The Justice Academy

After the justice league discovers that villains have their own schools for creating villains, they decide to start their own school for heroes. This year, one Barbara Gordon is forced to enrol by her father and she really, really doesn’t want to be there.


15. Chapter Fifteen

The first gift from her sponsor came the next day, she woke up with Kara curled around her and she wasn’t all that bothered. The fact that Kara had waited for her, had simply held her whilst she’d cried her sad little tears and had been her friend was enough.
Kara was still her friend, she wasn’t sure about Roy, she hadn’t seen him since yesterday morning.
Kara huffed awake when Barbara’s alarm rang and she forced herself from Kara’s embrace (literally) to switch it off and slug through her morning routine.
“Barbara,” Kara’s head popped around the corner “there’s a sticky note on the top of your chest.”
She spat into the basin and scowled into the mirror at the bouncy blonde, washing her toothbrush and trudging back into her room and staring down at her chest.
There was a yellow sticky note on top of her chest, but it was completely blank. She wondered if that was her clue to open it, and if it was it was really rubbish.
Barbara kicked the chest angrily, then knelt down and pressed her thumbs into the locks and listened to the robotic click as it unlocked.
The little box was black, and it had a pretty white ribbon tied around it. It was a jewellery box, and a bloody expensive one at that. She stared at it, and then gently untied the ribbon and lifted the lid on the hinge slowly.
“Whoa.” Kara muttered peering at her gift.
Whoa was right, bloody expensive didn’t even begin to explain the gift.
It was a little silver bracelet, each chain had a tiny red stone pressed into it giving it a red sheen that was beautiful. Barbara held it up and inspected it in the light, it looked like she was holding little droplets of blood when the light hit it right and she knew then and there, this was the real deal.
Whoever had bought this had deep pockets.
“Is it from your sponsor?” Kara breathed, as Barbara set it softly back onto the black cushion and gently pressed the lid shut.
“Dunno, it doesn’t say.” She huffed and as much she wanted to toss it into the box, she didn’t.
Instead she pulled everything from her chest and reorganised. Her books went under her bed and were filed correctly, her training clothes got their own drawer by her bedside and her training equipment stayed in one half of the chest. In the other half she placed the little black box and the first note she’d received the day she arrived.
“If they don’t want anything to do with me,” she told herself “then I want nothing to do with them.”
She closed the chest.
“It’s Monday sooo…Question then Flash and…Kara what is that noise?”
Someone was rapping on their door, and she scowled. There was someone knocking on their bedroom door, how odd.
“I’ll get it!” Kara grinned and pushed the door button, it opened and Roy peered in at them.
“Kara texted me last night, are you okay?”
Barbara hid the smile for about half a minute, before she lunged forwards and gave him a hug on the threshold of the room. That way, they weren’t technically breaking any rules. No girls in the guys dorm, and no guys in the girls dorm.
Okay well maybe they were breaking the rules a little, but Barbara honestly didn’t give a crap.
“That bad huh?” Roy joked as he returned the hug and she bounced away to grab her shoes.
“What’s everyone saying?” She asked as she tied the laces, Kara was tugging on a pair of black boots and admiring her outfit in the mirror.
They didn’t have anything physical on Monday, it was the unofficial recovery day for the students and they were all thankful.
“So, Q, then Flash, then Superman today. Wonderwoman got called to Themascara so we wont have her.” Roy told them, trying to change the subject as they walked towards the hub.
Students stared and Barbara sighed, well this much was to be expected at least, criminals and heroes didn’t tend to get along.
“I hate Superman’s lessons, he always tries to make me join in.” Barbara huffed, allowing the subject change only because the whispers around her had answered her earlier question.
The other students were questioning her loyalties, and where was her sponsor? Did she have a sponsor? Was it a lie that only the league knew about? They were basically asking all the same questions she had those first two weeks, but now, over a month later, she didn’t care.
“You always join in Wonderwoman’s classes.” Kara reminded her and she grinned slyly around her toast.
“That’s because Wonderwoman has weapons. I like weapons.”
Kara just rolled her eyes and they finished their breakfast and headed to their first class of the day, half an hour with Question before two hours of forensics with Flash, she rushed back to her room suddenly and grabbed the book Flash had leant her and had to sprint to Questions classroom in order to be on time.
She closed the door softly and slunk into her chair between Kara and Roy and Question looked up, addressing them in his usual cut-throat way.
“The League is going to find out who spread Miss Gordon’s files and they will be punished.” He announced the moment Barbara had sat down and she rolled her eyes.
“If you have any ideas who it may have been, you are to speak to me or one of your teachers immediately. Understood?”
The class mumbled affirmatives and Barbara glared at the board. The league would find the culprit, but only after she’d kicked them to a bloody pulp.
“Whoever it was,” Kaldur muttered “they must have really not like you Barbara.”
“Clearly they have a grudge of some sort,” Aisha hummed in thought “have you upset anyone recently?”
Barbara shook her head, unwilling to verbally address Aisha. Barbara didn’t know where she stood with Aisha, she acted like a friend but Barbara couldn’t shake the horrible feeling that she was being deceived. Maybe it was some elaborate test set up to test her loyalty to the school, Barbara didn’t doubt anything.
She answered her friends as they each tried to whittle down the list of possible culprits, noting Questions silence as even he listened to the intense conversation.
The half hour was over quickly and they said their goodbyes and headed for forensics with Flash, and Barbara handed him the book with thanks.
“I take it you enjoyed it then?” He asked with a smile and she nodded.
“I read it twice.” She admitted and he winked at her before letting her turn to her seat.
“Alright as you know in three weeks you get one week to return home and once you return, we start prepping for your first exams.” The class groaned and he laughed at them, waving his hands to quiet them.
“I know I know, but forensics has two tests. One written, one practical. You know what that means?”
Barbara watched his grin grow, whatever it was, he was really looking forward to it.
“It means for the next three weeks, we start doing practical tests.”
The class straightened, Flash had been teaching them the basics and doing regular demonstrations, but so far they hadn’t actually been allowed to attempt the experiments themselves. This meant access to chemicals and equipment that they hadn’t been allowed before, and no more writing down what Flash did.
“Of course they wont be too complex, mainly detecting drugs and figuring out the time of death etcetera, etcetera. We’re going to start with blood samples…”

The first gift from Cheshire arrived whilst she slept, and Barbara was even less keen on this one than she was on the bracelet.
It was placed on top of the chest in a red velvet case, and a note written in tiny golden scripture beside it.
Two years Red, make the right friends.
Inside was a necklace on a gold chain and Barbara recognised the design as Greek and scowled and looked at the bathroom. Kara was in there getting ready for Tuesday training and hadn’t noticed the velvet box, so Barbara crawled under her bed and pushed it up against the farthest corner. That was where it would sit and gather dust until she knew what was going on.
Explanation One; Cheshire and Aisha were working together and trying to get Barbara to join the cause.
Explanation Two; Cheshire is trying to frame Aisha and put doubt in Barbara’s mind. Aisha is simply working undercover to try and stop Cheshire.
So far, she was leaning towards option one.
She grabbed her gear from it’s drawer and brushed past Kara to change and tugged it on absentmindedly. Whoever had planted the box was still in the school, they had broken into the school and then into a classroom and now they had broken into her room.
She hopped out of the bathroom, still sliding on one of her boots and followed Kara out. Joint training with third years was one of the weekly highlights, and Barbara really needed to go toe-to-toe with Aisha right now. Selina had once told her that the best way to understand someone was to knock heads with them.
“Sometimes,” Selina had smirked cleaning the blood from Barbara’s forehead “literally.”
“Hurry up ladies,” Roy called with a cheeky wink “you know lateness will not be tolerated.”
They laughed at his corny impression of Green Arrow and ran down the corridor with him, reaching the gym before anybody else.
“Well that’s new.” Barbara acknowledged once they’d walked in.
The gym had been transformed, into a jungle.

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