The Justice Academy

After the justice league discovers that villains have their own schools for creating villains, they decide to start their own school for heroes. This year, one Barbara Gordon is forced to enrol by her father and she really, really doesn’t want to be there.


24. Chapter Twenty-Four

Roy ran to Kara and gripped her arm, and she span and hurled him up and backwards, he got three arrows off before he landed and rolled, running around the area of the gym and firing consecutive arrows at Kaldur and not giving him any room to breathe.
After her throw Hal tried to fly after Roy, but Kara flew upwards into his gut fists first and he went soaring upwards with Kara close behind him.
Aisha drew her sword and ran for Barbara but she moved, leaping off the side and coming up running. Roy was coming towards her and she held out her arm. He came in and spun her and she shot foot first into Aisha’s face.
Aisha rolled and came up and Barbara kicked her sword hand, but her grip was strong and she managed to whip it around and scratch Barbara’s neck. It wasn’t deep enough to be considered a threat so Barbara ignored it, reaching down to the utility belt.
Her fingers fumbled for a minute before she worked out how the compartments worked and she clicked out one of the small objects. It was pill shaped but much larger than a regular pill and she scowled at them, thinking on her feet as she analysed the tiny objects.
She smirked and when Aisha came in for a strike she jumped onto her extended arm and flipped backwards, her feet connecting with Aisha’ chin and as she landed she twisted to see Kaldur. The sword clanged to the floor.
“Roy!” She hollered and tossed the little pill-shaped contraptions at Kaldur.
They landed near Kaldur’s feet and Roy hit them both with arrows, and once he had they began to expand and cover the floor with some strange thick gunk that trapped one of Kaldur’s legs. He broke free with a swing from the solid-water weapon he held.
She twisted back around as Aisha’s fist came towards her face, but Kara landed in front of her and Barbara heard the amazons knuckles break on Kara’s unbreakable chest. Hal wasn’t far behind Kara, he had a bloody nose and a split lip but Kara just bent over and let Barbara leap off of her back and into the air.
Hal reached out with a green hand but Barbara gripped one of the surprisingly solid fingers and ran along the length of the green. Hal was shocked for a moment and Barbara reached to the belt, trying for a new weapon.
This time, she didn’t fumble.
The green crumbled away and her feet met empty air but she had what she needed.
She threw the hook upwards with a flourish and swung on the line, feet swinging as she came up under Hal’s chin. He rose up a few inches before he started to come down, the green energy that had been keeping him airborne vanishing.
Barbara couldn’t catch him, she looked at the fighting beneath her and cursed. They wouldn’t make it to Hal in time to stop the heavy landing.
She flicked her wrist and the hook came undone and suddenly she was falling, but this wasn’t the first time Barbara had fallen without a line. She grabbed Hal with her legs, they were wrapped under his arms and she twisted.
Kara shot past and did a u-turn mid-air, Barbara threw the hook and Kara caught it and flew upwards steadily. The line went taught and Barbara yelped at the pain, but she kept hold of Hal and took a daring look down.
“Okay, that was way too close.”
The ground was barely three inches beneath them, and she let Hal down softly. Kaldur came running over to see how his friend and training partner had faired. He was unconscious, but other than that Barbara figured he was fine. Although he might have a lost a tooth or two.
“Thank-you for catching him.” Kaldur smiled and Barbara shuffled, she wasn’t used to thanks.
“He’d catch me if I fell.” She answered dumbly and he smiled, but then his face shifted suddenly and he grabbed her arm and threw her to the side.
“Look out!”
Aisha rammed into Kaldur and sent him crashing away towards the bleachers, Roy jumped down from his perch and managed to soften the blow but it meant that the two of them went crashing backwards. 
Barbara turned and yelled, in anger and shock at the sudden assault on her friends.
Aisha twisted with a snarl and ran to Barbara, and when Kara landed to stop the amazon she kneed Kara in the side of the face and she went sprawling.
Barbara stared at her friend, her best friend, her first friend and snarled.
Aisha’s fist was moving towards her and Barbara grabbed the wrist and spun, realising Aisha and using her own momentum to send her hard into the wall. She ran after her and when Aisha stood to kick her Barbara went low, sweeping her supporting foot so she fell onto the floor and then planting her hands on the ground.
She lifted both legs above her and threw all her power into the downwards force of her feet, and heard the satisfying crunch as Aisha’s nose broke and her lip split. Aisha roared in pain but Barbara didn’t care, Aisha stood shakily, leaguers were yelling.
Barbara kicked her in the side of the head.
She twisted and threw her over her hip.
She stomped on Aisha’s hand and broke three fingers.
Barbara jumped and landed on her rib-cage, breaking one and fracturing another.
She lifted her foot into a split, like she had done the first time she’d come up against Aisha and swung it downwards with everything she had. It missed, Flash was holding Aisha a few feet from her and now Barbara was pretty sure she’d broken her own foot when it hit the floor.
She was breathing hard, angry rasping breaths as she glared with all her fury and might at Aisha’s whimpering form. Flash looked worried that Barbara was going to make another lunge but she stayed still, glaring, and Kara came running over with Superman close by.
“Barbara, I’m alright, please stop I’m alright I promise.”
Barbara closed her eyes tightly and tore off the eye mask, throwing it down and walking away. The adrenaline was still powering her, still keeping her strong as she walked away. Nobody followed her for a long time.
She looked up, and there he stood.
“Hey Pops.” Her voice sounded croaky, broken, and he smiled, coming forwards and pulling her into his chest for a hug.
“You were sure something in there Barbs, they weren’t kidding when they said you were good.”
She would not cry. She would not cry.
“They also didn’t tell me you’d made such good friends.”
Barbara suddenly felt the need to justify her actions, if anyone deserved that it was her Pops.
“I know I hurt Hal, but that was just training stuff! I’d never let him fall or…or hurt him badly! But Aisha wasn’t training. Aisha was trying to hurt my friends Pops!” She clenched her fists tightly “Roy and Kara, Hal and Kaldur, they’re the only friends I’ve got Pops, I can’t, I wont let anyone hurt them.”
Her Pops laughed and squeezed her tighter to him and she clung to him for just a moment, she pulled away and he cupped her face and brushed away a stray tear with his thumb. He just looked so proud of her, he looked so damn proud of her and Barbara would break every bone in Aisha’s body if that was what it took to make her Pops proud.
“You don’t need to tell me that Barbs, I know when you’re showing off and when you’re going all out.”
She smiled at him and a cough brought them both out of the moment, Barbara turned and glared at J’onn.
“Miss Gordon, I believe you require medical attention.”
Pops pulled away and looked down, sighing and rolling his eyes. She frowned and followed his line of sight and sighed with him, her foot was starting to swell so much the heel of her training boot was expanding.
Oh yeah, that is so broken.
“I leave her in your capable hands, take care of my baby.”
“And you, take care of yourself. Let someone else worry about it for a while.”
He winked and strolled past J’onn with a nod, which was politely returned. Barbara watched him vanish down a hallway with a smirk. He knew her too well to need her to explain why she’d been getting into so many fights, why Aisha was hell-bent on hurting her.
“You Father, is a very wise man.” J’onn smiled, coming over to help keep the weight of her aching heel.
“You know, he was thinking of the song ‘baa baa black sheep’ throughout the entirety of your conversation.”
Barbara laughed. Her Father had been made police commissioner for a reason, and she had to have gotten her brains from somewhere really. So she just let J’onn lead her away and they both kept up the companionable silence, because J’onn did not need spoken words to know that he had been bested and Barbara did not need spoken words to know that once her foot had been tended, she was in some deep shit.


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