The Justice Academy

After the justice league discovers that villains have their own schools for creating villains, they decide to start their own school for heroes. This year, one Barbara Gordon is forced to enrol by her father and she really, really doesn’t want to be there.


4. Chapter Four

The alarm went off at half six, and Barbara realised as she suddenly sat bolt upright in her bed that she hadn’t set it. Then a smash made her jump, and she saw that Kara had, without removing her face from her pillow, smashed the alarm clock with a dainty looking fist.
Clearly, Barbara thought with one eyebrow up, Kara is not a morning person.
“Kara we need to be ready at half seven get up.”
Kara grunted at her and Barbara lunged off the end of her bed to avoid a flying pillow. It might have been filled with feathers but Barbara still didn’t want to be on the receiving end of it. So instead she trundled into the bathroom and filled a glass with water, before she trundled back into the bedroom and, whilst maintaining a safe difference, threw the contents of the glass over her snoring room mate.
The squeal that followed almost burst Barbara’s eardrums, but it also made her double over with laughter so she deemed it worth the pain. Kara glared at her which only made Barbara laugh harder, and she tried very hard to control herself.
“I. Don’t. Do. Mornings.” The blonde growled as Barbara snorted.
After the two of them had cleaned up and dressed they went and joined Roy for some breakfast. It seemed that Roy wasn’t much of an early bird either, if his disdainful scowl was anything to go by. Barbara smirked to herself as she munched through four pieces of toast and stared down at both hers and her friends training gear.
Roy’s training gear was almost offensively red, but it was also tight and showed off his physique so Barbara forgave whoever it was that had designed it. The only real problem with the outfit, was the outrageous yellow hat that went with it.
“I hate yellow.” Roy had grumbled when she asked why it was yellow “My sponsor knows I hate yellow.”
The two girls had giggled appropriately and Barbara had turned her eyes to Kara’s training gear. A white t-shirt and a pair of blue leggings that hugged her figure appropriately, Barbara also noticed that the clips on her shoulders were bare.
“No cape?” Roy asked with a snigger and Kara sighed.
“I told him that it’d be too much! So I unclipped them, I’ll wear it on Friday sessions instead.”
Then she turned her eyes to her own training gear. It was a body suit without any arms on, and it was a deep shade of purple. It was simple, but efficient and it was tight enough for her to know that if somebody wanted to grab hold of her they’d struggle. The turtle neck aspect of it was slightly annoying, but other than that it was pretty good. She’d been fortunate, unlike Kara and Roy, hers had come with a pair of matching boots.
Her friends were wearing mismatched trainers, because apparently they hadn’t considered that their sponsors would forget something as important as footwear. The door swished open, and Green Arrow was there to greet them warmly.
“Alright guys! I hope you’re all ready for the training session, follow me and I’ll take you to the gym. You’ll notice on your schedules that you get at least a day a week in the gym so try and remember the way if you can.”
Barbara noticed the glare Roy was sending at the green clad hero and nudged him inquisitively.
“My sponsor.” He hissed and Barbara nodded in understanding.
She’d have to thank him for the tight almost-offensively red physique-showing training gear later then, and not whilst the glowering ginger was walking angrily next to her. Kara seemed to be hiding laughter, rather badly at that, and it didn’t really help his mood.
Barbara kept an eye on the corridors, her brain automatically saving the directions and the names on the classrooms as well as every other tiny detail there was. Barbara had the ability to recall everything she ever saw and everything that ever happened to her. Eidetic memory. Getting lost would not be an issue.
They found the gym without much fuss, and Green Arrow brought them all inside.
It was just another gym really, except it was twice as big as a typical school gym and didn’t have the traditional basketball lines painted onto the floor. In fact the floor was blank silver-grey just like the walls. Lining either side of the gym walls were bleachers, but the two far walls were empty and just a silver-grey as everything else.
The gathered first years stood, and Barbara noticed that one half of the bleachers (on the left wall) were filled with students. The other half (on the right wall) were empty. At the end furthest from them and the door, was the league, Green Arrow gave them orders to stand and listen before he joined them.
Superman took the helm.
“Alright first years!” He called, his voice carrying to them despite the distance between them.
“This is an all day training session, you will be sharing your session with the third year students to ensure they can learn to lead and you can learn to follow. Today however will be slightly different, today, you will not be working with the third years…” He paused for effect “you will be fighting them.”
Uproar, instant uproar. Cheers from the anticipating third years and squawks of fear from the first years, Barbara remained stoic and turned her eyes to the third years, and she studied them all.
“Now now! There is no need to be alarmed!” Superman called, and the first years went silent “You can of course back out, we aren’t going to force you. This is merely the first of several tests so we can gauge your abilities.”
The first years were far more calm now, and allowed themselves to be herded into the empty half of the bleachers, it was then that Barbara noticed the large electronic screen. It had been on the wall behind them when they had come in, and names were flashing randomly on the board until a third year and a first years name flashed up on it.
Barbara didn’t take much interest for the first couple of matches, three first years backed out and the other four didn’t exactly last long. It wasn’t until Roy’s name came on the board, flashing next to a third year called ‘Kaldur’ahm’.
“Oh, I’ve heard of him.” Kara muttered as Roy walked down to the large floor they were fighting on “He’s Aquaman’s student, Superman says they expect big things from him when he graduates.”
Kaldur’ahm was a blonde haired, dark skinned teen with strange thick black tattoos all over his body. He was broad but not as tall as Roy was, he was definitely stronger though, Barbara could tell that just from a glance.
“How good is Roy at fighting?” Barbara asked as they began, Roy ducking low under an experimental hook from Kaldur’ahm.
Kara shrugged “He’s one of the better first years, I know that much.”
Roy returned the hook with three straight jabs, none hitting their target. Kaldur’ahm tested him with a few jabs of his own before he decided he’d tested the waters enough. He came in low with a sweep that had Roy staggering and finished the fight with a fast hard kick to the stomach that sent Roy tumbling backwards and grasping his stomach.
“Kaldur’ahm is the victor, nicely done Roy.” Green Arrow hollered, earning a few snickers from the third years but Kaldur’ahm helped Roy to his feet and said a few praising words before he rejoined his fellow classmates.
Roy took a little longer to join the first years as the stand-by medics wanted to look at his stomach before he was allowed back into the stands. The next fight was already underway when he sunk slowly and delicately into his seat between the two girls.
“You alright?” Kara asked gently and Roy grunted angrily.
“Bruised ribs, and he was holding back.”
Barbara nodded, of course the third years were holding back. They couldn’t possible go all out against first years, they had two years of training on them.
“Barbara, your up.” Roy nudged and she peered up at the screen.
As she made her way down from her seat she took the time to study Aisha. She was tall and lean, with long blonde hair and shimmering blue eyes. Barbara took careful attention of her training gear, a Greek-styled short white toga complete with gold bracelets and gold clips on the shoulder to keep the garment in place.
Wonderwoman is definitely her sponsor.
“Alright, try not to kill each other.” Flash joked, they’d heard the rules already and were bored with them.
No maiming, no deadly force, if they were down and weren’t getting back up or the league intervened then the match was over.
Barbara stood in front of Aisha and waited for the signal to begin before she shot forwards. Barbara didn’t bother testing the waters like Kaldur’ahm had, she just came in with a chop to the side of the neck and an elbow to the nose. The older girls head snapped back and her snarl was cut off with the chop, but she recovered quicker that Barbara thought and soon it was her head snapping backwards with a jab.
Nose bleed, not broken.
As Barbara staggered Aisha snapped a kick into her side that Barbara only barely managed to block, it still sent her careening to the side from the force but at least it was her arms that would bruise and not her kidney.
As she careened to the side Aisha came charging in with her first drew back and ready, but Barbara didn’t correct her balance and instead followed the force of the punch, coming around Aisha and cracking her knee into her spleen, but it wasn’t a hard enough strike obviously because Aisha barely flinched before she cracked her elbow backwards into Barbara’s nose again.
Broken. Definitely broken.
But neither of them were done, and Aisha was done pulling her punches.
That suited Barbara just fine, she was done pulling hers too.


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