The Justice Academy

After the justice league discovers that villains have their own schools for creating villains, they decide to start their own school for heroes. This year, one Barbara Gordon is forced to enrol by her father and she really, really doesn’t want to be there.


25. Chapter Twenty-Five

Barbara was in some deep shit.
After the incident during training Aisha had been locked in solitary confinement for a very long period, but this was after she had received a whole lot of medical attention. Barbara had a boot on her foot, but she hadn’t broken it. She hadn’t even fractured it, the boot was precautionary.
Aisha had to have a splint on her hand and have her ribs taped, and she had a very vibrantly coloured black eye. Or so she had been told.
“I don’t see why Barbara is being punished for this.” Hal argued with Green Lantern “It was Aisha that attacked us. Not the other way around.”
“Because-” Green Lantern argued pushing him back in his bed “-Barbara used unnecessary force on a fellow student.”
“Because Aisha was going so easy on us.” Roy grunted from Barbara’s bed, and Kara nodded.
“My King, what will become of Aisha after her time in solitary is complete?” Kaldur asked Aquaman and the five students went silent.
They each looked expectantly up at the league.
“That is not up for discussion.” Green Arrow told them firmly.
“Why not send her home?” Kaldur suggested “I have felt madness being so far from Atlantis, perhaps the magic that keeps her strong needs to be replenished? She is not after all, a true Amazon.”
Barbara’s head snapped up, oh, now that was important.
“Whoa, not a true Amazon? You never told us that.” Kara muttered and Aquaman sighed at his student, who was the picture of innocence as he sat beside Hal.
Kaldur I could kiss you.
Kaldur had let that slip accidentally-on-purpose, because now with that information hanging in the air somebody had to tell them the answers or they’d just go digging. Plus, Kaldur clearly knew so they’d find out soon enough anyway.
The Leaguers present, Aquaman, Flash and Green Arrow took a moment to silently delegate with each other who should tell them.
“Aisha is indeed, not a true Amazon.”
Barbara looked over at Wonderwoman, who had probably been stood outside the door for an age waiting for the right moment to come and make a dramatic entrance, they all seemed to have that in common. They waited, Wonderwoman looked sad.
Barbara felt something in the pit of her stomach, it might have been guilt, but Barbara couldn’t be sure. She hadn’t felt guilty about her actions before, why should now be any different?
“Aisha is from the world of man, she was brought to our shores after her ship was ruined in a storm. We took her in, gifted her with our powers and strengths…I have never seen her in such a rage.”
Barbara tried not to let her joy show on her face, that would only add suspicion to her. But she was feeling joyful, because Wonderwoman had just given her something truly valuable.
Aisha wasn’t a full Amazon, and yet with the sponsorship Wonderwoman had given her she would be constantly trying to live up to her sisters name. Endlessly trying to step out of a shadow that had no end. Barbara understood the motive, she’d want to break out of that sort of prison in any way she could.
And apparently Aisha had chosen to do just that, in the worst way possible.
“Miss Gordon and Mr Jordon need to be left alone to rest, I recommend everyone return to their dorms.”
None of the three who had been asked to leave looked very happy, but they did as they were asked and trundled away with promises of visits and half-decent food. Their sponsors followed and only Wonderwoman lingered, and only to stare at Barbara for a moment.
Hal was asleep quickly, J’onn had him full of pain meds for all the damage done to his face. Barbara and Kara had apologised profusely about that but he just laughed it off, and promised to tell them about the first time he and Kaldur had to fight each other.
Barbara was looking forward to that.
For now her brain was buzzing with ideas. The motive was there, and it was jealously. Aisha was human, she may have been gifted all the powers of an Amazon but she had been born here, not on Themascara like all the other Amazons had.
Then she had been named sister to the princess, to the woman that would one day become the Queen.
That must have stung, her connection to Cheshire must have been whatever offer was going to be made to Barbara. Cheshire had vanished in her third year, Aisha, now in her third year, must have had some sort of escape plan.
Barbara needed to find solitary, needed to bait Aisha and set the trap. Everything had to be perfect otherwise it wouldn’t work. Aisha was already unhinged, and if she wasn’t she was a damn good actress. Baiting her wouldn’t be hard, but she’d need assistance…
She looked across at Hal, and thought about Kaldur. As far as she, Kara and Roy could tell the three of them were good friends, although recently Hal had remarked that Aisha was drifting apart from them. If anyone is allowed to visit Aisha, it would be those two.
The clock told her it was only mid-day, J’onn would let her go tonight if she pestered him enough. Then she could relay her plans to Kara and Roy before bringing Hal and Kaldur in on it. Although, she may have to censor the parts about Cheshire’s offer.
She’d tell them what they needed to know in order to help her, nothing more. That was the safest course of action to take.
Since when do you care about safe?
She scowled up at the ceiling. This was an excellent question. But then, since she’d joined the academy a lot of things had changed. She had friends now, friends she could rely on without fear that they would turn on her. They wouldn’t ever turn on her.
So, with that pleasant thought in mind, she set to work.
“Hey J’oooonnnn.”


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