The Justice Academy

After the justice league discovers that villains have their own schools for creating villains, they decide to start their own school for heroes. This year, one Barbara Gordon is forced to enrol by her father and she really, really doesn’t want to be there.


9. Chapter Nine

The Flash was a lot brighter than the media painted him out to be, but then Barbara knew that anyway. This wasn’t the first time she’d met the infamous speedster, as the League often worked with her father on important cases in Gotham.
She’d known most of the League by the age of twelve, she wondered how many of them knew of her criminal activities.
“Ah, Miss Gordon I have something for you!” He called as the bell rang and the students rushed out of class for break.
She turned and he handed her a thick book on forensic sciences, she thought back to her books in her trunk and realised this one was different from the others. Flash had picked it out specially.
“This is one of my own books, but I know you’ll take care of it so go nuts.” He winked and turned to his now-empty classroom, and began zipping around and cleaning up the remaining mess.
She thanked him softly and tucked the book under her arm before she joined her friends outside in the hallway, both eager to get outside and into the fresh air.
“Another book? Our room is going to look like a library before long!” Kara grinned at her when she spotted the book.
“Reading is a good hobby to have,” Roy argued “better reading then crime.”
Her stomach dropped whilst Kara hummed in agreement.
“We have fifteen minute break then high school ICT, a Mr Ray will be taking our class.” She told them, changing the subject swiftly.
“That’s an hour class before lunch.” Roy hummed happily, and Barbara rolled her eyes.
“Yeah, but then we have Higher Stealth training…but it has three tutors listed…” Kara told them and Barbara thought back to her timetable.
“Black Canary, Huntress, Batman.” She paused “Does that mean we have one of them, two of them or all three?”
They both shrugged, and Kara waved when Kaldur’ahm caught her eye from across the quad. They chatted about their classes and asked Kaldur’ahm about Higher Stealth.
“It depends who is available, I don’t think you’ll see much of Batman. We only had him for exams.”
Then the five minute bell rang and the three of them had to run the length of the school to reach their computer class on time, and were spread across the classroom instead of being grouped together as they normally were.
Mr Ray was nice enough, a civilian teacher with League associates, he was middle-aged and well-spoken with a thick Scottish accent. He was close friends with Flash, hence the cushy League teaching job, obviously he could be trusted with the identities of future heroes if he was teaching here.
“Some of you may find this pretty basic so just feel free to go through the set tasks at your own pace and come to me when you’ve done, and I’ll set you some harder work.” He told them after he’d taken the register and Barbara got to work.
Mr Ray had set thirty tasks for them to do within the hour, but Barbara was done in twenty minutes. Computing came very easily for her, but instead of getting more work from Ray she decided to check out the mainframe. Get to grips with what systems she was working with.
The first thing she did was mute the master volume, then she delved in through the access hubs and into the mainframe itself.
She hunted down the students files and, ensuring that nobody was watching her or could see what she was doing, she quickly typed in her own name.
Student Name - Barbara Gordon.
Age - Fourteen
Home - Gotham
Sponsor - Encrypted File. Enter Code. . .

She scowled and clicked away, down to her personal details to see just how much digging they had done on her. Her family background was written, including the fact that her Pops, Jim Gordon, was in fact her Uncle.
Her own father was in a psychiatric ward in Metropolis, and that was where he was going to stay for the foreseeable future. They had her mothers murder case written up, and, her criminal record.
She closed the file quickly and decided that looking up her own file had been a bad idea, and instead had a look at the school history.
6000394 Students Total.
6000393 Graduates.

Her eyebrow quirked, one student hadn’t graduated. How odd.
She brought up the files for this student and examined them closely, a single student, she would have finished the academy last year had she graduated but she left in her second year.
A girl named Jade had come to this Academy, and had been sponsored by Batman for two years before she had vanished from the Academy. She wasn’t from Gotham, but according to her two year student file she was by far the most gifted student the Academy had ever had.
Linked Pages…Cheshire.
Now there was a name Barbara knew, she’d only met the Assassin once but the girl sure knew how to leave and impression. She clicked onto the page, just as someone rapped on the door.
The class glanced up and Barbara almost froze in her seat. Huntress was at the door, scowling as she spoke softly to Mr Ray.
She reached into her shirt and pulled out her memory stick, pulling it from the chain necklace she wore and sticking it forcefully into the computer. She wouldn’t get all the file, but she’d get enough to review later and that was all she needed. She glanced up, Huntress was making rounds of the computers, Barbara was thankful she was at the far end of the room.
Download complete.
She tugged the memory stick from the drive and dropped it down her shirt into her bra. Then she closed the files, deleted her history and pulled up her final task, thrusting her hand into the air.
“Yes Miss Gordon?”
Huntress looked over at her suspiciously.
“I’ve finished the tasks, do you have something harder?”
Huntress moved over to her computer and stared at the screen as Mr Ray set her the harder tasks and she got to work. Huntress worked her way around the computers and then left the class, Barbara almost sagged with relief but Mr Ray was watching so she just got on with her tasks.
The whole thing took forty minutes, and Barbara had finished these tasks in a measly ten. The memory stick poked into her boobs but she ignored it, waiting patiently for the final ten minutes before the bell rang and then shut off her computer.
They had an hours lunch then Stealth.
“Why do you think Huntress came in? It was like she was looking for something.” Roy murmured and Barbara nodded, pulling the memory stick from her bra.
“Probably this.”
They stared at her, gaping as she thought about how she was going to get a computer set up that the League wouldn’t be able to monitor.
“I hacked into the mainframe, did you know a student vanished in her second year and never graduated?” She told them conversationally as she twirled the memory stick around in her fingers, unclasping the chain around her neck to slide it back on into place.
“Really? Who?” Roy asked, overcoming his shock at the new information.
Kara continued to gape.
“It said her name was ‘Jade’ but it did link to a page about Cheshire.” Barbara explained to them but they both looked confused, clearly they hadn’t heard of her.
“Cheshire is an assassin for hire, mercenary and general bad chick.” She explained and they nodded.
“She well-known in Gotham?” Kara asked and Barbara shrugged.
“She’s an assassin, she’s not supposed to b well-known. I raid Pops’ files all the time, that’s where I heard of her.” The lie came easily, it was better than telling them the truth.
The League may have known about her criminal activities, but that didn’t mean her friends had to as well.
They found somewhere to sit outside, the cafeteria was far too crowded for Barbara to eat food comfortably and it was a hot September so being out in the sun was nice. It was better than a classroom anyway.
They couldn’t find Hal and Kaldur’ahm so they just sat on the grass under a tree at the edge of the quad, a nice open space in the centre of the school for students to chill out and eat their lunch or spend their breaks. It was cleaner than any school Barbara had ever seen, but then the League would teach students to obey every law, even the little ones like littering, so it made sense.
Lunch was pleasant, Kara and Roy kept bugging each other about the tasks they were set in ICT and Barbara wanted to know of the League set homework, because boy would that be a downer.
“Only sponsors set homework, so check your trunk regularly just in case.” Roy explained and she cursed.
Damn it she hated having a sponsor.
“Right, Stealth with the terrible trio, shall we?” Barbara asked shoving her rubbish into the nearest bin and brushing the crumbs from her clothes.
“I’d rather not be late, especially if it’s Huntress.” Roy grumbled angrily, but Barbara paid him no heed.
She really wanted to meet the Batman properly, and not just spy on him from her window when he spoke to Pops. This was going to be one hell of an experience.


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