The Justice Academy

After the justice league discovers that villains have their own schools for creating villains, they decide to start their own school for heroes. This year, one Barbara Gordon is forced to enrol by her father and she really, really doesn’t want to be there.


1. Chapter One

Twenty years ago two schools were set up in total secret. The Academy of Light, and the Academy of Shadows. These two schools were set up to create a new generation of villains, droves of teenagers were drawn in for five years to become the greatest villains they could.
Once these fives years were over, they were released into the world to wreak havoc.
Fourteen years ago, another Academy appeared.
The Justice Academy.
This Academy was created for the soul purpose of training a new generation of heroes to combat the two villain schools. It was no secret that after only a year, the new generation of villains were taking over the Earth and something had to be done.
For Barbara Gordon, these three Academies were just something that existed, she saw no point taking interest because they took no interest in her. She was a petty criminal, she broke into houses stole the silverware and got out again.
Tonight was another one of those nights, she’d just dropped down from an apartment window onto the fire escape, her bag of goodies rattling softly as she clambered down. Once she was down, she stuffed the bag into her rucksack and slung it over onto her back, tugging her hood over her head and tucking her flaming red hair underneath so that nobody could see it.
She made her way through the streets, nodding at the criminals she recognised and slinking away from the ones she didn’t. It didn’t take her long to reach her destination, and she knocked softly before walking in.
Selina Kyle was good for getting rid of stolen goods and getting a good price for them, not to mention she was Barbara’s god-mother and thus made sure she always got a great price, rather than just a good one.
“I’m telling you she wont do it.” She heard Selina arguing from her office and she paused for a moment, it sounded like she was arguing about how much a buyer would pay for some goods.
“She wont have a choice.”
Barbara scowled, that sounded like a threat, and nobody threatened her god-mother. She steeled herself and pushed open the door, and froze when she saw the caped crusader himself stood scowling down at Selina.
Batman didn’t acknowledge her at all, but Selina smiled that special smile she reserved just for Barbara and beckoned her forwards.
“Babs, kitten, don’t mind him-” she waved dismissively at him “-he wont do anything right now, he needs info.”
Barbara nodded mutely, it wasn’t like this was the first time she’d seen the big Bat, her father was the commissioner after all and sometimes he made house calls when a case was looking particularly dire. She prayed he didn’t rat her out, Barbara hated rats.
“You brought me some goodies kitten?” Selina asked, snapping her out of her daze and she nodded mutely, eyes stuck on Batman as she reached around and pulled her rucksack from her back.
“Mostly silverware, and a nice silver brush I thought you’d like and some chokers.”
Selina grinned brightly at her as she handed over the rucksack and Selina dove in to find the brush and the chokers, holding them up to the light and placing them gently to the side.
“Kitten you spoil me.”
Barbara smirked, letting Selina pull her into a warm hug and then edging slowly towards the door.
“Oh go on, I know you don’t want to be around him.” Her thumb jerked to Batman.
“I’ll call.” Barbara called over her shoulder as she darted out the door.
Once she was gone, Selina turned to Batman.
“She wont go to the Justice Academy, she’ll want to stay with me. Like we’d agreed.” She hissed but he ignored her.
“She wont have a choice, Jim already has the letter.”
“Let me guess,” She growled “you delivered it personally.”
He didn’t reply, just vanished out of the window into the night, Selina leant out to yell at him.
“If she gets hurt I will ruin you!!”
Of that, he had no doubt.

When Barbara woke up, it was to the sound of her father yelling her name from the kitchen and so of course, she presumed the worst.
Batman’s a rotten dirty rat.
So she dragged herself out of bed and quickly changed into her pyjama’s before thumping down the stairs to hear what he had to say/yell at her. However, when she got into the kitchen he looked remarkably happy, and was waving a letter around at her with an incredible amount of enthusiasm.
“Barbs, come have a look at this!!”
She frowned and came over, taking the letter he thrust at her and scanning it slowly.

To the parent/guardian of Barbara Gordon,

We are pleased to inform you that your daughter has been sponsored to join the Justice Academy, please be aware that if you have received this letter we believe that you are to be trusted with this information and should you inform anyone of your daughters sponsorship you will be putting not only her but yourself in great danger.
Miss Gordon’s Justice League sponsor has decided to remain anonymous but rest assured she will receive all the extra curricular training that any other sponsored student will.
Term begins in one week, please find included a list of-

“You can’t be serious.” She muttered, pulling the list of necessary objects and belongings she was going to need for her stay at the Justice Academy.
Her father was overjoyed.
“This is it Barbara, this is exactly what we need, a chance for you to start over.” He seemed so excited, and Barbara felt guilty for her night activity.
She always did feel guilty with her Pops, and the last time she’d been arrested it had been him placing the cuffs around her wrists. It was the first time she’d questioned herself, who she was, what she was doing and why. That was six months ago, this was now.
“Pops, this must be wrong.” She murmured but he just shook his head, determined to be excited about this.
“No, Batman came and delivered it to me on behalf of your sponsor, Barbara please, please try.”
She stared at him, at those big pleading brown eyes and nodded sullenly.
“I’ll try Pops, I promise I’ll try.”
He wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her tightly, and she squeezed him back. Maybe she could start again, maybe this time she could do something right. This time, she could make him proud.
“I’ll try my hardest to be good Dad.”
He sighed “That’s all I can ask.”

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