The Justice Academy

After the justice league discovers that villains have their own schools for creating villains, they decide to start their own school for heroes. This year, one Barbara Gordon is forced to enrol by her father and she really, really doesn’t want to be there.


6. Chapter Six

When Barbara had made two friends she’d thought she was the luckiest person in the world, because she could now bring her friend count up to three. However during lunch that number went up to five.
“Hey there!” A voice called, and Barbara recognised Hal from his earlier bout with Kara.
Kara glowered, apparently she recognised the seventeen year old too.
“I’m Hal, this is Kaldur.” He greeted and Roy grunted acknowledgement, apparently he didn’t like losing much.
“Nice to meet you both.” Kara grinned, pushing away her own disappointment at losing her fight despite the fact she was a relative of Superman.
“You have caused quite a stir, I am surprised that others have not yet approached you.” Kaldur told them conversationally and Hal hummed his agreement as the two of them sat.
“People don’t seem to want to approach us, I think Barbara scares them.” Roy chuckled but Barbara just shrugged her shoulders.
“Suits me.”
Hal seemed to find this hilarious and laughed loudly, much to Barbara’s chagrin but she said nothing. Kaldur seemed much more relaxed about the entire situation, eating his lunch slowly and savouring the taste.
“Do you have a sponsor?” Barbara asked Hal and he nodded around a mouthful of sandwich, swallowing hastily to answer.
“Yeah! Green Lantern for me, and Bubbleman for Kaldur.” He smirked at Kaldur’s weak glare.
Barbara figured there must have been some kind of joke between them because she could see the smirk they were both trying to hide, she knew they must have been together for three years. They were clearly very close.
“Do you have any idea of what comes next?” Kara asked curiously but they both shook their heads.
“They change the final test every year, we had to fight a robot the league created for training purposes.” Hal explained and Kaldur hummed.
“I believe last year they had to take a gold bar from a sleeping dragon, J’onn in disguise, without waking him.” He added helpfully.
“So the test is teamwork then?” Barbara asked curiously and they both nodded their agreement.
“I think so, the fourth years had to do something similar, but I can’t remember what they did.” Hal murmured thoughtfully as the students began to clear away, clearly their hour was up.
“If we don’t see you at dinner, then we’ll see you on Friday at sponsor training.” Kaldur smiled, waving a goodbye as they split to rejoin their separate years in the bleachers.
Barbara ignored everyone except the league, because despite her anger at her mystery sponsor she still wanted to know just who it was.
Can’t be Superman, too many rules, too many morals. Would never sponsor a petty criminal.
That was him crossed off of the list, of course even out of the seven before her it was still entirely possible she had been sponsored by a well-meaning but misguided minor leaguer.
Not Green Lantern, also wouldn’t sponsor a petty criminal. Used to be some kind of soldier, everyone knows that.
And there was of course the possibility that her sponsor didn’t even exist. That ‘sponsoring’ her was just an easy way of keeping her from going to her other sponsorship.
I don’t think Wonderwoman gets out enough to know me…Hawkgirl, now there’s a possibility.
Barbara didn’t think she’d mind being sponsored by Hawkgirl, she seemed brutish enough whenever Barbara saw her fighting on the news. 
You should probably be listening to the instructions Miss Gordon, not psychoanalysing us.
She flinched at the sudden intrusion and glared down at the Martian, who for all his mental probing didn’t seem to have moved from his place.
Piss off.
Despite her anger she did as she was told, listening to the league instructions.
“Sometimes we have to fight under the cover of night, in harsh conditions where out opponents have the advantage of knowing the terrain.” Wonderwoman explained, her soft voice carrying across the hall like a breeze.
“You will be put in in groups of six, you must find your five other team mates then find an escape route, without getting caught.” She finished, but there was no explanation as to what they would be trying to escape from.
“Good luck.” Wonderwoman smirked and Barbara frowned, the screen was blank, in fact it had been switched off so then-
She yelped when her chair caved under her, and heard both Roy and Kara do the same as their row on the bleachers vanished and they dropped down, under the bleachers and under the gym into a maze coated in darkness. She landed in a crouch, keeping as still as she could as she waited for her eyes to adjust.
The ceiling above her slipped away and she saw the bleachers, the students above were watching them like rats in a maze.
Well, Roy and Kara make two out of five, now just to find them.
The only good thing about the spectators had to be the light, the light from the gym shone down and changed everything from pitch black to practical darkness and that was where Barbara thrived. She moved quickly, ducking around corridors and backtracking where she had to, before she found what she was looking for.
Bingo bitches.
She ran at the low wall and jumped, latching onto the top and pulling herself up so now she was the highest point of the maze. She took off in a delicate sprint, her feet tapping on the concrete walls as she moved at ease along them, eyes taking in every inch of the terrain and committing it to memory.
She twisted, sliding onto her stomach and stopping above Roy with a grin as she peered down at him.
“You gonna stand there staring or are you gonna join me?” She asked, holding out her hand and he gripped her wrist tight and let himself be pulled up.
“How good is your balance?” She quizzed and he gave her a lopsided grin.
She took the grin as an encouragement and ran as she had been, happy that she could hear him tapping a good rhythm behind her and keeping close. They had to find Kara and the other three first years, but Kara wasn’t exactly keeping a low profile.
“Wow, talk about subtle.” Roy breathed sarcastically as Kara hovered ahead of them, waiting for them patiently to reach the end of the wall before she flew alongside them casually.
Barbara doubted she was even breaking a sweat.
“Kara, where are the others?” Barbara asked as they ran, leaping gracefully from wall to wall as they searched.
“Um…I think it ate them.”
Barbara skidded to a halt and Roy tumbled into her, and the two of them tumbled off of the wall into a heap on the floor.
“I’m sorry can you repeat that?” She asked as the two of them detangled themselves from the floor.
“Well, when we got here, six people fell, but only three people actually landed. I was listening very carefully so I could hear where everyone fell.” She explained and Barbara hissed angrily.
“Well how the hell are we supposed to beat this maze if they get eaten before they touch the ground? Dirty rotten cheats.” Roy growled but Barbara’s mind was already working.
“Kara, you have heat vision right?” Barbara asked and Kara nodded eagerly, blonde hair bobbing around as she did.
“Check everywhere, through the walls of the outside of the maze if you have too. Maybe there’s a second section.”
Kara did as she was ordered but shook her head despairingly and Barbara cursed, glaring up through the screen at the students as they watched and then at the league.
“I know you can hear us and I just wanted to inform you what a bunch of utter assholes you are.”
Kara and Roy snickered but Barbara had already turned her mind back to the matter at hand.
“Kara, where’s the door?”
Kara did another scan, hovering just above the walls of the maze as she searched with every kind of vision she owned. Before she stopped and growled, floating back down to them.
“Whenever I go to look they move it, they aren’t going to let us get out the easy way.”
“Then we’ll just have to do it the hard way, which means undoubtedly fighting whatever big bad they’ve got waiting for us.” She grumbled angrily and they set off once more, this time Roy and Barbara keeping low and Kara searching from above.
Kara kept down in front of them and they halted, waiting.
Something screeched to their left and Barbara sighed.
“That’d be the big bad you were talking about earlier right?” Kara asked in a low voice and Barbara nodded, thinking back to her mental image of the maze.
“Keep going then head left and around to the right, that should take us to the outer walls and if there’s a door it’ll be there.” She ordered and they followed her as she ran, taking the lead as they turned left…
…right into a big bad.


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