I are old friends, I wanted to catch up.” He told her and Kara grinned, waving him forwards eagerly and he sat next to her.
“I’m Roy Harper.” He introduced to her, holding out his hand in greeting.
She shook it, noting his firm grip.
“Barbara Gordon, nice to meet you.”
He nodded and turned to Kara, the two of them chatting easily with each other but Barbara noticed that Kara was the dominant speaker in the conversation, choosing the topics and pushing herself across without even realising it. Barbara watched them carefully, analysing them without realising she was just like she did with everyone. Roy was a dominant force, but he wasn’t an extrovert like Kara. He wasn’t an introvert either, but Kara was most definitely an extrovert.
“Where are you from Barbara?” Roy asked, noticing her watchful eyes and trying to bring her into the conversation.
“Gotham, you?”
“I’m from Star City, Kara, you’re from some farm town right?”
“Yeah, Smallville, but I’m going to move to Metropolis when I’m older.”
So the talks went on, until a voice came blaring out over the intercom.
“We are now approaching the transwarp point, you may feel slightly nauseous after the warp, this is completely normal and there will be medical staff with you to ensure you are in perfect health.”
Kara didn’t look bothered and neither did Roy, but then if they knew each other then Barbara reckoned that they both had league sponsors, so both of them must have been used to transwarping.
“Who did you say your sponsor was?” She questioned, breaking the silence suddenly.
“Green Arrow.”
Oh yeah, definitely been warped before. Unlike me.
“Are you worried about the warp?” Kara asked but Barbara shook her head, why would the warp worry her? It was clearly safe or they wouldn’t be warping several hundred students in using it.
“They’ll warp us into the assembly hall, and people who are in the same carriages will be kept beside each other so we’ll be together.” Roy explained and she nodded, her body was starting to tingle.
“Here we go.” Kara mumbled, and the world shifted.
Barbara felt vertigo when her body adjusted from being on a moving train to a static chair, she tipped to the side and almost fell onto Roy but he was ready for the reaction and held his arms out ready to steady her where he was sat to her right, Kara was on her left.
“The dizziness will pass,” He assured her as she took deep breaths to let her body adjust “give it a moment.”
The dizziness did pass quickly, and she sat upright slowly and thanked Roy softly.
“Don’t mention it.”
Once the students had settled and the more affected had been calmed, they started to slowly realise that they were all being watched. The original seven were stood at the from of the assembled students on a raised platform with a podium at the centre front where Superman was stood waiting and watching.
“Is he going to give a speech?” Roy asked in a hushed whisper and Kara hummed an affirmative.
“He does one every year, it’s not long but it is kinda dull.” She told them and Barbara frowned.
“How do you know? Does he practise in front of the mirror or something?”
Kara snickered “Pretty much.”
They laughed quietly to themselves as Superman began, but Barbara blocked it all out to analyse the hall around her. The three hundred or so new students only filled the first few rows of seats so she guessed they must have the occasional school assembly with all students involved.
As well as the original seven stood at the front of the assembly, there were other leaguers around them, at the end of the rows and some were even sat in the rows. Barbara did her best to take a headcount but after she counted twenty she gave up.
More than twenty, so why aren’t they teaching? Or are the other students not here yet?
“Now if you go the end of your rows, you will be taken to your dorm, your home for the next five years here.” Superman finished, and the students all began to slowly stand.
At the end of their row was Black Canary, so they trailed after her slowly, keeping to the outer edges of their group and sticking close together. Barbara wasn’t sure she was used to having friends, but maybe she could adjust.
“Alright ladies and gentlemen, as you can see this dorm has four wings. Two for girls and two for guys,” Black Canary called, her voice carrying to every student as they joined the other rows and now there were five teachers stood at the front with her “no girls in the guys dorms and vice versa.”
Nobody seemed to outright argue these rules but Barbara could hear gentle rumbling amongst the more raucous girls and boys around her, not that she was rumbling she didn’t want some brat in her room.
She was still dreading the fact that she’d have to share, it wasn’t like she knew anyone bar Kara and Roy, and what were the chances of getting a room with her?
“It’s two to a room, you will be living here for the next five years so you can make whatever home comforts you’d like and decorate your rooms as well, and I suggest you make friends with your roommates because there will be no room changes no matter what.”
Collective groans, and Barbara struggled to hold hers back.
Damn you to hell Black Canary, and damn this stupid school too, I should have stayed at home.
“Go find your roommates, settle in, and please,” Black Canary grinned a wicked grin “get some rest, you’ll need it.”
That, Barbara decided, sounded ominous.


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