The Justice Academy

After the justice league discovers that villains have their own schools for creating villains, they decide to start their own school for heroes. This year, one Barbara Gordon is forced to enrol by her father and she really, really doesn’t want to be there.


5. Chapter Five

They bounced apart and reappraised each other.
Enhanced strength and reflexes, same as Wonderwoman. Intellect unknown, technique solid but not particular. Limited martial arts training.
It was Aisha who came running in this time, hoping to catch her off guard with hook to the side of the head, but Barbara rolled under it and span on her heels, attempting a sweep. Aisha tripped backwards and Barbara used the momentary confusion the older girl was no doubt feeling to flip onto her feet. She lifted her foot high into the splits and then brought it slamming down, hearing a satisfying smack as her heel dug down into Aisha’s stomach.
Aisha coughed and spittle flew from her mouth, but despite the fact Barbara knew she was winded (the heel smash had been so precise she must have been) she still grabbed Barbara’s legs tight and rolled, smashing Barbara into the ground.
Fortunately for Barbara, her forearms took the brunt of the smash. Unfortunately, she was pretty sure she’d fractured something.
Possible fractured radius, broken nose, superficial bruising oh everywhere.
She tucked in her body and rolled, ripping her legs from Aisha’s grip, wishing there was a dark alley she could duck into or a crowbar she could smash her head with. There was a rush around her, and on instinct she leapt off to the right and barely avoiding having her head kicked off.
“Aisha!! Enough, no deadly force!!”
It didn’t matter to Barbara who was yelling, because the two of them were rushing each other again. Barbara smirked and twisted, dropping down and sliding between her legs, grabbing her ankles as she slid along and repaying the earlier smash. Aisha managed to do what Barbara couldn’t, and landed in a push-up position. From there she rolled but Barbara had already let go and had nipped up onto her feet, legs swinging.
Aisha was on her knees and pushed forwards, hands clasped together as she drew them back for a swing that was going to break Barbara’s ribs. Not that it bothered her, she was about to kick Aisha’s teeth down her throat.
Neither attack landed, Superman had grabbed hold of Barbara’s swinging leg and stopped the motion entirely, and Wonderwoman had hold of Aisha’s spinning fists, inches away from Barbara’s ribs. The four of them were caught in a dangerous freeze frame.
They were both panting, and Barbara wished they hadn’t stopped them. She could tell by the look in Aisha’s eyes that they were both thinking the same thing.
This is the most fun I’ve had in ages.
They were released and Barbara almost fell over as the secondary effects of the fight hit her. With her adrenaline rush over, pain was starting to kick in and her body was sore and throbbing, not to mention the possible fractured radius. That hurt a little.
Superman caught her (uninjured) arm and lead her to the medical team on stand by, she noted the Martian manhunter stood with them, and it was him that tended her injuries.
“I have not seen Aisha tested like that in a long time, she has always been considered one of our most gifted fighters.” He told her conversationally as he worked, applying balm to her bruises and wrapping her arm with practised ease.
“I would have lost.” Barbara muttered, simply to fill the silence “If we had kept going, I would have lost.”
J’onn seemed to be hiding a smile.
“You are a first year, your raw talent allowed you to fight, however briefly, on equal footing to a third year superhuman.” He pointed out, and Barbara had to admit, he had a point.
“Imagine how much better you will be in your third year.”
With that done he went back to his place, clearly indicating that he had finished treating her. She sat there a little longer however, she didn’t really want to rejoin Kara and Roy when she knew that everyone’s eyes would be on her.
Without a fight to take her mind off of them, she realised that they would all be staring at her the moment she came back into their sights. That much attention might set her off, she really didn’t need to have a panic attack after she’d had such a tremendous fight.
She ignored them until Kara’s name flashed on the board, against a third year called ‘Hal Jordon’. Barbara snorted.
Who the hell names their kid Hal?
The kid didn’t seem to have any powers, and because of this relied solely on skill. Barbara was shocked to find out, that this was enough to take Kara down.
She’s a veritable god, but she doesn’t have a single fighting skill?! Jesus Superman what have you been doing?!
Barbara thought she saw J’onn smirk but it was so slight she couldn’t be sure, so she watched as Kara walked dejectedly back to her seat. She made her move then as the next names were flashing up and darted up the steps to her seat to rejoin Kara and Roy.
Roy was trying, and failing, to cheer Kara up.
“Kara Superman can’t fight for shit either so don’t worry about it, you’ve got five years to improve and get better. I’ll bet that in a hero situation your powers would be invaluable.” Barbara told her, and Kara perked up a little.
The next hour was filled with fights and once they were done, the first years finished and the league muttering from their little balcony where they had been watching each fight with careful calculating eyes, Superman took the helm again.
“Now that those fights are done we’re going to try something a little more difficult.”
Despairing mutters from the first years, chuckles of amusement from the third years.
“Now don’t worry there shouldn’t be any fighting involved this time-”
“Shouldn’t being the operative word.” Roy grunted.
“- and you wont be on your own. Five first years will be trying to avoid one league member for as long as possible. You will get two minutes to find somewhere to hide and you wont know which leaguer will be after you.” Superman explained, and someone must have done something because the terrain of the room was changing.
Walls were rising from the floor and fake buildings, doors and windows to show they were in a street scenario. Barbara didn’t let her smile show, but this was where she would shine. However her mind was already racing with possibilities when the first five were called down.
Watching them from her raised point she realised something, everything they were doing had been done before. The league had had over a decade to learn each and every hiding space and they were getting a few minutes.
So when her name was called, she had a plan.
“Alright, you’ve got two minutes, go!”
The students were off, running into the fake streets to hide. Barbara turned and ran towards the bleachers, the students mumbled around her but she ignored them as she ran up along the stairs and towards the wall. When she reached the wall she kicked up and leapt, hands just reaching the support beams and she pulled herself up into the darkness of the ceiling.
From her new point above the crowds she had a birds-eye-view of the gymnasium and of the students as they were slowly picked off.
She’d thought her plan was foolproof, even against a member of the league, until she spotted just who had been chosen to pick her particular group of five off. Batman, was not going to falter just because she’d picked the shadows, if anything, she’d only made him more at home.
Once he’d finished with the four students in the street maze, he looked up at the beams on the ceiling. Barbara made a squeaking noise that she was sure everyone else heard as Batman made his way up onto the beams, and she ducked back away from where he rose up into the darkness and she knew, she just knew, that he didn’t need to guess, he was one hundred percent sure of where she was right now.
“I am fucked.”
His lip twitched, and she mentally cheered herself, because even if she was about to get her ass kicked, at least she’d made him show the slightest amount of emotion. He moved swiftly and silently and she allowed herself a single moment to marvel at how he seemed to glide across the beams like he was walking down the street.
Once that moment was other, she ran. Now she was much less graceful than Batman but she at least had speed and because of her size, she could get between the beams that he could not and cut off some time. She knew it was hopeless though, and soon he had overtaken her.
He landed in front of her and she squawked, shocked by his sudden appearance and her foot slipped. Time slowed for a moment, her foot slipped and she twisted to find purchase. She tucked and rolled, grabbing the beam nearest her for balance.
Except she forgot about her fractured radius, and the pain made her grip weaken.
She vaguely heard the cries beneath her as she started to fall, but she never got near the ground. Batman was already over the side as she tumbled, she’d barely registered she was falling when he’d wrapped an arm around her waist, and only registered they’d stopped falling when his arm jerked slightly at the sudden stop to the equally sudden fall.
They swung and she gaped, and they began moving slowly up as his grappling hook pulled them onto the beam. They yells from bellow had stopped but she could hear them, her heart was thundering madly in her chest.
Batman didn’t say anything when they made their way down and she was approached by J’onn once more.
“I asked for that didn’t I?” She asked softly when he came over but he shook his head.
“You used the terrain to your strengths, you cannot be at fault because you shared the same strengths your opponent did.” He told her, and Batman swished past them silently.
The fights went on and it wasn’t until the end that she noticed something peculiar, and she voiced her thoughts to Kara and Roy who had both been about as successful as she had during her bout.
“Did Batman take on any other groups?”
Roy shook his head.
“You know what I don’t think he did.” Kara considered thoughtfully before she shrugged her shoulders, the group fights were over far quicker but when Barbara checked the clocks, it was almost one o’clock.
“Alright, you can all head off for lunch now, follow the third years and you’ll find the cafeteria, at two o’clock we need you all back here for the final test of the day.” It was Wonderwoman this time who made the announcement and the third years lead the way out to the cafeteria.
Which was, other than being twice as big, pretty much the same as any school cafeteria.
Barbara didn’t want to admit she was slightly disappointed.


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