The Justice Academy

After the justice league discovers that villains have their own schools for creating villains, they decide to start their own school for heroes. This year, one Barbara Gordon is forced to enrol by her father and she really, really doesn’t want to be there.


7. Chapter Seven

Barbara could honestly say she’d never seen anything like it, it was a tall greenish creature with two heads and four arms, and the long thin body of a serpent. The yellowish eyes were honed in on her position and on Kara and Roy as they stared.
“Move back.” She whispered “Slowly.”
They took slow steps but this was enough to set it off, it reared it’s two heads back and screeched, the same horrible noise they’d heard before. Barbara had foolishly hoped it would stay where it was, or at least travel in the opposite direction to them but they’d had no such luck.
“Move!!” Roy bellowed as it lunged forwards at them and they both rolled underneath it’s ugly heads and Kara soared over it.
“Remember what I said! Go right…now!!”
Roy and Barbara both twisted, Roy grabbing her arm and helping swing her around the tight corner and they continued their run, knowing Kara was above them.
“Guys, I don’t know if you realised this, but it has wings!!” Kara shrieked above them as she twisted to avoid it.
No way! It didn’t have wings a moment ago!!
Barbara knew that it didn’t have wings before, how could it have wings now?!
“-a gold bar from a sleeping dragon, J’onn in disguise-”
Bugger bugger bugger.
“It’s J’onn! That’s why it has wings now, he can transform the smarmy bastard!” She hollered as they ran, their footsteps thundering along but not as loudly as J’onn’s beating wings.
“So what do we do! He’s a telepath, he’ll read our minds before we can think up a plan!” Kara yelled as she ducked under one of those four arms, which were now clawed talons.
“Hell if I know! Just keep running, we’re at the outer walls now we just need a damn door!” Barbara yelled angrily, she was beginning to feel more and more cheated by this.
“What about the other three!? If it is J’onn, then he definitely didn’t eat them!” Roy called and they ducked around another corner, hiding and taking the moment to catch their breath as Barbara’s mind worked overtime.
“Then they were never a factor, clearly they fed us information designed to confuse us and alter our frames of mind. If this were a real situation where we had to fight some alien invader and he did eat or kill some of our team we’d just have to keep going right?”
They both nodded, Kara kept checking around them and Barbara tried to fight off a migraine, damn them to hell for making her brain work so hard. She checked around the corner, but she could still hear beating wings so she knew that for a little while longer, they’d be safe.
“Kara, listen out in case he lands, I need a moment to think.” She muttered and Kara grinned and listened closely, head tilting to follow the movements of the J’onn-dragon.
“The doors have been moving to stop Kara using her eyes but there are five corridors facing outwards, ergo no matter how much the doors move they must end up at one of these corridors. We just need to reach the nearest one.”
“Wait, how can you remember how many exits there were we’ve been here all of five minutes!” Roy gasped as he ducked, a gust of wind making him flinch.
“Eidetic memory, I never forget, Kara, which way is he?”
Kara pointed down to their right and Barbara huffed.
“Good, follow me.”
They ducked through the corridors, but J’onn would not let up. Kara shrieked when he phased through a wall and grabbed her tight, and then they were both gone.
“Well damn, he’s picking us off.” Roy growled, hands clasping at something that just wasn’t there.
“We can’t win.” Barbara grumbled furiously, she hated not winning with a vengeance.
If we can’t win then what’s the point of this? To demoralise us? What lesson do they want us to learn?
“Barbara, move!”
She twisted but was too slow, and she cursed when J’onn’s humungous hands wrapped around her and she vanished.
It took her a few moments to realise that she was in a room with Kara and Wonderwoman, they were both chatting animatedly to each other when it suddenly dawned on them that she had appeared.
“Oh Barbara! I thought Roy was going to be next…”
Wonderwoman chuckled at her and invited her to come and sit over with them both, so Barbara pushed herself from the bed she had arrived on and sat onto the bed Kara was on, keeping to the edge.
“We were just talking about our classes, are there any questions you may have whilst I am here?” Wonderwoman offered and Barbara wondered how many other students would get this privilege, to be given the chance to pick Wonderwoman’s mind.
“What exactly does Questions lesson entail?” She asked “The timetable in our chests didn’t really specify.”
“Yeah, it had no lesson title, just that he would be our teacher.” Kara said, scrunching up her face in confusion.
Wonderwoman sighed, those perfect eyebrows coming together in a cautious frown. Barbara memorised every line and crinkle in her face, storing them away for future use when she had to lie or blag to Wonderwoman. If she knew her mannerisms, she could fool her.
“Question will be your tutor, the head of your class group. You will have him every morning before first period where he will sign you in and answer any questions you may have about academy life.” Wonderwoman explained robotically, but Barbara didn’t notice the slight curl in her plump red lips when she mentioned Question.
“You don’t like him.”
Wonderwoman and Kara both stared at her, Kara in shock and Wonderwoman in mild surprise. Barbara glowered, how could she still look that good when she was mildly shocked? No matter what her expression, her perfection seemed to hold strong.
“The Question is an excellent Leaguer, a fantastic source of information and interrogation.”
Wonderwoman smirked slyly, as if she was in on some great secret that would cause them pain in coming months. Barbara didn’t like that smirk, she especially didn’t like that it was aimed at her and Kara.
“You’ll have to see for yourself.”
Barbara’s furious retort was cut off when Roy arrived, dazed and then cursing when he realised where he was and what had happened. He stopped when he realised that Wonderwoman was stood with a perfect eyebrow raised and a smirk on her lips, he almost blushed and looked down at his hands consciously.
“So did we fail?” Kara asked, pulling attention away from Roy.
“The test wasn’t about passing or failing, it was for the league to measure your skills. For your sponsors in particular.”
Barbara huffed, but none of them got to ask anything else of the Amazonian as she shepherded them out of the room and to their dorm.
“So they get to watch us but we don’t get to watch them?” Roy asked sulkily but Wonderwoman didn’t seem to mind his grumpy attitude.
“Nobody watched you except the league, the ceiling is two-way, makes students fairly self-conscious of their performance if they think they have an audience. Adds a nice touch.”
And that was all Wonderwoman said to them before she left them alone in their dorm, with nobody but each other for company. Kara and Roy launched themselves into conversation immediately but Barbara made a journey to her room and back, bringing one of those thick books her sponsor had left with her to devour before classes tomorrow.
“Wow Barbara, talk about advanced.” Roy murmured lifting her book to read the title.
She glared and pulled it back down.
“My sponsor gave it to me, one for every subject.”
He hummed thoughtfully but Barbara was already mesmerised by her book once more and paid him no heed, she would read this book in two days and have the information saved into her brain effortlessly. Photographic memory and all, then all she had to do was use the information (in this case hack a computer) to make sure she understood the information and she could discard the book.
Barbara had surprisingly few books at home, because once she’d read them she knew all of the information. She of course kept a few favourite books, mostly fictitious stories that she loved to re-read. Knowing something by memory wasn’t the same as being able to sit and devour a tale and indulge in the book itself.
In less than ten minutes she was dead to the world around her, and it was only when Kara nudged her that she realised it as almost ten, almost time for lights out.
“Come on Barbara, time for bed.” She murmured tiredly and Barbara followed her silently to their room and crawled into bed after changing.
“What do we have tomorrow?” Kara drawled sleepily.
“Two hours with Flash and then an hour of high school computer technologies, then two hours stealth training with the big bad bat.”
Kara was already snoring, so Barbara reached over and clicked out the lights. Tomorrow was going to be interesting.


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