The Justice Academy

After the justice league discovers that villains have their own schools for creating villains, they decide to start their own school for heroes. This year, one Barbara Gordon is forced to enrol by her father and she really, really doesn’t want to be there.


3. Chapter Three

Barbara’s room was located at the far end of the second girls wing, it was certainly spacious enough and as promised, had two beds. At the end of either bed was a trunk with a note taped to the top, the room also had a large shared wardrobe two chests of draws beside the beds and an en suite bathroom.
Overall it was a nice room, bland and boring, but not somewhere Barbara would object to staying for the next five years.
“Barbara! Look we’re sharing!!”
Miracles do happen.
Barbara turned and smiled warmly at Kara, watching her as she came in and peered into the wardrobe and the drawers by her bed.
“They’ve already got our things here! This is going to be great!!” She squealed from inside the wardrobe and Barbara rolled her eyes.
“Oh look! Superman left me a note!” She rushed from the wardrobe to her chest and grabbed the note, eyes scanning it quickly and she smiled softly to herself.
“Check your note! It must be from your sponsor!” Kara called to her and Barbara huffed but rolled off her bed and to the chest at the end, taking the note carefully.


Your sponsor has decided to remain anonymous, so I have decided to step in and write this note in their place. In this chest is a variety of books and training equipment that your sponsor has chosen for you, they have been picked specially to challenge you and help you achieve your potential.
Every Friday you and the other sponsored students will be taken out of classes to be trained by a league member, this member varies every week depending on who is available.
You will also get regular packages or ‘gifts’ from your sponsor (and if not from them from us, because we think they’re an idiot too)


(P.S., we’ll bring them around, you wont be without a real sponsor for long. I promise.)

“Wow, must be a real jerk if Wonderwoman thinks they’re an idiot.” Kara remarked as she skimmed the note with raised brows, and then they both turned to their chests.
“Let’s see what we’ve got then shall we?” Barbara murmured and Kara grinned, clicking her box open excitedly and Barbara slowly moved to do the same with hers.
Kara was squealing in delight once more as she looked through her things, and Barbara hadn’t even opened hers yet. It looked like it opened with fingerprints rather than a key, so she gently pushed the pads of her thumbs against the two little electronic pads that acted as locks.
They beeped and it popped open, she hummed, at least she didn’t have to worry about anyone sneaking a look. She doubted Kara would want to look anyway and who else would be in their room?
Kara’s a nice girl, she’ll have other friends. Less trustworthy friends.
Once the chest popped open she pushed it up the rest of the way and let it rest against the end of her bed, peering at the goodies inside. She was pleased to see that there was a plentiful amount of books, but unlike the books Kara had been gifted, which were of a high school level, hers were far more advanced.
As well as that there was a training uniform, probably for the Friday sessions mentioned in Wonderwoman’s note and for the all day training tomorrow. Kept in a box beside the training uniform was a selection of weapons, but, she noted, no firearms.
“Wow, those books look really difficult, if they’re too hard you can borrow some of mine.” Kara suggested helpfully but Barbara just shook her head.
“I’ll manage, they aren’t too difficult.”
Kara didn’t look convinced but Barbara had found a new item of interest, another note. She glanced over at Kara but she was engrossed in her own chest to be bothered about Barbara’s anymore.

I expect only the best from you. Don’t let me down.

Barbara glared, ripped the note to shreds and then shut the chest, noting that it locked automatically. Kara glanced at her subtly, noting the glare on her face and decided a change of scenery was needed.
“Lets go get something to eat, it’s getting late and we need to be ready and raring to go tomorrow for the all day training session. Who knows what they’ll have us doing.” She cooed and Barbara grunted, rolling onto her feet and following Kara back through their wing and into the public living area.
The public living area was a large dome, two wings were located either side of the dome and it was split into three sections. An eating area which was connected to a kitchen, a study room with it’s own small library and a television area which showed only news channels during the week and then movies during the weekends.
“Roy!” Kara called, spotting the redhead almost immediately and he glanced up at them, waving them over as he supped at his drink.
Barbara let Kara meet Roy first as she turned to the drinks dispenser, staring at the instructions written on the side.
Place a drink name into the keypad and it shall be dispensed, no alcohol allowed.
So Barbara tapped away and waited for her drink of choice, before joining her newfound friends at the table. Roy was saying something to Kara when he spotted Barbara’s drink and scowled, tripping over his own words and she hid a smirk.
“What, never seen an energy drink before?” She asked, lifting her drink to hide her upturned lips from him.
“Yes.” He replied curtly “Just…not in that shade of cobalt.”
Kara nodded a wide-eyed agreement, before they returned to their conversation.
“So you two must know something about the training tomorrow, you’ve known about everything else today.” Barbara cut in and they both hummed, and she huffed at them.
“We already have an unfair advantage.” Kara muttered by way of apology and Roy nodded, glad she thought of an excuse.
“Yeah, you actually know your sponsors.” She grumbled almost silently, Roy didn’t seem to notice but Kara did and Barbara mentally cursed herself.
Superman’s cousin, super-hearing. Idiot.
“I’m going to bed, I’ll see you both tomorrow.” She grunted standing and pushing her chair away, and they both scowled at her.
“You aren’t going to eat?” Roy asked, noting her now empty glass with slight disdain.
“No, I’m going to read for a little while so I’ll see you soon Kara.”
She turned before they could try and convince her to stay, she felt a little isolated knowing that their sponsors had helped them out but hers wouldn’t even tell her their name.
You know it’s entirely possible they don’t exist, you did get that other sponsorship after all. It’s entirely possible they just wanted to keep you out of their hands.
She stabbed the code in for her shared room and stomped inside, changed into her old baggy pyjamas and grabbed a book before slumping into bed angrily. Her father had burned her other sponsorship letter but Barbara had already seen it.
She may have ended up here, but she knew there were other opportunities for her outside of being a hero. That was just it though, she was a criminal, that was very a true…but a villain? No, Barbara wasn’t a villain, she doubted she could do what they did. Doubted she could be evil.
Cruel, bitter, and spiteful…yes. Evil? No.
“Stupid sponsorship, stupid sponsor, stupid damn school and goody-goody-heroism…”
She kept grumbling until Kara walked in, and then the two of them let themselves sleep. They did after all, have a long day ahead of them.

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