The Justice Academy

After the justice league discovers that villains have their own schools for creating villains, they decide to start their own school for heroes. This year, one Barbara Gordon is forced to enrol by her father and she really, really doesn’t want to be there.


27. Chapter Twenty-Seven

The amber lights flashed everywhere, even in Paradise where Kara, Roy and Barbara were getting in some extra practise under Green Arrows careful instruction. They stopped where they stood, and turned their curious eyes to Green Arrow who was talking into an earpiece.
He looked at the three of them and scowled.
“I’m going to have to escort you to the dorm aren’t I?” He asked dejectedly and the three of them glared.
“Go and do whatever it is they need you too, we’re not stupid enough to meddle during an amber alert.” Roy growled at him and Green Arrow nodded, looking sheepish.
He then turned and ran, and Roy shook his head with a sly grin.
“Guilt trip. Nice.” Barbara grinned and they huddled close together.
“Kara, what did they say to Arrow?”
“Aisha snapped and attacked both Hal and Kaldur, they’re both in the medical bay receiving emergency treatment.”
Barbara clenched her fists, Aisha clearly hadn’t learnt her lesson from the first time she hurt Barbara’s friends. And this time Barbara just knew she’d snapped because of her plan, and that made it worse. The guilt was there now, hot and uncomfortable in her stomach.
“She’s running loose in the Academy, the league don’t know why.”
“Alright, it’s a bit sooner than I’d expected but it’s time for the final stage. You two know what to do right?” They nodded “Alright, be careful guys. Lets do this.”
Barbara had expected Kara to hug her and she wasn’t disappointed, and she returned the hug with a tight one of her own. Roy leaned down the couple of inches difference in their height and pressed a kiss on her cheek. He winked at her shell-shocked face and the two of them started running.
Snap out of it! You can daydream about Roy later, you’ve got to find Aisha!
She set off, sprinting through the corridors towards the cries from fifth years as they tried to stop the Amazon. Barbara skidded to a halt as some fifth year came flying out of nowhere and through a wall, she looked up at the crazed Aisha.
“Oooh, jealous much?”
Aisha screamed and flew forwards, Barbara yelped and dived to the side. Aisha hadn’t flown before, but then she’d obviously been a little less psychotic and now all rules were out the window. Barbara wished she had her belt, she’d spent three hours getting used to the compartments and memorising each object inside and where they went.
Her sponsor restocked for her every night and even left spares in her chest, but that’s exactly where it was, in her chest.
Barbara twisted to avoid Aisha again and laughed at her, before she turned and sprinted back the way she came. She just had to make it to the gym, that was all. Students were already in their dorms, it was late, they’d be safe. Nobody would be in there now and that was where everything had been set up.
Aisha wasn’t exactly making it hard for her, with all that screaming Barbara knew exactly where she was and when to move out of the way of her perfectly manicured nails to avoid being torn limb-from-limb. Which was actually a serious possibility when dealing with a pissed off super-human.
She swung around a corner and skidded, barely regaining her balance as Aisha hit the wall hard and unflinching, she pulled away from the rubble and flew down after Barbara. She spotted Green Lantern and cursed.
He scowled at her but she barrelled into him and he pushed him down, kicking up and running on despite his calls and Aisha’s screams. A few more corners, she just had to make it around a few more corners. She could see the door now, her lungs were burning and her legs ached but she could see the door.
“Open it!”
Kara could hear her, and the door slid open, far too slowly for Barbara’s liking. Aisha’ outstretched fingers were brushing her shoulder and Barbara dropped. She slid under the half open door whilst Aisha just flew straight through it.
The room shifted, metal shields came down on the walls and sealed them tightly inside. Aisha was panting hard, her skin was scratched and bleeding and whomever she’d been fighting before had clearly put up one hell of a fight against her.
She was weak, desperate, and motivated.
“You know Aisha, I have to wonder if it’s all worth it really. Betraying the league and helping Cheshire, not to mention your other little friend.” Barbara tutted, blatantly faking disappointment.
“All this, just to get out of your sisters shadow.”
There was no sound but Aisha’s heavy breathing, but it was changing. It morphed from heavy breathing to loud, crazed laughter. Barbara didn’t let the shivers down her spine bother her, didn’t let the fact she was slightly scared show on her face.
She kept grinning like she was the most confident cocky little shit in the world, like her plan was foolproof. They both knew, no plan was foolproof.
“You think I do this out of jealousy? Please Barbara be a bit more creative.”
…you’re still about to confess so the reason isn’t actually that important. But it was totally jealousy.
“I do this because men are weak. Yet Superman and Batman order around my sister as if she is lesser than them, Diana will thank me when this is over and she can take her place as the rightful leader of the Justice League.”
Barbara stared at her and her brain went into overdrive, but she jut didn’t have enough information to complete the puzzle, Barbara would just have to goad her into speaking about it.
“Alright so maybe Wonderwoman would be a better leader, so what? She can’t protect a world she doesn’t understand, neither of you understand this world. Men are confusing.” She meant that last bit, men made no sense.
She got the feeling that men felt the same way about women.
“I know of man! I am of this world silly girl, my country was torn apart by the war of man! It was man that attacked the refugee ship we fled on, it was man that destroyed this earth and tainted it red with the blood of innocents.”
“Pretty sure a few women were involved in that too, we’re not perfect you know.”
Aisha laughed at her again, it was forced laughter this time. Barbara was pleased to hear it had lost some of its crazed edge. Good, if she was sound of mind then it would be easier to get her locked up, or whatever it was they would do with her when they found out what she had been doing.
“Women were tainted by men, take men out of the equation and the world will be as pure as paradise itself.”
“You are the reason the term ‘femi-Nazi’ exists. I hope you’re proud.”
Aisha laughed and moved far quicker than Barbara could react, and she hit the back wall hard. Her body peeled away and gravity brought her down on the gym floor. Then Aisha kicked her in the gut, her body rose upwards with the force and Aisha grabbed the back of her shirt to keep her held up.
Then she hurled Barbara towards the wall at the opposite end of the gym, but Barbara didn’t make it all the way and rolled the last few metres until she thudded back first against the wall. She wondered how many bones she’d just broken.
“You realise that everybody at my new place knows who your sponsor is right?” She goaded and Barbara glared, blood was dripping out of the corner of her mouth as Aisha approached.
“They all think it’s quite funny really.”
Aisha knelt down and lifted Barbara’s face up, she spat and Barbara glared. Aisha looked pleased, but Barbara’s glare turned triumphant, and she laughed at Aisha.
Aisha backhanded her furiously and gripped her neck, and lifted Barbara into the air and off of her feet. Barbara grabbed her arm and tried to ease some of the pressure so she could breath, so she could speak.
“What is so funny? Little girl?”
“You do…” She coughed “You do realise…that the cameras are on right?”
Aisha blinked once, twice, and then a third time. Her grip loosened but Barbara kept talking, had to keep Aisha’s attention on anything but turning around, Aisha turning around right now would be bad. The screen was on, and Barbara could see the two of them on it.
This was the image being broadcasted to every single screen in the school right now, and she knew that everyone was captivated. The league would be there soon, they’d be there to catch Aisha and tend to Barbara but until then she had to keep her attention.
She couldn’t let Aisha escape after all her hard work.
“You act as if you actually know who my sponsor is but we both know you don’t, as if Cheshire would let you in on information so important. Face it Aisha, you’re nothing more than a lackey for Cheshire.”
The grip on her neck tightened, yeah, Barbara definitely had her attention now.
Royalty hated being told they weren’t being treated how they believed they should, and Aisha had been raised as a princess, lackey was not a term in her day-to-day vocabulary. Aisha pulled her forwards and then smashed her backwards into the wall.
“I know exactly who your sponsor is Red.
Barbara coughed and blood flecked Aisha’s face.
“Prove it.”
Aisha opened her mouth, and Barbara waited expectantly. There was a sound, coming from Aisha. Barbara scowled, and Aisha gurgled something like she was trapped underwater and her grip when slack. Barbara dropped and watched in morbid fascination as those crystal blue eyes rolled back into her head and she teetered backwards onto the floor.
She looked up, her vision was fuzzy.
“Catch you later, Red.”
Barbara passed out.


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