The Justice Academy

After the justice league discovers that villains have their own schools for creating villains, they decide to start their own school for heroes. This year, one Barbara Gordon is forced to enrol by her father and she really, really doesn’t want to be there.


19. Chapter Nineteen

By Wednesday Barbara had been in three more fights and put four more students in the hospital wing. Kara and Roy had done as she’d instructed and everything was set up and ready for them. What Barbara had to do now was get Aisha on edge.
People always say that someone who is desperate is unpredictable, but that wasn’t entirely true. A desperate person always runs their mouth, and running mouths was exactly what Barbara needed.
She was sat in the dorm living space with Kara and Roy, the three of them had completely claimed the couch in front of the television and were watching in intently. Until the screen flashed and Superman appeared.
“Damn it, right on Star City.” Roy cursed as the big blue boy scout started talking.
“Sorry to interrupt, but the league has arranged for three police commissioners to visit and speak to you about crime.” He told them and suddenly everyone was interested.
Some for very different reasons.
They can broadcast across the entire school.
“Commissioners are from Star City-”
If I can find that frequency then I can broadcast across the entire school.
“Central City-”
Oh the possibilities are endless.
“and Gotham City.”
I could-wait, what?
Heads turned and Barbara stared gormless at the screen, before she groaned and let her head roll backwards onto the couch.
“Son of a bitch.”
Whoever had organised this little ‘talk’ had done so to put her on her best behaviour. Bad enough her Pops was going to get the low-down on the last few weeks but now he was actually going to be at the academy. There was no way she could step even a foot out of line.
However, there wasn’t anything they could do to stop Roy and Kara. Kara had already deceived Superman, Barbara herself had noted the scrutiny in the training sessions and how she was kept far away from Aisha no matter what.
It wasn’t much, but it was a start. Now she just had to keep her dad as far out of the loop as she humanly could. Easy, right?
The news flicked back on but Roy was no longer interested, Metropolis news never showed for much anyway as the boy scout was always quick to deal with problems and if he couldn’t it generally went onto the global news.
“You alright Barbs?” Roy asked her, his arm resting on her shoulder lightly.
“Yeah.” She huffed, shuffling down into the couch like a sulky teenager.
“That’s foul of the league, bringing your father in to try and stop you fighting.” Kara growled and Barbara was impressed by how angry she sounded.
“As if you’re the one starting it and not those stupid second years.” Someone else muttered.
“And those fourth years too.”
Barbara let them growl and threaten the fourth years and curled back, trying not to make it obvious that she was enjoying the closeness of her, Kara and Roy. Especially Roy.
“What else do you have planned?” Kara asked when they got back to their room and Barbara gave her a small content smile.
“Nothing. Our job is done, we don’t do anything until term starts again. For the rest of the holiday, we just do…whatever it is teenagers do.”
Kara lit up like a Christmas tree, and started babbling about all the things they were going to do together and Barbara just laughed and listened because this apparently was what teenagers did and it wasn’t a bad thing. Kara talked about nails and hair and outfits and internet shopping (Superman had leant her his spare laptop for the holidays) and all sorts of things that Barbara didn’t have a clue about.
“Oh and we should give Roy a makeover!” She squealed with delight and Barbara burst into peals of laughter.
They stayed up late and were too loud, because Black Canary came in at about two to tell them to shut up.
“You’re excited, I get it,” Canary had smirked “but other students actually need sleep unlike you two night owls.”
“Or bats, like batsy!” Kara had joked and the two of them had laughed even harder.
Canary looked strangely uncomfortable when Kara said that, but once they promised to be silent she left them alone and they finally let themselves go to sleep.
They didn’t get out of bed till almost eleven, and that was because Roy came knocking on their door to see if they were alright, which just had Barbara laughing even harder and Kara whimpering like a kicked puppy.
Barbara let him in and when he stood on the threshold of the room she just tugged him in and stumbled into the bathroom to get dressed whilst Kara dragged herself out of bed.
“You can tell who sleeps where.” Roy muttered absentmindedly as he looked around.
Half of the room was an incredible disorganised mess, whilst the other side was carefully controlled chaos. It may have looked like both sides of the room were messy but Roy could see that everything on Barbara’s side of the room (it had to be Barbara’s, it just had to) had a set place and he could just about connect the dots.
That was Barbara though, he could barely make sense of her plan but the more time he had to think on it the clearer it became. He just hoped she was going to take care of herself, she didn’t seem like the kind of person who worked with others.
“Kara, hurry up and get changed.” Barbara ordered kicking the blonde lump as she tried to cower under her duvet but she grumbled a few threats (they barely compared to Barbara’s) and slumped heavily into the bathroom.
She shoved Roy to the side so she could reach her favourite leather jacket and he tumbled onto Kara’s now vacant bed. Barbara laughed and shrugged the jacket on, before she sorted out her bed and sat down across from him.
Barbara heard the water turn on and she groaned.
“She’s having a shower.”
Roy groaned this time and slumped back onto the wall making her snigger, and she peered over at her chest and grunted. The locks were flashing, something had been added to her little box of goodies.
“How do they even do that?” She asked as rolled over to the end of her bed then bridged down onto the chest, before kicking her legs over so she was kneeling in front of it.
“You are really flexible.” Roy mumbled and she shrugged absentmindedly as she opened the chest.
“Pops wanted me to be an Olympic gymnast, I trained hard.”
The chest popped open and there was a note written on blood red paper, she read it and scoffed.
“You have disappointed me?” Roy read over her shoulders and she scrunched it up, before she tried to flatten it out and scrambled around for a pen.
“She always takes my pens…never puts them back.” She grumbled until she found one, hidden under Kara’s bed before she scribbled something back.
Your lack of existence disappoints me.
“Ooh harsh.” Roy muttered approvingly and she grinned deviously as she taped it to the top of her chest.
Kara came out of the bathroom then, wearing a pair of jeans that were torn at the knees and a baby blue crop top that showed of her perfect abs.
Barbara envied those abs, there was no denying that.
“What are we going to do today?” Roy asked and the two of them almost dissolved into giggles again but they managed not to.
“Well, we have four days left, for the first three days each of us can pick something to do and on the fourth day we can just be lazy.” Kara suggested with a grin.
“Alright but you have to pick first because it was your idea.” Barbara told her but Kara just grinned.
“Follow me guys.”
Barbara and Roy followed but about halfway there Kara decided they weren’t following fast enough and grabbed their arms to drag them forwards. They passed classrooms and the student gym before they passed Paradise and entered a part of the school Barbara hadn’t been to yet.
When they got to Kara’s intended destination Barbara just scowled.
“We haven’t got costumes.” Roy pointed out as the water sloshed at the edge of the sand.
The inside beach was nice, the sand was pretty and golden and the water was crystal clear and sparkling blue. The temperature was just right, and they had found a way to simulate the sun with some kind of huge light they’d stuck up.
Barbara assumed it must move with the real sun, as it was in the correct place for lunch time rush.
“We’re sponsored students, we each have lockers with fitting costumes and swimsuits. Come on there’s no one else here lets have some fun!”
Despite herself, Barbara did have fun.
Kara’s costume was almost as blue as the water and Barbara could tell it had been brought by Superman because Kara would most certainly have bought a bikini. It was pretty, and Barbara laughed at the red gemstones that ran down the sides.
Roy’s glaringly yellow shorts certainly gave both Kara and Barbara a good laugh, and Roy a good reason to grumble. The only thing on them that wasn’t yellow was the lace around the waist, that was green.
Barbara had found two options in her locker, one black bikini with a little rhinestone cat on the bottoms. An obvious gift from Selina, and she hid it quickly and grabbed the black costume that had been provided by whoever her sponsor was.
“Everybody in the pool!” Roy yelled, and shoved Barbara in before leaping after her.
Oh she was so going to get him for that.


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