The Justice Academy

After the justice league discovers that villains have their own schools for creating villains, they decide to start their own school for heroes. This year, one Barbara Gordon is forced to enrol by her father and she really, really doesn’t want to be there.


23. Chapter Twenty-Three

“I swear Kent if you keep breaking my alarm clocks I am going to build one out of kryptonite.”
She heard the mumbled laughter, and she threw the water she had now almost permanently ready at her bedside table for the blonde without even aiming. It was becoming second-nature now.
Kara squealed and shot up into the ceiling, adding a new set of spider webbing cracks to the ones Kara had added on previous mornings.
Barbara ignored her as she landed and almost destroyed her own bed in the process, and got up to get her training gear on for the session today. She’d had it cleaned and folded and had cleaned her boots so that the entire outfit was perfect.
“Barbs, chest.” Kara mumbled as she staggered into the bathroom and Barbara sighed.
She had of course seen the flashing lights on her chest, she always did, but she also always ignored it. That was until Kara told her about it, which she always did. Apparently the flashing lights annoyed her.
So she knelt and pressed her thumbs against the pads, letting it click unlocked before pushing it open and examining what was inside.
“What is it this time?” Kara called around her toothbrush, sounding almost as bored of the gifts as Barbara felt.
“Um…you know what I’m not entirely sure?” Barbara called through as she held the object up and stared at it, Kara poked her head around to see.
“It’s an eye mask.” Kara told her slowly and Barbara glared.
“Yes, but why has he/she given me an eye mask? Do they really think I’m going to wear it?” She asked, holding the mask between her thumb and forefinger as though it was somebody’s dirty underwear.
“Well, maybe it’s a clue? I mean, some heroes are big on the whole secret identity thing and others just…you know…aren’t.”
Barbara stared at the mask and sighed, it was just a black eye mask. Nothing special about it. She had another look in the chest and practically yelled her disapproval at the next object.
“A cape? Seriously, a cape?”
She could hear Kara’s laughter from the bathroom as she changed into her own gear, clipping her cape onto the shoulders carefully. She hated the cape, but Superman liked it and the commissioners would probably appreciate it too.
It was a short cape at least, it just covered her butt with the flowing square bottom. It, like the mask, was completely black and she glared at it dejectedly. It didn’t clip on like Kara’s cape did, rather the seams seemed to attach and meld together when she pressed it down onto the shoulders of her training gear.
“Clever clothing.” Kara remarked as they stood staring at the full-length mirror in the bathroom.
“Today is going to suck.” Barbara muttered with a sigh as they joined Roy in the hub to eat breakfast and grab some snacks for later in the day.
Roy saw the costume changes but wisely kept his mouth shut and finished his toast without mentioning it, which was clever of him. Barbara felt like a fool all geared up like that, but Roy vanished and came back a moment later with the horrid yellow hat he hated and the eye mask he never wore as well as the stupid yellow boots Green Arrow had given him during one of the Friday sessions.
“Well,” Kara smirked looking at the big red ‘S’ on her shirt (a recent addition) “at least we all match.”
Thankfully all the third years that had been sponsored were wearing their gear. So Kaldur, Aisha and Hal were all looking as odd as they were. Not to mention, Barbara could see that Hal had a Green Lantern ring, Aisha a sword and Kaldur some weird weapon attached to his back that looked like two sword grips without actual swords.
Green Arrow came jogging over and handed Roy a bow and full quiver which he took eagerly and with thanks, and Barbara just kind of stood there feeling kind of naked.
She turned, J’onn was beckoning her over and she smiled and jogged to him to see what it was he wanted. He was holding something in his hands, a belt.
“Your sponsor asked me to give you this, it seems it did not make it to your chest this morning.” He handed the belt over and she strapped it around her waist, she felt less naked now.
“It only opens for you, but I’m afraid you’ll have to discover what it contains as you train today, good luck.”
She mumbled a thanks and rejoined her friends before they shepherded themselves into the bleachers across from the third years so they could watch the other students train.
“So as you all know the commissioners are visiting today,” Superman called and Barbara ignored that horrible feeling in her stomach as she listened “which is why we’ve decided there’ll be an exhibition of the six sponsored students today.”
“Damn.” Roy growled and his fist clenched on the bow tightly, Barbara struggled not to laugh at the yellow gloves.
“Three on three, they’ve figured this out perfectly.” Kara mumbled and Barbara hummed her agreement.
“It will be the three first years fighting against the three third years. You all know the rules by now, so come down here and show the commissioners what they can expect from our future heroes.”
Barbara looked up and saw the six names on the board and she looked to the other side of the hall at the league box, Pops waved at her and she smiled reassuringly back before she looked down at the three third years they were about to fight.
“Barbara, what do you think?” Roy asked softly, barely moving his lips as they walked slowly down the steps.
“Hal will have traditional Green Lantern specs, anything he can imagine he can make. Kara, he’s yours.”
Kara nodded, she looked strong stood there in her Superman getup, her stance was so much surer than it had been when Hal and Kara had fought that first time they’d trained. Barbara figured Hal was in for a shock.
“Kaldur is a close combat fighter, Roy, he’s yours. Figure out what his weapon is and utilise it.”
Roy smirked slyly, he looked relaxed and confident. Barbara hoped that wouldn’t be his undoing.
“Aisha is mine, I just need to watch that sword.”
By now the six of them had met in the middle of the gym, and were waiting for the signal from Superman.


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