The Justice Academy

After the justice league discovers that villains have their own schools for creating villains, they decide to start their own school for heroes. This year, one Barbara Gordon is forced to enrol by her father and she really, really doesn’t want to be there.


26. Chapter Twenty-Six

Solitary was dull, Aisha reflected, as she stared at her own blurred reflection in the silver walls. She was going to be there for a week at least, and she was truly using the time to think on her actions.
Think on how stupid she’d been, how rashly she’d acted, how this was going to piss off her new sponsor…
“Aisha? You have visitors.”
Aisha smiled sweetly at Diana, trying to look as sad and apologetic as she could. It wasn’t hard, Barbara had really done a number on her face, so looking pathetic was really easy.
Kaldur and Hal smiled at her, and both took seats on the floor with her. There was only a bed in solitary and it wasn’t a nice bed, the walls were reflective silver and both the floor and ceiling were grey concrete. They’d sucked the colour out of everything in here, and all there was to remind Aisha of what had happened was her bloody training gear.
They had refused her demand for a change of clothes, terribly unsanitary.
“Aisha, why would you attack us?” Hal asked her pleadingly, she remembered when his face had been bloody.
He’d been cute when his face had been bloody.
“We are your friends, what could possibly have caused you to do this to us?” Kaldur asked her, and she remembered how he had tumbled along into Roy and the two of them had hit the bleachers, hard.
Clearly she hadn’t thrown them hard enough, Kaldur’s face looked far too nice. Hal’s looked broken, which was actually because of Barbara and Kara.
Suddenly, the injuries weren’t cute anymore.
“Are you so envious of Barbara that-”
“Whoa hold up, envious?” She was incredulous “Of Barbara?”
The two boys stared at her now, sharing a look with each other that Aisha didn’t like. Envious of Gordon? What was there to be envious of? The girl was a ticking time-bomb, quite literally in some aspects.
“Well…before Barbara arrived you were the most anticipated hero and now…” Hal looked rightfully nervous, because there was no way Barbara was more anticipated than she was.
“Who said she was the most anticipated?” She demanded and Kaldur sighed, he was having an internal debate about telling her but she flashed the big blues and fluttered her lashes a few times and he caved.
Men were so weak.
“Flash told the commissioners that she was being groomed to become the next leader of the league, she Kara and Roy are prime candidates.”
Aisha felt insulted. Alright so she wasn’t going to become part of the league but to hear that Barbara Gordon of all people were going to be replacing her was irritating. Infuriating in fact. Hal and Kaldur continued babbling regardless of her rage, talking about all of Gordon’s achievements since arriving in the Academy and the taught string that had been holding Aisha together snapped.
It wasn’t clean, and it wasn’t part of the plan but Cheshire and their sponsor could punish her later. She left Hal and Kaldur broken and set about her task, the Academy was in lockdown in a matter of minutes.

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