The Justice Academy

After the justice league discovers that villains have their own schools for creating villains, they decide to start their own school for heroes. This year, one Barbara Gordon is forced to enrol by her father and she really, really doesn’t want to be there.


11. Chapter Eleven

On Wednesday they didn’t have tutor or first period, so Kara decided she was going to sleep in till ten and be ready for their class at eleven. Barbara decided she was going to do some snooping.
She tried her hardest to whisper her thoughts but she honestly had no idea if it was working or not, she definitely needed something better than whispering her thoughts. There must be some way to block out telepathic waves, or to keep those waves inside her head instead of letting them out.
She wound her way through the school, keeping out of the way of teachers until she found an empty computer room. The doors weren’t locked, why would they be? A school full of heroes wouldn’t lock doors, they’d believe in a person too much to think they’d ever do anything wrong.
She didn’t bother logging in, she just pried open the back nearest modem and plugged her phone in. It took a moment for her phone to catch up (she really needed a new one) but when it did she got straight down to business.
In half an hour she’d downloaded seven students files about ‘Jade’ and three about Cheshire. That was when she decided not to push her luck and shoved the back of the modem back on haphazardly and got out of there. She wondered if the classrooms had cameras.
She worked her way back to the dorm and found that she still had another hour and a half till class, so she started on the files on her phone.
After Winter Break, I’m brining my laptop. And my tablet.
She squinted down at the words, practically downloading the information into her brain as she digested it.
She concluded that ‘Jade’ and Cheshire were the same person, and that in her second year somebody had approached her with a choice. Stay at the Justice Academy, or leave for something else.
Whatever this ‘something else’ was it must have been good to get her to leave the Academy, but that begged the question, who had made the offer? Cheshire wasn’t the first person to break into the school, she was the second.
This would have been around three years ago, so whoever it was must have wanted Cheshire bad to break in.
Next step, security files for the past five years to see who broke in, and how.
She deleted the files, they were useless now she had them in her brain and if they did have cameras in that classroom then they were bound to know she had downloaded files. She’d covered her tracks the best she could but she was nothing compared to the Bat, she’d seen firsthand how good he was with computers.
That had been an interesting evening.
“Kara,” She called heading into her room “wake up, you’ve got half an hour.”
Kara snored into her pillow.
Barbara rolled her eyes, she’d already moved her alarm clock to the other side of the room so that Kara couldn’t smash it but she hadn’t set it this morning just in case. She didn’t want to have to keep explaining to the student rep why she kept needing knew alarm clocks.
Now, she kept a glass of cold water by her bed and it was this glass of water that she hurled over her friend. Kara screamed and leapt up, glaring for only a moment before she started to get ready for class.
“What do we have?” She asked bleary eyed and Barbara pretended to glance at her timetable.
“It’s Wednesday so…all high school studies today.  Maths, English and then science.”
Kara groaned and Barbara was tempted to join her, she was already at a college standard with her subjects but she needed the grades to prove it for when she left the Academy and needed to get a job.
When they were ready, they went to class.

Batman didn’t like to think about Cheshire, he especially didn’t like it when somebody brought her up. Flash knew this, had learnt this the hard way when he’d mentioned her before term started, accidentally likening her to Barbara.
Well it was true, they were both incredibly skilled, both came into the Academy with criminal records, and both were sponsored by Batman. Not that Barbara knew this of course, but that was because Batman was a ninny.
Batman didn’t like it when Flash said that to his face either.
Flash knew however that there were a lot of differences between Cheshire and Barbara, he knew Barbara well, knew her father well. Heck, he’d worked with her father on several cases between Gotham and Central in the past and knew he would in the future too.
Barbara was at heart a good person, who’d suffered through a lot of bad things growing up and things like that left a mark. Cheshire was not a good person at heart, and it showed in her studies.
But now Cheshire was back and obviously after Barbara, maybe she saw a kindred spirit or maybe whoever called her out of the Academy wanted another super assassin. As far as they knew, Cheshire worked for neither the Light nor the Shadows, so whatever third part was involved it was not good for them.
He caught a glimpse of Barbara as she, Kara and Roy headed past his classroom to their next class. They seemed happy enough, and Barbara fitted in with them well.
He looked back at Batman, as he stood in his empty class.
“She needs you Bats, don’t be an ass and ignore her you’ll only make her hate you.”
Batman gave him one of those patented glares that made criminals piss their pants, but Flash had gotten over those glares years ago. He was one of the few people that got away with talking to Batman like that, because despite everything the Bat had a soft spot for him.
No matter how much he denied it.
“You said it yourself, she and Cheshire have a lot in common.”
Flash wondered if this secret soft spot would keep him safe when he hurled his paperwork at him.
“Yes I did, but there’s a lot about them that’s different. For one, I like Barbara. She’s a good kid, she’ll be a great hero.”
“If she makes it that far.”
Flash stared at the man, and flicked a wad of blue tack at him. It bounced off of the black bat symbol on his chest and rolled on the floor. Batman didn’t move, just continued to glare.
“You’re an idiot. Tell her the truth, let her decide for herself. You’ll see I’m right.”
Batman swished away, cape billowing on an invisible wind. Flash knew he designed the damn thing like that he just knew he did.
“Idiot.” He grumbled one last time, before the bell rang and his next class filed in.

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