The Justice Academy

After the justice league discovers that villains have their own schools for creating villains, they decide to start their own school for heroes. This year, one Barbara Gordon is forced to enrol by her father and she really, really doesn’t want to be there.


17. Chapter Seventeen

With the security bumped up for the last three weeks, it was getting harder and harder for Barbara to investigate so she’d done something she’d never done before.
She decided to trust someone.
“So you think Aisha is working with Cheshire and someone else?” Kara asked softly and Barbara nodded.
“And they want you to…do what? Leave like Cheshire did?” Roy asked just as softly and she nodded again.
Alright two someone’s.
“No idea, I need to know what happened in Cheshire’s second year. I need to know who she is, her file tells me nothing about her life before the Academy or after it.”
They kept their talks quiet, not telling anyone. Not Hal or Kaldur could now, and Kara and Roy had to act like they didn’t think Aisha was a traitor. They had to keep acting like she was their friend.
“In one week classes finish, our in-school holiday begins. That’s when I’m going to get busy.” Barbara told them during ICT class.
Barbara had already completed three terms worth of programming, Mr Ray was letting her do whatever she wanted (within reason) until the third term and then he promised to set her off once more. He’d also asked the league if they could set her some harder work, maybe some actual league work that would actually challenge her some.
“What are you going to do? It’s not like the league will believe you if you speak out against Aisha, she’s Wonderwoman’s golden girl.”
“Roy makes an excellent point, which is why our very own golden girl is going to put some doubt in the mind of her dear cousin.”
Kara looked at them both and shook her head.
“Kara you just have to say you’re worried about her or something.” Roy persisted and Kara started to sag.
“But I’m a terrible liar! Superman can always see through me.” She grumbled dejectedly.
“What literally or?”
Barbara laughed at the glare shot her way and nudged her friends shoulder, she could tell she’d won this battle.
“So what is it you plan to do during the holiday?” Kara finally asked once she’d finished sulking, and Barbara tapped her nose conspiringly.
Both of them rolled their eyes at her but said nothing more, Barbara had to decided to keep them on a need to know basis and what she was planning they didn’t need to know. Not quite yet.
She had a free period today because there were no available leaguers, there had been another breakout at Arkham and every leaguer was on duty to catch them. Hence the gaps in her timetable and the huge gaps this created in security.
Fifth years and minor leaguers were manning the security cameras and Barbara knew their blind spots. She knew that they’d be clumsy, not because they weren’t good at what they did, but because they were students. Unlike the league, they hadn’t been doing this for years and years, they’d been doing it in classrooms where the worse that could happen was a bad grade.
So once she made it to free period she told Kara and Roy to cover for her then she set to work, she knew she didn’t have long before her cover fell through and someone came investigating. As far as students went, Barbara was on lockdown.
Just please let Aisha be as bad at this as the fifth years.
She didn’t want to think about how good Cheshire was at this, because if she thought about how easy it would be for Cheshire to find her and to potentially kill her then she wasn’t going to do what needed to be done.
Roy was right about what he said earlier, there was no way they’d believe Barbara over Aisha, she needed Aisha to admit to whatever it was she was doing. Hence the undercover mission.
The first classroom she visited was Questions, and it was a treasure trove of exactly what she needed.

“You all know why you are here.” Huntress bellowed at the students, they were all in the assembly hall looking quite frightened.
Barbara found the whole thing quite entertaining.
“This is a school for heroes, we do not accept students stealing from the league.
Whispers broke out immediately and Kara looked stricken, Barbara did her best to look just as shocked. It was hard to keep the smile off her face, especially when Roy had to hide his chuckles with a fit of coughing.
“We will be investigating this and the student or students involved will be punished severely, I’m talking possible expulsion here kiddies.”
Barbara scowled, they wouldn’t expel her, she was too valuable to their current Cheshire investigation. Students were muttering, but one of the bolder students yelled something that Barbara found quite unsettling.
“Bet it was Gordon! Everyone knows she’s a crook!!”
There was uproar in seconds. Kara and Roy were on their feet screaming across the hall at the fourth year who had dared speak out, and Hal and Kaldur were stood with them. More first years stood to defend her, and fourth years stood to defend the speaker.
Fifth years were trying to calm the gathering of students and now the third years had joined the first years and second years had joined the fourth. With only Huntress and Black Canary at the front, Canary decided to take charge.
She stepped up to the podium and took a deep breath in.
“CANARY SCREECH!!!” A fifth year yelled and they hit the deck and the student body quickly followed him down.
And then Canary opened her mouth and screamed.
It was unorthodox but it sure as hell shut the students up, the glass windows spider webbed and some of the lights above her shattered raining little specs of glass down on them and even when Canary had stopped screaming they kept their heads down and covered with their arms.
“Everyone!!” Canary roared “Back to your dorms NOW.
They didn’t need to be told twice.
Barbara had secretly enjoyed the little display, the sudden unity of her year and of the third years had made her feel included in something bigger than herself. Of course it was all moot point really, as it had in fact been her but they’d understand once everything was sorted.
Students were keeping her surrounded on the march back to their dorm, glaring at second and fourth years whilst clapping hands with third years. Barbara caught Aisha’s eyes and they glared at each other from across the halls.
The weekend was showing promise for Barbara, as she was now going to be under constant scrutiny from not only students but the few remaining teachers as well.
“You want me to what?” Kara hissed at them as they sat in bed, staring at each other in the darkness.
“I need you to steal some microphones from the tech labs, me and Roy will handle a distraction.”
“Why me though? Roy and you are both better at stealth than I am!” She protested weakly, Kara always knew when she was beat.
“That’s exactly why, with me and Roy outside in plain view it will both lower suspicion towards me and nobody will suspect you!”
Kara might have been glaring but Barbara couldn’t tell in the gloom, Kara’s blonde hair had fallen in front of her face and she was too busy folding her arms haughtily over her chest to move it away.
“Tell me about this distraction then.” She grumbled, Barbara shook her head.
“Nope. The less you know about what we’re doing the better, and the less we know about what you’re doing the better as well. So don’t ask us for help or tell us anything. We have to be completely oblivious to each other.”
Barbara explained further on the overall plan and let Kara sleep, tomorrow was Saturday and they had a whole lot of work to do before the weekend was out. Not to mention, Monday was the start of the holiday and Barbara knew it was going to be a big push to get everything done in one week.
She had faith in Kara and Roy however, and knew they wouldn’t let her down.
Over the past few days she’d been experimenting with the door times, they locked at quarter to eleven to give the stragglers a chance to get into their dorms and opened at five. Barbara was surprised they opened so early but she didn’t have the inclination to investigate.
So at five ten she crept out, leaving Kara asleep and met Roy in the kitchenette. They ate quickly and at half past ten the dorm doors clicked open and they slunk away into the dull Autumn morning.
It was chilly, dew drops were collecting on the grass as they set their little plan into action. At eight fifteen every morning without fail, a fourth year called Derek with an unfortunate nose and not a lot of wits (but a good heroes heart) trudged on past with his friends.
Now Derek had been the one to cry out at assembly, Derek did not like Barbara because of her track record and Barbara didn’t like Derek because she didn’t like idiots.
So at eight fifteen, she and Roy would be ready and waiting with the most simplistic of objectives.
“So, tell me again how we start this fight.”

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