The Justice Academy

After the justice league discovers that villains have their own schools for creating villains, they decide to start their own school for heroes. This year, one Barbara Gordon is forced to enrol by her father and she really, really doesn’t want to be there.


18. Chapter Eighteen

Kara had been blissfully oblivious to the fight, she’d heard about it in detail later that night but at the time she’d been collecting microphones from her cousins classroom. They were only there for show but they worked well enough as Clark often brought them home for Ma and Pa.
They liked to make home videos.
She’d gotten in, gotten the stuff and gotten back out again.
It had been fantastically simple, so much so that she decided to take the plan a step further. She headed back into her cousins classroom and waited for him to return.
“Kara,” he smiled at her “what are you doing here?”
She shrugged “I wanted to see you, terms technically over now so I thought if you weren’t too busy we could chat?”
She put it forwards as innocently as she could, and she was careful with what she said. She wouldn’t lie today, she’d just mix the truth around a little bit. That way her heart rate wouldn’t change and Clark wouldn’t be able to hear a change in her heartbeat.
“Of course Kara, I can always make time for you.”
She smiled, a big genuine smile. She liked that about him, even when he was rushed off his feet he made time for her. Clark made time for everyone.
“Actually I wanted to speak to you to.”
Her heart smashed for a moment and he couldn’t help but laugh, she laughed nervously back at him.
“Don’t worry Kara you aren’t in trouble, I just wanted to talk about Barbara.”
Oh dear.
“What about her?” Kara asked and cringed, wow did that sound defensive.
Clark just smiled at her, as if he’d expected it. He probably had, they were both fiercely defensive of their friends be they heroes or civilians.
“I wanted to make sure she was alright, I can’t help but feel concerned because of her sponsors anonymity. It just feels…unjust, that she wont have the support and care most sponsored students will.” He told her kindly and she nodded.
“I almost didn’t want to be her friend when I found out.” She admitted “I was worried it’d make her feel left out, that I knew my sponsor and she didn’t know hers.”
He nodded, he was sorting through papers but his mind wasn’t on them. She could see the gears winding in his head. She supposed he was thinking about Barbara’s sponsor, whomever that may be because the original seven all knew who sponsored who. They got the final say, if someone said no for whatever reason then that student wouldn’t be able to get a sponsorship.
Which means they all agreed on Barbara! They do believe in her!! I knew it!
“Which is why I thought it might be nice if she stayed at the farm sometime. I had thought this half-term would be a good time but-”
“Really? She could come stay with us?” Kara was already bursting with excitement, the possibilities were endless!
Clark laughed good-naturedly “Of course, you’d have to make sure it was alright with her first obviously and maybe not until after Christmas.”
Kara flew across the room and hugged her cousin tightly, thanking him a thousand times over because she had always wanted to bring friends to the farm but she’d never been allowed. Clark was always worried her secret would be revealed, that people would come and try and take Kara away. But Barbara already knew her secret, and Barbara, like every other student at the academy, didn’t care.
“Oh Kara, what was it you wanted to talk about?” Clark suddenly remembered once she’d released him.
“Oh, I just…well I’m worried about Aisha.” She admitted, shuffling her feet in an attempt to seem shy or even bashful.
Please let this work, whatever they’re doing please let t work.
Superman nodded, and she continued.
“She’s been acting off Kal, and she definitely has something for Barbara.”
She thought for a second he was going to brush her off, but he just nodded.
“I thought so too, I’ll make sure everyone keeps an eye on her. Just look out for yourself and your friends, and everything will be alright.”
They talked a little longer, about home and Metropolis, about grades and extra training and then Flash came shooting in and stopped them.
“Sorry to interrupt you two, but there’s been a fight.”
Oh they didn’t.
They followed Flash out into the courtyard and found Roy and Barbara being held back by three leaguers. Whilst Derek and his friend, Kara wasn’t sure what his name was, were being tended to by medics. Barbara was screaming things at him that would make Ma pass out from the sheer shock. Roy wasn’t much better, but he’d degraded into laughter at her last insult.
“I will kick you in the balls and you will thank me for it! Because it is the closest you will ever get to foreplay!”
Question had her around the waist and Canary was yelling at her to calm down whilst Green Arrow was bellowing at the still laughing Roy for his stupid behaviour. Flash rejoined the fray and lifted Barbara over his shoulder and zipped away, no doubt returning her to the dorm to cool off.
Roy just kept laughing, making Green Arrow even more furious. Now Canary and Question had to drag him away before things got worse.
“I don’t suppose you have any idea about what just happened do you?” Superman asked her and silently, with her mouth hanging open, she shook her head.

From what Barbara had been gathered whilst Question had given her a verbal bashing was that she’d broken Derek’s nose rendered him half-blind in one eye (only temporarily) and had broken six of his fingers. She’d not expected Question to yell, but then Question hadn’t expected her to be a smart-ass.
“Did you really think that was an appropriate way to behave?” He demanded furious.
“Did he really think insulting me was an appropriate thing to do?”
That was when the shouting had began, Superman had to step in and escort her to a detention room. A big classroom with no windows and one door and a very angry looking leaguer sat at a desk and waited in silence. She would be in there for three hours, reading and doing her assignments.
Except she’d already finished all her assignments, and the leaguer on duty was a very grumpy Huntress.
“It’s going to be a long three hours.” Huntress grunted at her, and lifted a smutty romance novel up to read and Barbara had to withhold a chuckle.
“She gets with her ex.”
When the book came hurtling towards her, she knew that detention was going to be a whole lot more fun than she’d expected.

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